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At first she just wanted this will be passed, but recently Bai Zhi Rui repeatedly went to the restaurant to look for the waiter. That waiter felt afraid because she searched for him for so many times, so he called Su Lai. But her phone was being cut off so he couldn't contact her. She just let someone to tell her. If he dared to leak any information related to her, she wouldn't let him go.

So that waiter kept on persisting to say that he didn't know anything.

Su Hao already warned her from the first that she shouldn't get involved in this matter again. But today when she saw how Bai Zhi Rui made a big trouble at the restaurant and went to the police station. She was in headline news, Su Lai felt it was too interesting.

She browsed in the internet and looked at how netizens responded to Bai Zhi Rui's action, she felt even more proud of herself.

No matter how Bai Zhi Rui also could be counted as Song Ting Yu's woman. Now she was in the lowest point of her life, she just wanted to call her to mock her. She didn't expect that now Song Ting Yu suddenly would appear in front of her.

She was somewhat slow and late to notice that perhaps everything that Bai Zhi Rui did was for provoking her call. Song Ting Yu worked together with Bai Zhi Rui to uncover her identity.

This call was made by her without Su Hao's knowing. In the past there was no trouble because Su Hao arranged it to be watertight and detailed. But now she was in trouble…..

She didn't know whether Su Hao knew about this or not, what would he react when he knew it!

"I don't know what are you talking about.." Su Lai kept on saying those word. Looked at Song Ting Yu, she couldn't say anything except those words.

"It's quite late today. I don't want my precious sleeping time to be wasted on you guys. Tomorrow I would go together with you to look for Su Hao, what about it?" Song Ting Yu stood up. Then he looked at Tang Zi Chu: "Let people look at them, don't let them run away also don't let them contact anyone…."

"Okay, Chief Song."

Song Ting Yu left this little area, he drove his car back to Song house.

As long he isn't home at night, Su Ran wouldn't sleep soundly. She would just lay down and wait for him. Would this matter that related to Su Lai and Su Hao be so easy to solve?

He didn't want to go home to late and let Su Ran kept on waiting for him.

So he chose to hold this matter and handled it tomorrow. 

He went to the bedroom. He thought as usual Su Ran would be laying down on the bed and left a small dim light for him. Yet Su Ran just came out of the bathroom. She smiled at him: "You are home."

Song Ting Yu took a clean towel and helped her to dry her hair: "Why are you not sleeping yet? Are you sleepless because you are waiting for me?"

"Right. I wait for you for a while. Then I took a shower."

Song Ting Yu looked for a hairdryer, he let Su Ran sit down on the bed side, then he dried her hair.

After Su Ran pregnant, he always helps her to dry her hair. It has became his habit. 

After he finished, he used his hand to stroke her hair: "Next time don't you wait for me."

Su Ran placed down the hairdryer: "Actually I don't really wait for you, I just finished chatting with Tian Mi for a while, so now it's late."

Song Ting Yu looked at her: "How is she?"

Tian Mi probably still worried about Gu Dong Cheng's matter so she called Su Ran at night.

"Today Tian Mi noticed the photo that was placed on Brother Dong Cheng in one of his book. Tian Mi was so angry. The time she discovered it, Brother Dong Cheng got into the room. He was so calm and took the photo from her grip and burned it…" Su Ran said, "Tian Mi said that she couldn't understand why she kept on insecure about it….."

Song Ting Yu was unconcerned, he shook his head: "Women always like to indulge theirselves in flight of fancy fantasy. That time my brother wouldn't burnt the photo, supposedly Tian Mi would make trouble. But now he burnt it, she felt insecure. So what does she want?"

Su Ran shrugged her shoulder, actually that feeling was really hard to describe. Supposedly Song Ting Yu wouldn't also understand if she said it.

She understood Tian Mi's worry.

Gu Dong Cheng kept on missing that girl, but now being together with her, he suddenly threw everything related to that girl.

Gu Dong Cheng probably just wants her to feel at ease. But from Tian Mi's point of view, the more he did it that way, she felt worried.

It was like a deliberate act.

"Just let Tian Mi to relax, my brother is a good man…"

Su Ran nodded, also didn't continue about this topic. She just pulled him: "Go inside and take a shower. It's very late."

He was just about to say something, but he couldn't say anything. Su Ran knew what would he say. She smiled and shook her head: "I already took a long shower. If I take another shower, my skin will be ruined. So you need to take a shower by yourselves."

Song Ting Yu's face was full of disappointment. He clutched her chin: "Wait for me."

For not letting Su Ran wait for a long time, Song Ting Yu took a quick shower. But when he went out, she noticed Su Ran was not waiting for him, she already laid down.

She had slept.

Song Ting Yu was somewhat furious. He stood up on the bed side, and bent his waist. He pinched her nose forcefully for a while.

She frowned. Originally she was not in a really deep sleep, so after a while, her sleepiness went away.

Su Ran opened her eyes, and in dazed looked at the main culprit. She covered her nose for a while: "Song Ting Yu, what are you doing."

She said it then turned her body. She placed her back to face him and continued to sleep. But Song Ting Yu got onto the bed and pressed down her body.

In a while, he already saw her face to face. He stroked her face then moved his lips close to her: "Don't sleep first."

Su Ran didn't open her eyes, and just groaned softly: "Why?"

She said, "It's not early, let's talk tomorrow."

"I don't have anything to talk, I just have something to do."

"What?" Su Ran opened her eyes and looked at him.

Although she felt sleepy, but she couldn't sense the danger warning came from this man. Especially from his smile, it simply didn't show any good sigh.

Song Ting Yu kissed her earlobe, face, lips, chin, then stopped at her collarbone.

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