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"It's all because of your bastard illegitimate child, it is all his doing. If it's not because of him, how could my son experiences all of this? Now you are happy, right? Cheng Huan is being like this, you happy right? Lin Jia Wei, I tell you. If your son hurt my son. I will not let him go for this life time, I will not let you go. You want my Lin company, tell him to dream on. If you guys all have skills, then you both just kill me. If not, I will do my best and not let you have a peaceful life!" Mother Lin said those things ruthlessly and pushed Father LIn away, then she left.

Hearing about Lin Cheng Huan's condition, Su Ran and Tian Mi felt so sad that they both couldn't breath.

How can he turn into like this…

After a while, Lin Cheng Huan's bed was pushed out from the surgery room. For his current condition, he needed to stay in the hospital for days in ICU.

According to Lu Zhan, now they couldn't visit him. So they could only see him from outside the window. Even Mother Lin couldn't go inisde.

Because of Lin Cheng Huan's accident, in overnight Mother Lin aged ten years.

This moment she looked at him through the window, and kept watching him.

Lin Cheng Huan's surgery from two o'clock early in the morning started and just finished after five hours.

Now it was eight o'clock.

Gu Dong Cheng looked at his watch and said: "Ting Yu, the result of the DNA test will come out. We will have the meeting with broad directors at ten o'clock. They will wait for you and uncle to come …."

He continued: "I will send Tian Mi home first, you also need to go home…."

Song Ting Yu nodded.

Su Ran looked at Tian Mi: "Hurry up and go home. You need to sleep."

Tian Mi's eyes were swollen. She shook her head and said: "How could I sleep."

"Be good. Even you can't sleep, you need sleep." Gu Dong Cheng stroked her hair and looked at her with tender expression: "For our kid, you need to sleep for a while. Let's come again at night. Perhaps later on we could see him closer."

Tian Mi nodded and left with Gu Dong Cheng.

Song Ting Yu also took Su Ran to Song Wei Xi's sickroom first.

Su Ran was still thinking about Lin Cheng Huan's accident and looked at Song Ting Yu: "Have you found Zhang An Nan?"

"It's good thing if we can find him."

Su Ran nodded.

In front of the bedroom, Song Ting Yu touched Su Ran's swollen eyes: "Is it hurt?"

"It's okay." Su Ran pulled his hand: "Later on you need to go to Song company? I heard from Brother Dong Cheng that the result will be out today."

"Right." Song Ting Yu said, "let's come inside a while to chat with Song Wei Xi. Then I'll bring you home and tidy up yourself. Let's go together. Grandma asked me to bring you too."


Su Ran opened the door and looked that Song Wei Xi was awake. He was having his breakfast and asking where was Su Ran.

These days his breakfast always brought from home by Madame Song, but because they had important meeting today so Madame Song asked maid and driver to come over.

"Mama, where are you going?"

Su Ran came over.

"I've something to do with your Papa. Oh right, later on I will go home for a while. Be good and listen to Auntie Fang, okay? Xi Nuan Nuan said that the kindergarten was off today, she will come and accompany you…"

Song Wei Xi's face turned ignorance: "Who wants her companion?"

This kid is really full of denial, Su Ran shook her head helplessly.

"Okay, be good. Papa mama will go first."

"Okay." Song Wei Xi waved his little hand: "Goodbye, Papa Mama."

On the way home, they got a call from Madame Song. It was eight o'clock, but Song Ting Yu and Su Ran hadn't home yet so she wanted to ask their whereabout.

"Grandma, we will arrive soon….."

"Okay, then I will go with your Pa first to the company. Hurry come here." Madame Song wanted to hung up, then remembered something: "I heard that Lin Cheng Huan had an accident, did you go there?"


"What happened?"

"Before the accident, Lin Cheng Huan was on call with Su Ran. He said that Zhang An Nan was also in the car with him. But suddenly…"

"He found Zhang An Nan?"

"No, he ran awy."

Madame Song sighed: "Let's take care of this matter now. Now you need to come to Song company with Ran Ran."

Song Ting Yu hung up and drove back home.

When they arrived in the Song company, it's already nine o'clock. All the broad directors were there and gathered inside the meeting room.

Madame Song sat on the middle and Song Ming Xuan sat on her side.

Song Ting Yu pulled Su Ran and sat dow together. They all were waiting for Gu Dong Cheng and several other broad directors to come.

The meeting room was silent, no one said anythign.

Finally the door was opened. Gu Dong Cheng and other broad directors came inside.

They were all staring at the envelope on Gu Dong Cheng's hand.

Gu Dong Cheng stood in the middle and said:

"This is the DNA test result that we got today. See it is still sealed. We took it and rushed here…"

Gu Dong Cheng said it then passed it to Madame Song: "Grandma."

Madame Song waved her hands and asked Gu Dong Cheng to read it: "Open it. After you opened it, put it down on the project and let everyone to see it."

"Okay." Gu Dong Cheng nodded and opened it.

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