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Chapter 215

Tang Zi Chu parked the car, and both of them got off the car.

"Which house is it?"

Tang Zi Chu stood on the front of the row of mansion. Now it's night time and it's quite late at night so a lot of houses already put out their light. Supposedly the owners of the houses had slept, but some of the houses were still very bright.

Tang Zi Chu called for a while, then he pointed to house at the corner: "Chief Song, it's there."

Song Ting Yu looked over that house was not really bright, but it had lights.

Song Ting Yu nodded then strode over to that house. Tang Zi Chu followed him. When Tang Zi Chu was about to press the bell, Song Ting Yu held his shoulder and said several sentences. Tang Zi Chu nodded and turned his body to leave. After a while, he returned with the security guard. Security guard moved forward and knocked the door.

Every mansions in this area has its own CCTV that could monitor what's outside so Song Ting Yu and Tang Zi Chu didn't get to close because they didn't want them to be too close. They afraid that they would not come out if they saw them.

Because Bai Zhi Rui lived in this small area so the security guard knew them. 

The security guard knocked the door, then it was a young man came out. He probably is around twenty seven years old. He wore a white bathrobe and looked impatient when he saw the security guard: "It's very late at night, what is it?"

"Good evening, is Ms Su here? In front of the apartment, there is Mr Tang that said your car was parked in front his space. So please come out to talk with him…."

The time the security guard came out, Song Ting Yu and Tang Zi Chu already went closer.

The young man seemed to be not in a good mood, he didn't notice the situation around him so when the security guard finished his words, he just realized there were two people beside him.

He looked at them and he recognized who was it. He retreated and his face changed. Immediately he wanted to close the door, but Tang Zi Chu was a step faster than him, he blocked the door and covered his mouth with his hand. He pushed the man inside.

Song Ting Yu followed them inside.

The security guard was surprised and stared blankly: "What is it?"

Song Ting Yu smiled and nodded to him: "I'm sorry to trouble you. We actually know each other, we just joke around. I'm sorry, you can go back."

He said it then closed the door and locked it.

There was no one downstaris.

Tang Zi Chu held the man tightly when he started to struggle, but he was not as powerful as Tang Zi Chu.

So no matter how hard he tried to free himself, it was useless.

Song Ting Yu looked around and went upstairs.

From faraway, he could hear a woman's voice.

This voice, is quite familiar.

Moreover, it was the voice that Song Ting Yu loathed. 

He followed the voice then stood in front of the door. He noticed that the woman was wearing the same bathrobe as the man before. She was calling someone. 

When he saw the back of the woman, he already recognized who was it.

At first he wanted to wait until she noticed. But didn't know because she smoked and felt too happy or because she was too focus to be in call with Bai Zhi Rui, so she kept on ignoring him. 

It was until Song Ting Yu knocked the door and the woman turned her body.

When she looked at Song Ting Yu, her cigarette fell down.

Her face immediately turned pale and with unsteady voice: "Song, Song Ting Yu…."

Song Ting Yu went inside, and pulled a chair to sit down. His laughter was really cold: "Su Lai, long time no see."

She seemed like she was seeing a ghost, she was so surprised and took steps backward until she reached the bed. 

Now she was thinking how could Song Ting Yu found her here. 

Very quickly, Tang Zi Chu and the man before went upstairs. Tang Zi Chu also quite surprised to find her to be the owner of this mansion.

No matter how Su Lai is Su Ran's sister, they are blood-related. Even though she is jealous of her, but Su Ran and Song Ting Yu's daughter will be her nephew, how could she be ruthless?

The man finally could be free from Tang Zi Chu. He ran into the room and pulled Su Lai from the bed. 

"I didn't expect it is you."

Su Lai sat up, "I don't know what do you mean? How could you just rush inside my house? All of you go out, if not I will call the security guard to come over."

"Perhaps you should call the police." Song Ting Yu laughed coldly.

Hearing it, Su Lai's face turned paled. Because she was afraid, her body also started to shiver. 

This moment she couldn't say anything.

"It will be interesting to call the police. Chen Jing also is still inside, you should go inside and visit her…."

Su Lai's face turned even more paler, but still reluctant to admit it: "I don't know what do you mean…."

Song Ting Yu ignored her and said, "I guess Su Hao also join in your crazy act, right?"

Su Lai didn't know whether to nod or shake her head. Actually when they are done with Bai Zhi Rui, Su Hao already cut off the phone line so Bai Zhi Rui couldn't contact her. As for the waiter who gave the package to Bai Zhi Rui, she gave him a number and let him to contact her when it was done. To get the money, the waiter promised to help her to keep this secret. No matter who was asking, he shouldn't say anything. 

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