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Song Ting Yu just Understands, How Afraid He is Too Lose Su Ran

His voice was somewhat hoarse: "Su Ran, I didn't do anything with her. I would tell everyone that we already break up. In the future I also wouldn't meet her again, okay, don't divorce me, don't divorce me…."

Probably in this life time, it was the first time for Song Ting Yu to be that submissive.

This lifetime, his life was too easy and comfortable, he lived in the happy place. Before his encounter with Su Ran, how could he expect that he would have a day where he should beg a person to make her not leave his side.

Su Ran didn't say anything, she just felt her heart to be aching.

"Give me one more chance, the last on…"

Looking at how silent Su Ran was, he placed her hand on her slightly bulging belly. He stroked it for a while: "You also don't want the baby to lose his father the moment she comes to the earth right? Moreover, if we divorce, how about our Wei Xi? He should be preferred his Papa and Mama by his side. Even you don't regard me to give me a chance, just look at Wei Xi and the baby, please?"

"Su Ran…" He lowered his head. During her startling, he placed his ear closed to her belly: "I could hear that the baby also tells you not to divorce me…."

Su Ran used her hands to push his shoulder: "Nonsense, she is still that little. How could she say something like that."

"I could really understand her words." Song Ting Yu raised his head from her belly. He used his hands to clutch Su Ran's face: "Su Ran, give me one more chance. Give me one more chance, please…."

He said it then leaned on her shoulder. He used his lips to kiss her neck.

Su Ran just felt her shoulder to be ticklish. She couldn't push him away: "Song Ting Yu, could you not be that shameless?!"

"If you don't agree with me, I could do even more shameless thing."

Su Ran: "……."

She often feels that this was his side that she didn't expect to see or perhaps didn't know that it was existed. How could this cold and desolated man changed into the shameless one.

"Song Ting Yu, don't you lie to me again. Even if you want to do anything, don't you lie to me again. I already experienced it a lot. I don't wish this to be happened again. I don't wish to undergo the same path. Do you understand?"

"Understand!" Song Ting Yu clutched her hand, and nodded quickly.

"Promise me, you wouldn't mention about the divorce me." 

Su Ran looked at the scraps paper on the ground: "Let me consider."

"No need to consider it again. I guarantee this wouldn't happen again." This moment Song Ting Yu feel worried and afraid.

It let people to feel too afraid, really.

Song Ting Yu just felt this moment he needed to hear accurate answer so he could feel relieved. If this moment Su Ran didn't agree to it, he would be very scared and on edge.

"Ran Ran, just give her one more chance." Madame Song said it. None of them knew her appearance.

Su Ran was startled: "Grandma."

Song Ting Yu noticed that Madame Song would help him out. He was so happy, he looked at her hopefully.

Madame Song just rolled his eyes: "Don't you look me like that. I do this because of my two great grandkids. If not, from the beginning, I would let you divorce Ran Ran!"

Song Ting Yu: "…………"

Qiao Qing and Tian Mi also came together with Madame Song.

Madame Song sat down on the chair beside the hospital bed, she extended her hand to take Su Ran's hand. She patted her hands: "This time indeed it was Song Ting Yu's mistake. He should announce his break up with Bai Zhi Rui. If he did it, perhaps this wouldn't happen. Yesterday I also already scolded him. Now he knew that he was wrong. Ran Ran, look at the kids, just give him one more chance…."

"Later on if he makes this mistake again. I wouldn't let him go, okay?"

The four people inside the room were looking at Su Ran intensely, especially Song Ting Yu.

At last Su Ran just nodded.

Song Ting Yu seemed to be worried that she would regret it. He immediately moved forward and pulled her hands: "Su Ran, we agree to it okay. Don't you regret it."

"Then you should abide to your promise too. This matter, it makes you afraid right? If this happen again, I like to see what would you do then. Since you already break up with Bai Zhi Rui, then you shouldn't meet him again. You know it clearly that she still has heart for you. You give her chances to keep on appearing in front of you, how could she let you go if she feels still she has hope. Moreover for the dinner meeting with the film directors and investors of Bai Zhi Rui's movie yesterday, you should just let Tang Zi Chu to come, isn't he your assistant? His appearance would be able to represent you? If it is still couldn't do, you could just call them? You shouldn't attend the dinner. This time you could regard it as your luck because the kid is still in good condition. If not, don't you say it's only Ran Ran, even I wouldn't let you go." Grandma scolded him harshly: "Moreover, regarding the accident of Su Ran, you should give me the answer as soon as possible. Do all the people think that we as Song family is easy to be bullied?"

"Grandma, I already handle it. I would give you an answer as soon as possible." Song Ting Yu said it in his lower voice."

Madam Song remembered one more thing: "Moreover, regarding your relationship with Bai Zhi Rui. Tomorrow you need to tell everyone that you both are already separated.

Song Ting Yu nodded. Without the reminder from Madame Song, originally he already planned it. He didn't dare to let this to happen again.

The accident of Su Ran being pushed already became the popular in the internet, it had been a trending topic for several days.

Now Bai Zhi Rui was regarded as target of public criticism.

A lot of people thought that she was purposely asking her fans to push Su Ran, they said that she was cruel woman. She didn't suitable to become their goddess anymore.

Even her fans expressed their disappointment. Her fans turned to be the anti-fans.

The current Bai Zhi Rui was in the same situation as Su Ran in the past. It just because she was a public figure so she received a lot of concerns and when she made a mistake, it was hard to be forgiven.

For this reason, she also purposely held a press conference to explain everything. She said that the fans who did it, was not mentally healthy. So it was unrelated to her, it was the willing act of the fans alone. She mentioned that the police already starts to conduct research. She believed that it would give her justice.

But even after her press conference, a lot of people was still doubting her. Everyone still thought that she was the mastermind of this accident. 

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