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Song Ting Yu's face also turned cold.

They went inside and went to the living room. Madame Song and Qiao Qing were sitting down on the sofa.

Qiao Qing is someone who is hard to socialize, so basically it's only Madame Song who kept on talking.

Madame Song noticed their return and pointed to the entrance of the living room: "Madame Su, Ran Ran and Ting Yu are home."

The time Qiao Qing heard it, she immediately stood up and looked at Su Ran. She smiled: "Ran Ran, you are home!"

Su Ran was taking off her shoes and went inside. She greeted Madame Song, then looked at Qiao Qing: "I don't think for him, you will come to Song family."

Madame Song didn't know about that matter, she said: "Madame Su already waited for you since the afternoon, Ran Ran, Ting Yu, why did you turn off your phone. I don't know what happened to her, but I could notice that she is worrying about something. I asked her what is it about, but she didn't want to tell me."

"Ran Ran…" Qiao Qing pulled Su Ran's hand and looked at her: "Let's go to your room and chat okay? Ma has something to say to you."

Su Ran looked at her tight grip on her wrist then looked at her face, her gaze was cold and estranged: "Between us except Su Hao, there is nothing else to be discussed. I know you are coming to beg for him. But today in Su family, I had said that it's no use. I will not let him go. He should take responsibility of his action. How can he keep on hiding behind her woman, what kind of man or father he is? Ma, I always want to ask you, what do you see in him? How could these years you could be this devoted to him! That for him, you will do anything? Is he really worthy of your love? Have you ever thought about this?"

Qiao Qing's face turned paled: "Ran Ran, you don't understand, you…"

Su Ran laughed coldly: "What don't I understand? I'm almost twenty five years old. I love Song Ting Yu, Song Ting Yu is also worthy of my love. But if he is not worthy, I will also cut off my relation with him. These twenty years, you still obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way. You are caught in snare of love. He keeps on making you disappointed, but every time you still choose to believe him, choose to forgive him. Every time he makes excuses, you already help him to make excuses. That year during you guys' dating period, he abandoned you and married to another woman. You felt your background was not fitting him, so it's natural that he abandoned you. Then you married into Su Family, Su Hao never commits to you. He keeps on having women outside, how could you be so understanding? You make excuses for him. He has women outside, you think that is because you are old so it's natural for him to have other girls. He even appears in public with other women, how could you accept this?"

Su Ran said it, Qiao Qing felt her heart was smashed. These years she knows that Su Hao didn't love her. He uses her, but she couldn't do anything. She loves him, she couldn't bear to see him in difficult situation.

Qiao Qing covered her face and sobbed: "Ran Ran, I know that he did many wrong things, but how could you be like this toward your own father? Moreover, he also raised you up, now you also have a good life. Ting Yu is good toward you, you also have Madame Song. Everyone is good toward you, it's also because of your father…."

"To talk about this, I also really need to thank him," Su Ran didn't say anything, it was Song Ting Yu who said: "If it wasn't him, Su Ran will not be my wife. But he is not doing this for Su Ran, but for benefit…"

Qiao Qing immediately said: "Ting Yu, Ran Ran, no matter how, it's because of him, you could be together right? So could you guys give him another chance? He is really just being possessed for a while that he could do it. I believe he is not that ruthless man, how could he purposely harm Wei Xi and your kid, he definitely being threatened….."

"Now I know…." Madame Song said, she was sitting down and listening to their conversation, now she laughed coldly: "So actually Madame Su came here to beg, so actually my great grandchildren's death is related to Mr Song? Madame Su wants to beg for forgiveness, but it's no use. Su Hao is really not a man, how could he let you beg?"

Hearing Madame Song's word, Qiao Qing waved her hand hurriedly: "It's not, no, it's not Su Hao who asks me to come…"

"It's your own intention right?" Madame Song looked at her coldly: "Let me tell you, you are not fitting to be Su Ran's mother. Her kid is killed, your first response should not be requesting for him. You should think about how Ran Ran's feeling. Have you ever thought of your great granddaughter? Don't you know that Su Hao's act almost harms Wei Xi's life, now you come and beg for him?" She laughed coldly for a while: "Do you have qualification to beg? Today I clearly tell you, don't think about it. I will take care of this matter personally. He dared to do things, I will let him take responsibility of this!"

Qiao Qing was shocked when she heard this, her legs were limped. She fell down.

Madame Song said this, she clearly wouldn't joke around. She would do it, Su Hao will definitely be in trouble.

But Qiao Qing understands, the crucial point is Su Ran, as long Su Ran promised to let Su Hao, not only Song Ting Yu would release him, Madame Song also would too.

After all, Su Hao is still Su Ran's father. Madame Song would see Su Ran and let him go.

So this moment Qiao Qing immediately looked at Su Ran: "Ran Ran…."

But Su Ran didn't look at her: "Ma, just go. This matter will not be that easy…."

Su Ran said it then she didn't want to waste anymore time with Qiao Qing. Qiao Qing was full of intention to help Su Hao.

The time she turned her body, out of everyone's expectation, Qing Qing knelt down in front of Su Ran

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