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Everyone was listening carefully for Gu Dong Cheng.

Su Ran's heart was also beating so hard.

She used her hand to calm her heart down.

Gu Dong Cheng took the report and he flipped the pages until the last down.

His calm face then turned to surprised expression…

The people around asked: "What is it? Manager Gu, what happened? Read it for us please."

Gu Dong Cheng didn't care about them and passed it to Madame Song.

Madame Song wore her glasses and flipped to the last result. Then she looked at the result. Her face looked paled: "How can this be…" she suddenly raised her head to see Gu Dong Cheng: "Dong Cheng, are you sure?"

"Grandma, that time everyone was there. The time I took it, I also came with Director Zhang and Mr Wang. It shouldn't be wrong….

Song Ting Yu sat down beside Madame Song's side, he flipped then he could see it.

"Impossible, it's clearly that Ting Yu, he is…." Madame Song was surprised, she looked at Song Ming Xuan.

Song Ming Xuan took the report and flipped to the last page. Then he looked at Song Ting Yu and fell to his seat: "He Jin, you really a liar, you even lied to me for so many years!"

Looking at everyone expression and response, everyone came forward to see the report. Song Zhen Hai took the report from Madame Song: "Madame Song, how's the result. We should show it to everyone."

Madame Song was speechless, she passed the report to him. He looked at it and smiled coldly. He put it on the projector.

It was shown clearly on the projector.

There was a commotion in the meeting room.

Song Zhen Hai said: "Everyone sees it, it's the result of DNA. The result is Song Ting Yu and Director Song are unrelated."

Director Zhang looked at Madame Song: "Madame Song, what's your explanation for this? He is not your grandchildren, then you have no right to pass the company to him…"

"Director Zhang is right." Song Zhen Hai's tone turned to be forceful: "We are a family company. Only one of our Song family should handle our company. How can we pass the company to him?"

The DNA investigation was beyond justification, that year when he was born, it was 1988. The DNA test was not as good as now. Of course, Song Ming Xuan just brought him home, and didn't do any examination. He believed that He Jin will not lie to him. He believes that she gave birth to his son.

"Madame Song, you should give an explanation to us. Now Song Ting Yu is not yours, shouldn't you do anything?" A female shareholder said.

Madame Song lent an arm from Su Ran and stood up. Her body was slightly swaying: "Everyone, hear out?"

"Why should we hear you out? Song Ting Yu is not your own. You should give everything out…"

They were all so emotional and aggressive. Perhaps this was they wanted to push Song Ting Yu away from his position.

Everyone was so selfish. They wouldn't think anymore about her sacrifice? They just cared about themselves.

Gu Dong Cheng looked at everyone and said: "Everyone, directors, let us calm ourself down. This may not be a valid proof. Moreover, Ting Yu has been working very hard for Song company…"

He hadn't finished his word, he was stopped by Song Zheng Hai: "What do you mean? This is the proof, you still want to quibble? Right, we shouldn't deny his hard work for our company, but what is the point? We couldn't handle our company to someone that is unrelated to us. He could be already scheming how to take Song company.."

Song Ting Yu said coldly: "If I am a schemer, then the DNA result will not be here right?"

"Whatever, Song Ting Yu, you can't change the result. Madame Song, please take the responsibility…"

Madame Song was old, in this situation, she fainted.

"Grandma!" Su Ran screamed, and supported her.

It was a pity that Su Ran was not strong enough. They both fell to the ground.

Song Ting Yu hurriedly carried Madame Song, and went outside.

Su Ran followed behind him. They both went to the hospital.

Inside the room, the doctor examined her. All the broad directors, Song Ting Yu, and Su Ran were outside and standing along the corridor.

Gu Dong Cheng opened the door and came outside.

"Manager Gu, how is she?"

"She is being examined now. You guys can go home first. I believe that she will give you satisfying answers. She always makes a clear distinction between the public and the private. Moreover you also know she is old. It will be hard to know when she will wake up, so just go home first. If you all are here, you may could disturb her rest. So I hope you can go home first." Gu Dong Cheng said.

Song Zhen Hai considered and discussed with other broad directors for awhile. They also understand that it was ineffective to stand here so they chose to compromise: "Okay, we will go home first. Manager Gu, please take a good care of Madame Song.”

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