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How is her kid? How is  Her Wei Xi? (1)

Those fans were really loving him, they brought a lot of handmade things and presents for her.

Su Ran folded the newspaper again, she placed it on the table. She ate her porridge. This moment the butler came inside and went over her side. He placed several letters in front of her.

"Miss, your letters."

Su Ran looked at it, there were three letters for her. There was no sender's name, it was only her name.

These two days she received the same letters, it was the letters who scolded her. It said that she was the third-party, she was shameless….

Any way, in the first day she got one, she opened the letters and threw it away.

Those who wrote the letters for her were written by Bai Zhi Rui's fans.

She just felt bored. She didn't look at the letter, and threw it to the trash bin. She immediately instructed the butler: "Uncle Wang, later on if there is a letter for me without sender, please just throw it for me. No need to give it to me."

Uncle Wang just startled, and nodded: "Okay, Mrs."

Su Ran looked at Song Wei Xi: "We Xi, will you still go to play at  Nuan Nuan's house today?"

Song Wei Xi used his hands to support his chin: "Mama, Lu Jing Chen's Papa will come over to pick us up. Now they don't live near Xi Nuan Nuan's house…."

Su Ran remembered the conversation between her and Song Tign Yu. That time he already contacted Lu Yu Qian about the Lu Jing Chen and his mom. It was no wonder.

"It's seemed that Lu Jing Cheng said that he would teach you and Nuan Nuan how to draw right? Now he is not there, would you still go to Nuan Nuan's house?"

"I will." Song Wei Xi nodded: "Xi Nuan Nuan said that she would wait for me at home. She said if I don't come she would wait for me for all the time, it's better to not let her wait…."

Looking at his appearance, Su Ran laughed silently. Her depressed mood suddenly lighten up.

After the breakfast, Su Ran sent Song Wei Xi to Xi Nuan Nuan's house, then she drove her car to the dance studio.

Because Song Wei Xi was quite good now, so she could frequently visit the dancing studio. Although she couldn't dance, but there was still a lot of stuffs for her to do. She also didn't want to give all of the responsibilities to Tian Mi.

Especially this recent time, Tian Mi needed to make some times to go on date with Gu Dong Cheng. Su Ran didn't want to let her to be so busy with works.

She seized the opportunity to come over and help.

Arriving at the parking space of the dancing studio, she parked it then opened the door.

This moment her phone rang, it was Tian Mi. She knew that Su Ran would come, but she thought it wouldn't be so early so she wanted her to buy her some breakfast.

Su Ran said helplessly: "I'm here. You haven't eat breakfast? If not let me buy you some?"

"No need. Come over here. I will eat some breads." Tian Mi had bought a bread before, yet she suddenly wanted to eat dumplings, so before she wanted to ask Su Ran to buy it on the way.


Su Ran hung up the phone, then she heard someone called her name.

She turned over and looked at two men and two women came over her.

Su Ran was startled, she didn't know these people.

They didn't looked friendly. Su Ran could know it even from the far.

"Su Ran, finally we could find you."

Four of them stood in front of her.

Su Ran frowned: "I don't know you guys. Who are you?"

"Don't you care about who are we, in the past, you got our letters right? You read it right?"

Su Ran suddenly realized that these people were Bai Zhi Rui's fans. Moreover the loyalest one, they even came here.

These people seemed to be students. Su Ran couldn't understand how could they be here when it was a school time. How could they put effort in this…"

"I threw away the letters."

"You threw it away? You actually threw it away?" One of the eighteen years old girl said it out loud.

Near Su Ran there was a security, if she screamed once that security certainly would come.

So toward Bai Zhi Rui's fans sudden appearance, she didn't feel scared or mind.

Hearing that woman's word, Su Ran felt a bit hilarious: "Why I couldn't throw it? Why do I need to read it? It is up to you how you want to play, do I need to accompany you to play?"

"You….!" That woman was in rage. Her face was red. She glared at Su Ran like she was about to eat her.

"How could this woman is so shameless? She used any tricks to snatch Song Ting Yu away. She makes Rui Rui to be so sad.  How could she be shameless!" A man moved forward.

Su Ran didn't want to mind them anymore. She really didn't have interest in engage in any kind of matters related to Bai Zhi Rui.

Because in Bai Zhi Rui's fans mind, Bai Zhi Rui was a goddess, and she should be the sinner. 

"Are you done?" Su Ran's eyes showed some mockery: "If you are done, then go away. If not I wouldn't mind to call the security, to let you guys leave."

She said it, then didn't care about them again.

"Su Ran, stop! We haven't finished. Are you scared? Are you running away?"

A figure came forward and blocked her. 

Su Ran could bypassed her and left, but this moment she smelt something and noticed it was the perfume as the one she smelt on Song Ting Yu.

It was so familiar.

She looked at the women in front of her.

The woman felt a bit awkward: "What are you doing? We haven't done! You want to ! No way. I told you, Su Ran. Today you should explain it out in front of us. You should agree with us, leave Song Ting Yu! Return him to our Bai Zhi Rui!"

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