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Don't Let Down Zhi Rui Again!

"No, it's nothing…"

Su Ran shook head, she didn't even glance to Chen Jing, she turned her body to go upstairs.

Su Hao was clearly threatening her, yet she couldn't find other way out.

At night.

Song Ting Yu went back home, and saw Chen Jing was sitting down in living room. Looking at how she immersed in the deep thought, suddenly, he went over: "Ma, what happened to you?"

Chen Jing regained her mind: "It's nothing."

She looked that Song Ting Yu was holding something, it looked like a plastic from the hospital, she pointed to that thing: "What is that?"

"It was Su Ran's medicine from Lu Zhan."

Hearing that Chen Jing's face suddenly changed: "You still personally took time to get her medicine?"

"Is there any problem?"

Chen Jing said with her serious tone: "Ting Yu, how's your thinking regarding Su Ran? Is it possible that you plan to stay married with her forever? Don't you forget what did she do in the beginning to trick you? Also, Zhi Rui is always waiting for you…."

Song Ting Yu pursed his thin cold lip: "Ma, I can handle my own problem."

"I am just afraid you ran into Su Ran's trap again, think over it again Zhi Rui has waited for you for a long time. Su Ran is not an innocent and pure girl, she married into this family was for money…"

"Ma, it's enough." Song Ting Yu knitted his brow, he didn't like Chen Jing to talk like that in front of her, he also felt somewhat uncomfortable.

"You don't trust me? A moment ago she had a call with Su Hao. Su Hao asked some amount of money to her, how about later on you just see whether she will open her mouth to ask you about it…"

"I will go up first." Song Ting Yu didn't her words anymore, he went upstairs with Su Ran's medicine. But Chen Jing said a last sentence: "Don't let down Zhi Rui again."

Song Ting Yu looked tired, he moved slowly to go up.

In the bedroom, he didn't find Su Ran's inside. He tried to look at Song Wei Xi's room, and true enough Su Ran was there.

When he went there, Song Wei Xi was already asleep, Su Ran was helping to cover him with the blanket. Then afterwards, she turned off the light and went out the room.

Because of what was happening last night, when she looked at him, she somehow felt uncomfortable, she even didn't dare to look him in the eyes: "You are home."

Song Ting Yu nodded: "Come with me."

Su Ran followed him to get in the room. He sat down of the bed, and waved his hand: "Come here, take off your clothes."
Su Ran immediately be on guard, and clutched tight her collar. She glared at him, and stayed still unmoving.

Her respond let Song Ting Yu laughed soundlessly: "What are you thinking?" This is the medicine that Lu Zhan prescribed for you, come here, I help you to apply it."

Su Ran just noticed the bottle of ointment on his grip. Her awareness of her reflect movement, made her blushed, but still slowly came over. With her back facing him, she took off the clothes.

Song Ting Yi unscrewed the bottle, and applied it on her back, immediately there was refreshing feeling arrived.

"Okay, it's done."

She sorted the clothes, turned her body, and softly said: "Thank you." She knew that this morning he also helped her to treat the wound.

Su Ran's skin was very good, it was delicate and white. This moment she even blushed, it was completely made people see even more charming.

Song Ting Yu was fascinated about it, didn't how he raised his hand and wanted to touch her face.

However not yet touching his face, his hand suddenly paused and stopped in the air.

In his brain appeared the Chen Jing's sentence: "Don't disappoint Zhi Rui."

Song Ting Yu moved out his hand, and stood up from the bed. With his cold face, he said: "I go take a bath."

Su Ran was puzzled, she didn't understand his sudden change in his attitude.

After Song Ting Yu went inside the bathroom, she sat down on the bed, and thought over her conversation with Su Hao.

She knew what Su Hao said was real, if something happened to him, Qiao Qing will be a madman, because she was too caring for him….

Because of this matter, Song Ting Yu stayed at the bathroom for more time. He thought Su Ran was already asleep, but he didn't expect, she was playing with her phone when he came out.

He sat down on the bed, she put down the phone, and turned her body to look at him.

Su Ran felt her relationship with Song Ting Yu, even though they are husband and wife, but between these two, there only connection was only Song Wei Xi, there was no real connection. What was his obligation and responsibility to help Su Hao?

But she also didn't want Su Hao to get some troubles, and saw with her own eyes, Qiao Qing's condition become worser.

Although she didn't really understand Su Hao's condition, but she could be sure that what he said is true.

According to his nature, he was able to do that kind of thing, and it was not really inordinary thing.

He was clearly forcing her.

Su Ran's mood was clearly showed on her face, Song Ting Yu wrinkled his brow, looked at her; "Do you have something to say to me?"

Su Ran was startled, immediately nodded, she took a deep breath: "I want to borrow some money from you."

Song Ting Yu remembered what Chen Jing told him, his dark eyes gradually narrowed: "How much?"

Su Ran remembered Su Hao's requested amount of money, for her it was an enourmous amount of money: "One million."

"One million?" Song Ting Yu laughed, but his laughter didn't reach his eyes. He took the cigarette case from the bedside cabinet, and took out one: "What do you want to do with this kind of money?"

"I… have something…." She knew he was completely dislike Su Hao, therefore felt if she talked that it was for Su Hao, he will directly rejected it.

"What is your problem that you need a million?" It was clear that Song Ting Yu didn't trust her, he sook out the cigarette ash: "Su Hao asked you right? As far as I know, this was not you guys first time to ask money from Song Family, what, you all think that we are ATM?"

Su Ran paled, his words was really unpleasant, but it was a reality. But she didn't have any choice: "This amount of money I will definitely return to you…"

Song Ting Yu raised his brows, with his cold thin voice: "How will you return it?"

He looked as if he examined the product: "From your belongings, it was only your body that is most worthy, you want to take your body to repay? But now most valued body now also cannot be used to repay, because you want to get pregnant so you must obediently sleep by my side…"

He said that and slowly leaned closed to her, brought a faintly peppermint scent, and looked disdainfully at her.

"Song Ting Yu!" Su Ran shivered, and pushed him. His word was really hurtful, she couldn't bear to hear it again: "I know that you dislike me, dislike my father, but why should you say that kind of word…."

Her eyes were bitter, as if it was shot with a strong light

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