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I thought you loved me, I thought you wanted to marry me…." Her tears started to fall down, she said it loudly.

"Why should you give yourself a hope. Actually inside your heart, you also know what was our relation. You felt I owed you five years, I wasted your five years moment. Had I ever forced you to stay? Do I ever give you any promise?" Song Ting Yu laughed coldly.

"Su Ran never snatched anything from you. Even though there's no her, I wouldn't marry you too…."

Bai Zhi Rui laughed loudly. She was laughing and crying at the same time. She pointed at him: "Song Ting Yu, indeed you are really cruel. Yes, I don't deny I be together with you because of money, for the position of Song family's mistress. I also know that we don't have any relations. But I thought after a long time, you would love me. You never gave me any promise, also never forced me to stay by your side. But I still don't willing to accept it…. I thought that you definitely would be submerge, just like me!"

"Bai Zhi Rui, you think too much." Which heart would be that easy to submerge into love?

Song Ting Yu stood up, but he kept on looking at her. Yet he said something to Tang Zi Chu: "Publish out those photos about her togetherness with Chief Hua. I want her to be unable to stay again in the entertainment circle forever."

"Song Ting Yu, how could you be that ruthless toward me?" Bai Zhi Rui cried and yelled: "I already said, Chen Jing's action is unrelated to me. Don't you know that you are already so cruel to me? You still want me to have my reputation swept away?"

She just finished her sentence, Song Ting Yu turned his body and kicked the table beside her. Because it was too sudden, she didn't expect it, she just heard a "bang" sound. Instinctively she yelled, then sat on the ground. She tried to move her butt and retreated.

"Bai Zhi Rui, how many chances have I give to you? I let you to return to USA, but you don't want and wanted to stay. You said you want to come back to entertainment industry, I promised you, I paved the road for you. If those you want, I would let someone to help you. But you take it for granted. You keep on attacking Su Ran. This time you said this matter is unrelated to you. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Chen Jing's action, is your order right?"

"No, what is the connection between her doing to me? Though she did it for me, but why should I pay for her action? Song Ting Yu, for Su Ran, don't you think that you are become to irrational? You just want an excuse to make me unable to live…" Bai Zhi Rui wiped her tears.

"Since this morning Mrs Song << Chen Jing>> was locked inside the room, she also unable to contact everyone, and Chief Song's daughter passed away this morning. Excuse me, may I ask how could Ms Bai know that she passed away? Is Ms Bai hired someone to monitor the condition in the hospital? If not, how could in this period of time you could get the information. If this matter is unrelated to Ms Bai, why should you look unsurprised the time you see Chief Song?"

Tang Zi Chu, who stood behind Chief Song, started to say it.

"Chen Jing already embraced all the responsibilities about this. She insisted that it was all her doing, and it was unrelated to you. But I don't believe it. Bai Zhi Rui, this should be related to you. Since you didi it, then you should bare the consequences." Song Ting Yu said it, then turned his body to leave.

Bai Zhi Rui wanted to chase after him, but she was stopped by Tang Zi Chu: "Ms Bai, please be dignified."

Bai Zhi Rui yelled: "Song Ting Yu, if you do it to me, you will regret it!"

Tang Zi Chu stopped Bai Zhi Rui, he was waiting until Song Ting Yu went down, then he also left.

Downstairs, Song Ting Yu already sat inside the car. Tang Zi Chu got inside the car and sat on the driver side: "Chief Song, how should we handle Mrs Song?"

Tang Zi Chu meant Chen Jing.

Song Ting Yu looked at the scenery outside the window: "Send her to the police station, also bring all the evidences and take Pei Qin as the witness, also don't forget her phone."

Chen Jing figured out if she killed Su Ran's baby it would also let Song Wei Xi unable to get help to cure his sickness, so she purposely asked someone to do it. So for this she could be charged for pre-meditated murder.

Now for actions she could be placed inside the jail for several years.

Chen Jing came from a good family background too, moreover she always lives in a perfect live, how could she bear this suffering. She would feel living as like dead.

"Okay I got it, Chief Song."

Tang Zi Chu said it, then in the midway, he said: "Now where would we go? Do I need to send yo back to the hospital?"

"I will go home first, I want to talk something to Chen Jing."


Tang Zi Chu drove the car back home.

"Butler, where is Chen Jing?"

"As Madame Song's instruction, now she is locked inside the room, she couldn't come out."

Song Ting Yu nodded, "Let someone open it, I want to talk something with her."

"Okay, Mr."

Butler Wang looked for the key, and followed Song Ting Yu upstairs, he opened the door.

Song Ting Yu got inside, and locked the door.

Chen Jing was sitting down on the sofa. Hearing the noise, she looked at the figure.

"It's you." Chen Jing laughed: "What are you doing?"

Song Ting Yu sat down on the opposite of her. He said: "I called you "ma" for twenty years. These years even I am not close to you, but I always respected and cared about you. You keep on saying that you regard me as your son. You are lying, if you see me as your son, why should you kill my daughter? Why should you want to kill Song Wei Xi too?"

"Because you treated my daughter unfairly!" Chen Jing said coldly: "You wasted five years of her life, and yet you fall in love with Su Ran. You just turned your body and dumped her. For you, she sacrificed a lot, she didn't have anything. Why should I let you guys have a good life?"

Song Ting Yu said: "Indeed you are mother-daughter, you really likes to deceive others and oneself. Do you always think that if I don't marry Su Ran, I would marry Bai Zhi Rui? If there is no Su Ran, I would love her?"

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