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She took the phone and dialed Su Ran, after a long time, it's answered: "Hello, is it Mrs Song?"

The time this girl talked in the phone, Song Ting Yu's eyes kept on looking at her phone.

The girl didn't dare to throw the phone and refused Song Ting Yu's request so she just continued: "Mr Song now is beside me, he is drunk…."

On the other side, Su Ran should ask something to the girl.

The girl immediately answered: "I just know him today, we drink together. But now he is really drunk and keeps on calling your name. If not could you please pick him up? If you don't, then I would bring him to the hotel or come back to my place. Anyway I have a lot of rooms….."

He didn't expect this woman is quite good, before he just worried for her skill. But now her words were so good, it should be able to provoke Su Ran, right?

The girl noticed all of them are pricked up their ears to listen to her words, especially Song Ting Yu. He really hated that he couldn't just move closer and listen to Su Ran's words clearly.

Because everyone wants to hear it, so she asked everyone to keep silent and put it on hands-free.

Su Ran said: "Let him lay down first now. I already ask someone to come and pick him up…."

By someone, she should imply to Tang Zi Chu.

The girl continued: "There is no one. It's just me and him here. I look he is drunk and feels in pain. I feel it's better to look for a better place for him to rest for a while. If indeed no one comes and pick him up then I would take him to the hotel or come back to my house. In anyway there is a room…."

"Wait for a while." Su Ran said softly: "I will call."

She said it, then hung up the phone. Immediately Tang Zi Chu's phone rang.

Song Ting Yu used his eyes to warn him to not say anything wrongly.

Tang Zi Chu nodded, and answered: "Mrs Song."

He also answered in on hands-free mode: "Assistant Tang, haven't you picked Song Ting Yu up?"

Tang Zi Chu pretended to be in difficult situation: "I will come to pick him up. Just after awhile, now I couldn't go, I really couldn't go now…"

Su Ran was silent for a moment: "Okay."

Tan Zi Chu hung up, then the girl's phone rang. She immediately answered: "Mrs Song, how is it? Would he come soon? If not, I will bring home…."

For this provocation, most women wouldn't be able to accept.

Su Ran waited for awhile then answered: "Let Song Ting Yu answer the call."

The girl immediately startled, how could she know Song Ting Yu was beside her?

She didn't say anything, she just looked at Song Ting Yu. She asked him by gesture what should she do.

Song Ting Yu, Lu Zhan, and Tang Zi Chu were all startled, they didn't know how could Su Ran know. But they could just confirm that Song Ting Yu's tricks failed. 

Song Ting Yu's face turned gloomy. He took the phone and put it on handset: "Su Ran."

Su Ran asked: "You are not drunk?"

"I am drunk. Come here to pick me up." He sat down ont he sofa.

"Assistant Tang is beside you right. If you are drunk then just ask him to send you back. I will sleep first…." Su Ran said it then hung up the phone.

Song Ting Yu couldn't believe that he would get that kind of response from Su Ran. He called her back and noticed it was turned off.

Lu Zhan looked at his watch: "Okay, the game is over. I will go home and accompany my wife. If you still don't want to go home, then just stay here and drink alone. Forgive me to go home first."

He said it then took his car key. He turned his body to leave the room.

Tang Zi Chu held his friend's hand: "Then Chief Song, we would also go home first."

Song Ting Yu waved his hand impatiently and leaned on the sofa.

In a flash, it was just him alone.

Where is the fun of drinking alone? So after a while, he took his car key and went to pay.

He drank a lot of alcohol, but he was not drunk. He was really conscious.

He went outside of the bar. The waiter could smell his body full of smell of alcohol. So he came over and wanted to hold him. But his steps were still steady so he pushed him away: "No need."

"Mr Song, do you need my help to call taxi?" The waiter thought he shouldn't drink in this kind of state.

"No need." Song Ting Yu said coldly then went to the parking area. He opened the door car and got in.

Now Song Ting Yu really didn't want to go home. Go home and stayed alone inside the room, Su Ran still stayed in Song Wei Xi's room.

He also didn't know how to change their situation now.

If Su Ran really plans to leave after Song Wei Xi's surgery, then what should he do?

He definitely wouldn't willing for Su Ran to leave.

Song Ting Yu never felt that he would be in this hopeless situation. In the past for every problems he could solve it. 

This feeling is not really good.

The time he feels that Su Ran would leave him, he feels he are losing the whole world.

He used his fingers to massage his temple, and said to himself: "Song Ting Yu, could you be having more future prospect?"

Actually now he was conscious, but his vision was somewhat blurry. Probably because these days he didn't get enough and good sleep and also he just drank a lot of alcohol.

During the summer in An City, there would be a lot of rain. It was raining now.

Song Ting Yu just felt his vision to be blurry. In this raining situation, he drove his car to Song house.

Although he wanted to provoke Su Ran, but if he didn't go home or go home late, he is afraid that she would be worry.

His mind was in chaos, his vision was blurred. Suddenly he felt dazzling light in front of him. The time he realized it, he raised his eyes to see it, it was another car came to his direction!

He turned the steering wheel hurriedly, but it's already too late!

Although Su Ran stayed in Song Wei Xi Room, but she knew that Song Ting Yu was not home yet. She turned off her phone and closed her eyes, but couldn't sleep.

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