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Bai Zhi Rui clutched the glass of wine tightly. At first she tried to endure it but she finally couldn't endure it, so she splashed it all over that man's body.

There was a scream from a woman beside that man because she got the spray too.

This moment whole people were silent because they didn't expect that kind of action from Bai Zhi Rui.

When no one responded suddenly there was a slap, Chief Hua slapped Bai Zhi Rui's face. She covered her face and lowered her face. Her hair was on mess.

"Bad who*e, what do you think you are? We give you respect and you don't want, you dare to act this way in front of me? You haven't see my greatness! What do you think you are? Later on I want to kneel in front of me, let me see whether you will do it or not!" Chief Hua laughed coldly. He slapped her one more time.

Upon seeing this Ms Chen, went in front Bai Zhi Rui: "Chief Hua, let's just talk. Our Zhi Rui doesn't mean it, don't you be like this okay?"

"Oh! She did it unintentionally? She splashed the wine on Chief Zhang's face, what did it mean?" Another woman asked.

"No no no, of course not…." Ms Chen smiled, and apologized to those directors.

Bai Zhi Rui still maintained her stillness, Ms Chen was worried and pulled her hands. She said beside her ear: "Zhi Rui, hurry up apologize!"

Bai Zhi Rui felt so wronged, her face was hurt. She felt she was nothing at this moment

But this moment she knew what Ms Chen said was true, if she didn't apologize, tonight will be the end of her life. In the past time, when she wronged someone, Song Ting Yu would come forward to help her but this time she just only depend on herself.

Finally she raised her head with her swollen face and red eyes, but still beautiful. She raised the glass on the table and filled it until full: "Sorry, Chief Zhang. Before I did it unintentional, I apologize to you."

Chief Zhang laughed coldly: "Do you think one cup of wine could erase your mistake? Then later everyone could do same thing as you?"

"Then what does Chief Zhang want?"

"It is very simple." Chief Zhang looked at the girl beside her. That girl knew what does he mean, she went back and took several bottles of wine. Ms Chen counted silently, it was five to six bottles.

"Finish these all, then I will let it go. What about it?" Chief Zhang patted the table.

"Chief Zhang, it's too much…" Ms Chen's face was pale: "Our Zhi Rui…"

She didn't finish her words, Bai Zhi Rui already started to drink it.

Chief Zhang laughed loudly and clapped: "I already said right she is *****? She would definitely drink? Now finally she unmasks and exposes the whole truth?"

Looking at this, Ms Chen was worried but didn't dare to stop: "Zhi Rui."

Bai Zhi Rui drank the wine a water so finally it was finished. The time she started to drink the second one, the bottle on her hands was snatched.

Chief Hua clasped her hand, and she turned her face. He patted her face: "Don't you drink anymore. My heart will ache for you. Just let it go the matters before. No one allows to mention it again, let's sit and have dinner…"

Everyone sat down when they heard it.

Bai Zhi Rui also sat down, but her head started to be fuzzy and heavy. She leaned on the chair, and her gaze started to be vague.

Su Ran's fever continued for the whole day, Song Ting Yu kept on staying by her side. At night, her temperature started to go down, but she still in sleep.

Everyone was having a rest. Song Ting Yu took the cold towel from her forehead, and put it on the table.

He took her temperature and finally he was relieved. Her temperature was normal now.

Looking at how sweaty her body was, he went to look for her pajamas and helped her to change. This moment his phone rang, he looked at it and saw Bai Zhi Rui's name.

He ignored it, and continued to help Su Ran.

But it continued to ring, he frowned and answered.

"Ting Yu…." Bai Zhi Rui called him, it was unclear: "Ting Yu…. come here and help me…"

Song Ting Yu seemed to be unable to hear her. 

Su Ran was awake, looking at this, he placed down his phone and didn't care about her. He came over and supported Su Ran: "What do you feel?"

Su Ran felt unwell. She shook her head and used her hands to feel her forehead.

Song Ting Yu knew that she was checking her temperature. So he said: "You are okay, the fever is gone."

Su Ran sighed.

"Are you hungry?"

Su Ran nodded.

"Wait for a while. I would go down and take something for you to eat." Although it was late, but because Madame Song was afraid that Su Ran would get hungry at night so she asked the maid to prepare something before.

The time he left the room, he looked at the phone. He turned it off.

Bai Zhi Rui was in disappointment.

When she was holding her phone, suddenly it was snatched.

"Who do you want to call? Song Ting Yu? He hehe… who would care about you? You just need to be good. Later on don't you resist, if not you would get hurt

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