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Do these people forget who is the third party?

Who was together with Song Ting Yu first?!"

Bai Zhi Rui wanted to control herself, but she couldn't. In rage, she called someone. After it ended, she threw the phone to the side. She didn't want to open WeiBo anymore. It just made her to be even angrier.

She just needed a time to calm done. If she went online, there was must be that scene popped up.

Su Ran stayed at the hospital for several days. Finally she could be discharged today. In the morning, Song Ting Yu helped her to finish the hospital administration process.

Although this temporary moment, Su Ran agreed to not mention anything about divorce, but she was a bit cold toward him

This was hard for Song Ting Yu, no matter how he tried to chat with her, she was unenthusiastic and didn't really pay attention to him.

Song Ting Yu didn't use to it, but he didn't know what to do.

When he finished with the discharged administration process, her returned to the room. Su Ran was sitting down peacefully, and the maid was busy helping her to tidy up.

Song Ting Yu watched Su Ran's belly for a while, then he pulled her.

She looked at her: "What happened?"

"Let's go to do a check up."

"What kind of checkup?

"I want to know the sex of the kid."

Su Ran's kid was almost four months old so they could do the test.

"Don't you always think that it is a little girl?"

"So I want to verify." Indeed to speak about the kid, made Su Ran turned enthusiastic.

"We can do it on the next time check up." Su Ran said.

But obviously Song Ting Yu didn't want to let it go. He held her hands to leave the room, and he instructed the maid for wait for them.

Su Ran noticed that he started to pace quickly, she shook her head and said helplessly: "Are you that impatient?"


After the check up, they both went to the consultation room with the result. The doctor looked at it for a while, then smiled and said: "It's a girl."

Song Ting Yu immediately smiled brightly: "Indeed it is a little princess."

During the way home, on one hand, he held Su Ran's hand. With his other hand, he from time to time stroked her belly slightly. Everyone around them started to look at them.

Su Ran felt, they must have never met this foolish Papa.

Who would keep on talking with the kid inside the womb on the way?

"Song Ting Yu, walk properly. Everyone is looking at us." Su Ran pinched his back of hand. She felt this moment Song Ting Yu was really shameless!

"Who said it is improper? I am really serious! I am talking with our daughter. Why? Anyone have a problem?" He immediately raised his head. His gaze started to move around.

There was a couple that was discussing them. The man pointed at Song Ting Yu and talked with his girlfriend. This moment Song Ting Yu glared at them fiercely. The man felt scared and held his girlfriend to leave.

She patted his hand: "You scared them!"

She just patted, and suddenly he turned his body and hugged her. She was startled of his sudden movement. She responded by wanting to push him away. Yet he kept on hugging her even tighter: "Su Ran, finally you start to talk to me again. I am really afraid that this lifetime you wouldn't want to respond to me."

These several days he felt that way.

Su Ran was regarding him as an invisible man, she was indifferent toward him. She talked with everyone, but she didn't respond to him. He held back his anger, he couldn't be angry with her.

Now they even got more attentions from the people around them.

Su Ran pushed him away: "This is the public place, what are you doing?"

"What if it is the public place? I am happy with it. Is it wrong for me to hug my own wife?"

"….." Su Ran bit her lips, she really wanted to bit him: "Song Ting Yu, you don't want your face again?"

Song Ting Yu let her go, and his gaze fell on her delicate little face: "With the face of me, it's really a pity to let it go right?"

Su Ran rolled her eyes. He was really a shameless man.

Su Ran decided to maintain several meters of distance from him, if not later on he might do something sudden.

She didn't like to be the center of attention.

She turned her body and startled because she noticed not a far there were two figures. It was Bai Zhi Rui and a young woman. It seemed that young woman was her assistant.

Why was Bai Zhi Rui here?

Song Ting Yu also noticed her. He looked at her for a while, and hugged Su Ran's shoulder: "Let's go."

Bai Zhi Rui came over and greeted them: "It's too coincidental."

Su Ran looked at her, she really didn't know what should she feel right now. Her incident was really unrelated to her, but it was her fans doing.

Song Ting Yu brought Su Ran to walk to another direction, yet Bai Zhi Rui called him: "Ting Yu."

She didn't let the assistant to help her to come in front of them.

"That matter is unrelated to me."

She meant the Su Ran's incident.

Su Ran just noticed her leg, so actually she hurt her leg so she was in the hospital.

"If your leg is injured, then you should take a rest in the sickroom, don't you walk around." Song Ting Yu didn't talk with her anymore, and left.

Bai Zhi Rui just stood there, and felt a sting of pain in her heart.

She immediately said lightly: "Is all man that ruthless?"

The assistant next to her was hesitant, then said: "It supposedly Mr Song just being loyal to his wife."

The assistant was just graduating from university, she still didn't really understand a lot of stuffs. She also didn't have any intention, she just felt if a man falls in love with a man, and keeps on thinking of another then it would be called ruthless.

It is ruthless for those women.

Song Ting Yu just being single-mindedly wanted to be good to one woman, it is not wrong. But Bai Zhi Rui was with him for five years, but she never really occupied his heart. Lastly, it is occupied by Su Ran. The assistant didn't know how should she say about their relationship.

She always feels that Bai Zhi Rui is quite innocent, after all after being five years with him, she didn't get anything

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