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You Still that Considerate (1)

"We are really honored." It was Chief Wang, he busily extended his fat hand to shake hand with Song Ting Yu: "Mr Song, hello."

"Hello, Chief Wang." Song Ting Yu shook his hand.

Naturally, very quickly, that Director Zhang, who always hates the unwritten rules of entertainment circle, also came over to shake his hand. This time his face was full of smile, there was no what-so-called noble and virtuous look?

Looking at his face, Bai Zhi Rui just remembered the interview in the TV about him. In the show he showed his devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, he attacked the chaos atmosphere in the entertainment circle. Moreover, he also said now actor or actress would do any unscrupulously trick to get a part. Yet he wouldn't looks on their background or power. He always chooses his actress/actors based on their abilities. He would only uses those with capabilities. If they have no capabilities, even though they would have power or wealth, he also wouldn't use them.

Supposedly looking at his appearance now, everyone may be surprised.

After the small talk end, everyone sat down. Bai Zhi Rui naturally would sat down beside Song Ting Yu.

That Chief Wang pointed at Bai Zhi Rui and said: "Before I just thought why didn't you eat, what would you do by going outside, so actually you went out to welcome him."

Bai Zhi Rui looked at Song Ting Yu, and her face turned a bit shy: "Hearing how Chief Wang said, I just came out to bring him inside…."

Originally Song Ting Yu just planned to show his face, then went back home. Yet because he noticed there was no one of her assistant or manager here with her, and she also drank a lot of alcohol, so he just stayed there until the dinner end. He left with Bai Zhi Rui.

Everyone was left drunk, Bai Zhi Rui was also a bit drunk. The time Song Ting Yu took her, she didn't have any power. Song Ting Yu just placed her on the backseat. She got on the car, and leaned on the chair. She opened her eyes and looked at the man in front of her, she suddenly laughed: "Ting Yu, is it you?"

"It's me, I will send you home first."

"Okay, okay…" Bai Zhi Rui's voice sound a bit ambiguous: "Send me home, I want to go home."

As a result of her consumption of a lot of alcohol, so during the way she threw up several times. It was a hard time to bring her home.

She was still living in the house that Song Ting Yu bought for her. The property right had been transferred to her name.

Song Ting Yu took the key from her pocket, and opened the door. He took her upstairs, and put her on her bed inside the bedroom. He looked at her: "You just take a rest. I will go home first."

Bai Zhi Rui opened her eyes and looked at him, she swung her hand for a while: "I want to drink water, help me to pour some, I am very thirsty…"

Song Ting Yu casted a glance at her: "Wait for me for a while."

He said it, then turned his body then went to the kitchen. He took the glass and poured her a cup of warm water. He brought it up. When he opened the bedroom's door, yet he didn't notice her.

He frowned, and thought she ran away because of alcohol. When he was about to search for her, suddenly someone hugged him from behind.

Because it was too sudden, the glass on his hand fell down.

Of course, Song Ting Yu knew who was it!

This moment Bai Zhi Rui's sweet scent was full inside the room.

He extended his hand to push her away, he didn't expect her to hug him so tight. At last she hugged his neck: "Ting Yu, don't you go. Don't go tonight okay?"

"Let go." Song Ting Yu frowned.

"Ting Yu, don't you be so ruthless to me…." Bai Zhi Rui didn't let her hand go, instead she hugged his body even tight. She placed her face on his chest, and said: "Ting Yu, I really love you. I really love you. Don't you leave me…"

"You are drunk." Song Ting Yu's voice was so cold, and pushed her away.

Because Bai Zhi Rui didn't want to let him go, finally she fell down on the carpet.

"Ting Yu…" Her eyes were red, and extended her hand to Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu looked at her coldly: "Tonight I accompanied you to go to dinner. It will be only once, at the last. In the future if you have anything or problem just tell Tang Zi Chu."

He said then, already left.

Bai Zhi Rui heard his steps. She stood up, and started to chase him. Yet she just could look at how he left.

"Mrs, don't you go to sleep?"

After Song Wei Xi was asleep, Auntie Fang went down and noticed the slender figure was sitting on the sofa. So she asked her.

Before when Auntie Fang brought Song Wei Xi up to take a rest, Su Ran said that after a while, she would also take a rest.

"I would sleep soon." Su Ran looked at her, and smiled: "Are Wei Xi asleep?"

"Little Master is asleep." Auntie Fang entered the kitchen, and took a cup of milk and placed it on the table in front of Su Ran: "Mrs, drink a cup of milk. It will help you to fall asleep."

"Thank You." Su Ran took it, and drank it.

Auntie Fang looked at the clock: "Mrs, are you waiting for master to go home, then you would sleep?"

"Tonight he seems to not eat anything, outside he definitely would drink some alcohol. Later on when he returns, he would be hungry and want to eat something. I will wait for him, so I could help him to reheat it." Su Ran looked at the window.

"But…" Auntie Fang said: "We don't know when master would come home. If you keep on waiting, it is not also really good. If not you just go up and sleep, I would stay here and wait. How is it?"

"No need, Auntei Fang. You go up. I will just wait for a bit, if it's too late, then I would go up."

Auntie Fang looked at the clock, it was ten minutes to eleven: "Mrs, if you wait until eleven o'clock, and Master hasn't back yet. That you remember to go up and sleep. Don't you stay up till night."

She knew about Su Ran's temper, since she wanted to wait for Song Ting Yu. It was no ouse for her to persuade her. Su Ran would persist on her thinking.

"I would."

Auntie Fang felt a bit worry, so she took a blanket and draped on her body: "Don't you freeze yourself."

"Thank You."

Auntie Fang went up, and Su Ran sat down on the sofa. She held her milk, and turned on the TV with the remote. 

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