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Suddenly, he heard someone called him.

He turned his head confusingly, and looked at Su Ran's head came out from the bathroom: "Ting Yu, help me to take my pajamas. I forgot to take it."

"It's only me inside the room, you could just come out. What are you afraid of?" Song Ting Yu smiled.

Su Ran said once again: "Hurry up!"

Song Ting Yu stood up from the sofa and looked for her pajamas. He took it to the bathroom, it was unlocked. When he entered, the scene inside made his nose bleed.

Su Ran was wiping her body with the towel, her long hair was draped on her shoulder. It was still wet.

Song Ting Yu took the pajamas to her side. Although, he noticed her face was blushing, but she didn't avoid his gaze. She didn't ask him to just go and leave.

Song Ting Yu put away the towel on her hand, and helped her to wear the pajamas. She buttoned it one by one.

His action was very slow, Su Ran didn't refuse it. They were silent but could feel the hot temperature around them.

When Song Ting Yu was done, she took initiative to hook her hand to his neck and said to his ear side: "Now could you still carry me?"

Song Ting Yu laughed, and asked: "How could I not do it? You think just because you are pregnant, I couldn't do it?"

"I am twenty kilograms heavier."

"You are still skinny." Song Ting Yu hugged her shoulder and his hand suddenly slipped over to her breast: "Luckily, these are getting bigger and bigger…."

"Song Ting Yu!" Su Ran punched his chest, then spread his both hands: "Carry me outside."

"I'll do as you wish." Song Ting Yu smiled lightly, then bent his body. He carried her outside of the bathroom?"

"Isn't woman like to be carry as princess?"

"I like it." Su Ran smiled and hugged his neck. She kissed his lips: "Don't tell me you don't like to hug me like this?"

"I like it, like it." Toward Su Ran's action, he was very happy and satisfied: "Kiss me again."

Originally she thought Su Ran wouldn't do it, but she did it. Moreover, she also kissed her the way he liked it.

Song Ting Yu placed her on the bed, and released her hair from the rubber band. He likes her hair to be draped.

When he was about to kiss her, once again she took initiative to kiss him.

He smiled and used his hand to support her head: "Why you are so initiative today? Are you having a change in nature?"

Su Ran pulled his arm, and her eyes was somewhat shinning: "Song Ting Yu, I want you, can I?"

This moment Song Ting Yu was blank, he never heard this kind of words from Su Ran. He couldn't believe his own ears.

Song Ting Yu gained his awareness, and he was really happy. He said: "My whole body is yours, what do you want to do, you could do it."

Su Ran was very satisfied with the answer. She patted the bed, and endured the heat of her face: "Lay down."

Song Ting Yu naturally would lay down calmly, he was really await for this time: "You could arrange me anywhere."

Su Ran sat down on his side, and undid his button slowly. He held her hand and looked at her: "If not let me undid it by myself?"

If it was him, then it would be opened in a second. But for Su Ran, she needed to do it for a long time.

He was impatient.

Su Ran patted his hand: "No need, I say I want to do it by myself."

Song Ting Yu hugged her shoulder and placed his head on the curve of her neck: "Including the action, you want to do it yourself? Could you do it? If you could then this time it's my turn to lie down and enjoy."

Su Ran moved his hand away: "Lay down first. Don't keep on moving."


He laid down again, and placed his hand under his head to be able to see Su Ran's action.

After it's done, Song Ting Yu hugged Su Ran to come out of the bathroom. It should be just a simple short shower, but Song Ting Yu insisted to have one more round.

Song Ting Yu placed Su Ran on the bed, and she slept.

He also lied down and hugged her: "You haven't tell me, why tonight you are so active?"

Su Ran just waved her hands without opening her eyes: "I am very sleep, let's talk tomorrow."

She said this, and Song Ting Yu just let her to sleep. He gave her a goodnight kiss and said: "Then later on, let this happen frequently okay?"

Su Ran already fell sleep and didn't hear it.

He thought maybe this could happen because this recent he was tired that she took initiative to make him happy.

Song Ting Yu thought maybe for making her more active, he sometimes needed to be more pitiful in front of her, so she would take a pity on him.

This period of time, there were a lot of negative news about Bai Zhi Rui. She was replaced from her lead role in the film, shows, and brand ambassador. When everyone thought that she would kept on in the dark, she suddenly reappeared back.

Firstly, in the charity for the flood happening, there was her name. She donated a five millions.

There was a lot of comments about it.

Of course, some commented that she did it to clean up her reputation.

Whether it was a clean-up action or showoff, her ability to donate that amount of money, indeed was not easy.

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