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"Don't you worry, just stay first inside the room. Don't go anywhere. I will let someone to check, I will come immediately to you."

Su Ran hung up, she opened the balcony door and returned to the room.

Song Wei Xi slept so soundly, luckily he wasn't awake because of her.

She came over to look at him and sat down on the sofa again. There was no news from Lin Cheng Huan. She felt unease.

He should be in serious trouble, she was in fear.

Auntie Fang poured a glass of water for her and said: "Mrs, you are not looking well."

Su Ran took the glass and looked at her: "I'm disturbing you right? Go sleep."

Auntie Fang shook her head. Although she didn't know what had happened but she could notice that something bad had happened that Su Ran's face was not really good.

They didn't talk, they just waited there calmly.

After around thirty minutes, there was a knock. Su Ran opened the door and looked that Song Ting Yu was in front of the door. His face was serious.

Su Ran said: "Have you checked it? How is Cheng Huan?"

"He has an accident, he is in the hospital now."

Su Ran felt unable to breath, she said: "I want to see him…"

Song Ting Yu pulled her: "Change your clothes first, wear the shoes." It's an autumn so the weather is really cold.

Auntie Fang heard their talk so she helped to prepare Su Ran's clothes. She took it hurriedly: "Mrs."

"Thank you." Su Ran took it and got inside the restroom. Very quickly she changed all her clothes. Then she pulled Song Ting Yu: "Let's go."

Song Ting Yu took off his suit and draped on her body. She held his hand and went to the surgery room.

Today the doctor in-charge for Lin Cheng Huan's operation was Lu Zhan. The time they rushed there, Lu Zhan and several doctors were discussing on the corridor and walked toward the surgery room.

On His white robe, it had a pool of blood, it should be Lin Cheng Huan's blood.

Now Lin Cheng Huan was sent inside the room and he waited for the operation.

The time Lu Zhan came over, he looked at them and said: "The condition is not really good."

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran knew what is it mean.

Su Ran looked at the door and worried.

Beside her, there were Lin's father and mother and several Lin family member. Because now Lin Tian You was still not formally part of Lin's family so he didn't need to act that he was.

Su Ran felt that this accident somehow related to Lin Tian You!

Lu Zhan changed his clothes and wore a mask. He entered the surgery room with several other doctors.

It was a long wait.

Didn't know how Tian Mi knows about Lin Cheng Huan's accident. With a quite big stomach, she rushed to the hospital. Gu Dong Cheng was beside her.

Gu Dong Cheng was worried that with her big stomach, she wanted to go to the hospital in this late night, so he insisted on accompanying her.

The time Tian Mi arrived, the surgery had been conducted for long time. She greeted Lin Cheng Huan's parents then came toward Su Ran : "How is it?"

Su Ran shook her head: "It's not clear yet. Before we heard from Lu Zhan that it's not really good. I haven't meet Cheng Huan. The time I was here, he was already being sent inside."

Tian Mi frowned: "How could this happened…"

Su Ran also questioned this.

She remembered their conversation before. Lin Cheng Huan was talking about Zhang An Nan. Zhang An Nan should be related to this… he is the key informant for this matter…

Song Ting Yu got a call.

It was Tang Zi Chu. Because before he heard that Lin Cheng Huan had found Zhang An Nan, but now they didn't able to locate him. Didn't know where was he now…..

He finished the call, Su Ran looked at him: "How is it?"

Song Ting Yu shook his head.

Everyone was worried about Lin Cheng Huan and stayed outside the operation room.

The time door opened, Mother Lin was the first one that rushed toward and clutched Lu Zhan's arm. She asked her son's condition: "Doctor Lu, how is it? He is okay right?"

Lu Zhan frowned: "Currently he is not in danger, but…."

Everyone was waiting for his next sentence.

"His brain received a serious impact. It's unknown when he will regain his consciousness. We need to keep watch on him. There is a chance that he will not be able to wake up. I hope that all of you could be prepared. Also, now both of his legs already completely lost its reflex…."

Hearing that, Mother Lin fell to the ground: "You mean… my son probably will not able to wake up any more. Even he wakes up, in this lifetime he will be paralyzed?"

Lu Zhan sighed slightly: "Madame Lin, I never said that it will be forever. As long he does treatment, it will be okay…."

Mother Lin's eyes were red: "But it's a little chance right?"

Lu Zhan nodded.

Mother Lin couldn't control her emotion, she clutched Lu Zhan's arm again: "Doctor Lu, you really need to help my son. Help my son. He is still young. He is just a twenty eight young man, he hasn't married, he couldn't be like this. Help him, please….."

In Su Ran's impression, Mother Lin always be a strong woman. She is a strong and willful woman. She is not really good in showing her feeling, even toward her son. They are not really close. But this doesn't mean that she doesn't love Lin Cheng Huan. After all, he is her own blood and flesh.

She almost felt crazy when she heard her son's condition.

"Madame Lin, we will do our best. Please don't be too worry…." Lu Zhan said comfortingly. He didn't push away her hand. As Lin Cheng Huan and he are also quite a close, it also made him sad to see him in this condition.

Father Lin came over and pulled Mother Lin: "Calm yourself a bit."

Mother Lin was like a crazy woman, she kicked and hit Father Lin.

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