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Chapter 15 Okay, It's Up To You

When Song Ting Yu recalled the scene where Su Ran was hit, there was something wrong with Qiao Qing's eyes, it didn't like a normal person. Moreover the most ridiculous thing was Su Hao didn't really care about it.

The other Su daughter, was hiding in their own upstairs, and unexpectedly Su Hao could sit down and relax while reading the newspaper.

In a split second he understood: "Your mom often do like this?"

Su Ran pursed her lips, didn't give a direct answer: "These days she was already much better."

Song Ting Yu was somewhat sharp person, how can he not catch the meaning behind her words: "When did she start to be like that?"

Su Ran understood he was pointed to her mother. She only felt strange why Song Ting Yu will want to know about her matter, however, regarding Qiao Qing's condition, she didn't really want to tell anyone, especially the man in front of her.

"She simply like that when she didn't feel safe…" Su Ran took a great effort to lift up her head and looked at him: "It was not early anymore, you can go home first, thank you for today."

Without any expression, Song Ting Yu stared at her: "What thanks? Didn't you said before even that I didn't appear, your mom will not beat you until death? At most she will only made you faint, there was no really big difference between these two conditions."

Su Ran always knew that Song Ting Yu was a sharp-tongued person, especially toward her, therefore she need to let herself used to it.

"In word, I still need to thanks Mr Song."

"Mr Song?" Song Ting Yu raised his brows: "So it turns out you like to call your husband that way?"

"Husband?" Su Ran felt it was quite hilarious, this was her first time hearing this word from Song Ting Yu's mouth. She looked at this man, and only felt that inside his beautiful eyes were dim, and with bits of sneering.

"Isn't it what you always remind me? That I need to pay attention of my status."

Song Ting Yu's both hand stayed on the bedside, suddenly he leaned over, with his arrogance, he examined her: "Su Ran, since when do you really listen to my words?"

Because two of them was to close, their breaths was crossed and mixed together. Su Ran didn't use to be so close with him, she immediately got some what panicky, extended her hands to push him. But this movement implicated the backside wounds, it were painful that she screamed a sound.

Song Ting Yu pressed down and stopped her movement around her shoulder: "If you don't want to get hurt, don't move randomly."

Su Ran endured the pain and pushed off his hand: "I want to get a rest, you can go home first."

"Grandma let me to stay here tonight and take care you."

"No need, I can take care of myself."

"Okay it's up to you." Song Ting Yu hooked up his lips and said it with his cold voice. Then, he picked up his car keys from the coffee table and left.

Didn't know which part of her was provoking the eldest son of Song family, she was just thinking of him. anyway in his eyes, what ever she did was wrong. Su Ran laughed for a while, and let herself to stop caring.

Now she could only lie on her stomach on the bed to sleep, however, maintaining this position for a long time, her body started to numb. Fearing it will affect her wound to tear, she didn't dare to move, she just closed her eyes and let herself to fall asleep.

She was tired, really really tired.

Song Ting Yu took the keys till the parking area of the hospital. He opened the door, and entered to the driver's seat. He inserted the key, he didn't start on the car, but he just took out a pack of cigarette, and smoked.

Regarding a moment ago Su Ran's attitude of talk with him, made him somewhat moody. But when he reflected, what is his connection with her problem?

Why should he care?

He opened the car window and stayed for a long time in the car, in the end, he didn't go home. When he got off the car, he looked at his watch and realized it was already dawn.

He then came back to Su Ran's sickroom.

She already fell asleep, and maintained it that same position before he left.

In the midnight, Su Ran didn't sleep peacefully, because the pain on her back. So this early morning, she woke up. Because it was winter time, it will still be dark at 6 o'clock. So she slowly sat down and got up, in the dark room, she tried to found her way to turn on the light. Who knows she will hit the glass on the table, and shattered beside her legs. It produced a lot sound and made her a little surprised that she took a step backward.

This time, the room suddenly turned bright, she narrowed her eyes and tried to make out who turned on the light. Then, she notice Song Ting Yu was sitting down on the sofa and staring at her.

She was startled.

Didn't he go home yesterday? Did he sleep on the sofa all night?


His face was not good at all, probably because he stayed all night on the sofa, and didn't really get a good sleep. Su Ran felt the atmosphere was somewhat awkward, although they are husband and wife, but actually they were not any better than a stranger.

If not of because of Song Wei Xi, probably this lifetime, they will not have any connection.

This sentence she didn't say directly, because Song Ting Yu already stood up from the sofa, and went toward her. Then he stopped in front of her, and instinctively she moved back.

Song Ting Yu's hand pressed her waist side, avoided her back wound, however also intentionally to stop her to move backward.

His eyes stared at her delicate little face: "Su Ran, am I extremely dangerous and threatening beasts?"

They were really close to the extent she could feel his breath sprinkled in front of her face, she suddenly realized at this moment her heart was beating very fast.

"Wh, what?" That time she didn't understand at all his meaning

"Why now every time you see me, you will immediately want to hide?" Song Ting Yu's long white finger wrapped around her hair near her cheek and played it, "Didn't you before like to show up in front of my face?"

Su Ran paled, she knew he was talking about that matter four years again. At the past, Su Hao continuously brought her in front of his face. If she declined, he said he forced Qiao Qing to move out of Su family house.

Su Ran let herself to be strong, slightly smiled: "Precisely as what you said, you are not a extremely dangerous beast, why should I scared of you? I just don't use to be this close to you?"

"You are not used to?" Song Ting Yu raised his brows, and leaned even more closer toward her and stopped one millimeter from her lips. Only a slight of movement, he could touch her lip.

He deliberately spoke in a slowly intonation: "Then you can learn to be more used to it, because in the future there will be a long time which we need to be far more intimate than this."

Su Ran knew what he said was about their both been together, their body tangled together. She dislike this thing, she used her hand to keep of his chest, stopped him to move even forward, glared at his handsome face: "It was not really necessary, perhaps, now I'm already pregnant, isn't Mr Song was that capable? It was just one time, then there was Song Wei Xi…"

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