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These years, Song family concealed this secret well, even Song Ting Yu always thought that Chen Jing is his biological mother.

If it was her doubt about her relationship with Song Ting Yu, she wouldn't willing to pay someone to check it out, she maybe wouldn't know all of these.

Bai Zhi Rui locked the door, and went to the bedroom slowly.

She went to his side and stroked Song Ting Yu's face. Then she lowered her head, she blew off an air: "Which part of me that couldn't be compared with Su Ran?"

She sat down beside Song Ting Yu, and extended her hand to take down his coat. After she took off his coat, he just wore a black t-shirt. She started to hold the bottom of the shirt. When she was about to roll it up, a hand covered her hand.

Bai Zhi Rui was startled for a while, and immediately raised her head. She looked that Song Ting Yu's eyes were already opened and he was looking at her.

This moment her heart raced, but she controlled it because didn't Chen Jing drug Song Ting Yu, wouldn't be okay for him to awake? He would also unable to control his lust?!

She just stayed in front of him, she didn't believe that he could restrain his lust!

Bai Zhi Rui looked at his hand on her hand, she smiled: "You are awake? Do you feel hot and unwell? I help you to take off the clothes okay?"

She said it then leaned over, she knelt down and wanted to take his clothes. Who knows in a next second she was pushed by him without any preparation.

She was on the carpet, in a flash she felt her butt hurt. It was hurt that she almost fell her tear.

"Leave me far away." 

She was startled.

She just looked that he already sat down and took his coat.

This moment Bai Zhi Rui just bear her pain and stood up. She couldn't believe it. Could it be that Song Ting Yu didn't drink the drug?

She believed that Chen Jing wouldn't lie to her. The current Chen Jing is full of guilty feeling, how could she lie to her? She also hopes that she could live well, then she would be feel more relieved.

So she wouldn't do anything that make Bai Zhi Rui suffered.

Bai Zhi Rui thought the only possibility, Song Ting Yu tried to control his desire and pushed her away.

She clutched his hand when he was about to wear his coat: "Tign Yu, I know it is hard for you to bear, it would be soon gone away."

Song Ting Yu smiled coldly: "I ask you to leave me far away, I ask you to go away. Couldn't you hear me?"

Bai Zhi Rui examined his face, her heart clicked. Her whole heart started to sink: "Don't you drink the wine that your mother gave to you?"

"I drank it." He used his hands to support his forehead.

"Then how could you…?"

"Then how could you be so sober?" She didn't finish her words, Song Ting Yu replaced her to finish it.

"Chen Jing is my Ma, so I don't put my guard against her. I drank the wine that she passed to me, but I still have awareness. I want to know what would she do, and it turns out that she has that kind of intention. Tell me whose idea it is? You or her?"

This moment she felt her body was full of rage.

Bai Zhi Rui was relaxed to hear that he drank it.

She looked at him, and in a while she could feel that there was something wrong with him. His handsome face started to blush, she wanted to seize the opportunity to lean her whole body cloe to him.

The moment she wanted to approach him, Song Ting Yu already stood up and leave.

He just felt that his nose was full of Bai Zhi Rui's scent. It was the scent that he had smelled for years, but this moment it couldn't provoke his desire, even if his body was really hot.

Of course Song Ting Yu noticed the camera on the corner, he went over, and took it: "You really think this thoroughly. You could think that the most people that I care is Su Ran, and I am really afraid that she would leave me…"

His lips crooked up: "But this lifetime you wouldn't have the chance to do these things that could threaten my relationship with her."

He said it then smashed the camera to the floor.

Bai Zhi Rui was shocked, she was lost.

She didn't expect this to happen.

Without camera, how could she have evidence of their togetherness? How could she show it to Su Ran?

This lifetime Song Ting Yu really hate being tricked by someone, moreover, this time he was tricked by someone who always being called mom by him. His mom worked hand in hand with other people to trick him. His heart was in rage.

This moment he didn't even willing to see Bai Zhi Rui again, he turned his body and left. Yet he didn't expect that Bai Zhi Rui would come over and hugged his waist. She sticked her face close to his back: "Ting Yu, don't you go, don't you go…."

"Let go!" Song Ting Yu's voice was so cold.

Bai Zhi Rui didn't willing to let go: "Ting Yu, I know that now you are in pain. Didn't we have a good time when we were together? There's no Su Ran. Even after Su Ran's appearance, didn't you always be together with me abroad? We always be in a good relationship, I am waiting for you to marry me. But now how could you be like this? You don't want it, is it because you just want Su Ran? What is so good about Su Ran? Which part of me that couldn't be compare with Su Ran? Tell me, I will change it, okay? For you, I am willing to change everything?"

"Bai Zhi Rui, you are you, Su Ran is Su Ran. This forever you couldn't change yourself to be her. Moreover, you already vanished all my guilty feeling! From today, you and your matters are unrelated to me. I will warn you one time, it's best for you to leave Su Ran alone. Leave all the Song Family member far away. If they receive any kind of pain, I would return it to you by tenfold."

"Now go away!" After Song Ting Yu said it, he pushed her hands away. But she was unwilling to leave, they kept on struggling. Suddenly the bathrobe that Bai Zhi Rui wore fell down, she was naked. 

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