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88 Tang

I Really Love You (1)

"Okay, don't you say nonsense again." Bai Zhi Rui looked at her assistant, and used her hand to rub her eyes. She smiled to her fans: "Really thankful for your guys visit today. But next time, don't you guys bring so many gifts here. It would be wasting of your money and time. I will be very happy if you could come often to llok at me, moreover you always treat me well, really…."

Her appearance now was really let everyone to be heartbroken. These twenty fans looked that their hand was smashed into pieces.

"Rui Rui, don't you worry. We will always stay on your side." The leader of the fans said.

"Thank you."

Bai Zhi Rui stood up and took the photo with all of them. She also took with each one of them. She didn't complain or refused.

After done, Bai Zhi Rui once again crossed her finger, then thanked her fans. She left them.

Looking at her figure leaving, some of her fans cried: "How could Rui Rui be so pitiful. She even is sick like that, and still insist on shooting this movie. Those people how couldn't they see her effort? How could they say that her effort is accompany someone to sleep."

"I really find it strange, how could there is no bad rumor about Rui Rui in the past, but now it is getting more and more?" Some of the fans questioned.

"What do you mean?" Everyone was looking at her.

"I feel that woman Su Ran, bribed the media. So she wants that everyone and everywhere to trample Rui Rui and supported her. Her aim is to purify her image. Maybe, even the paparazzi that followed them in Hong Kong was paid by her. If not how could they run that far to Hong Kong, how could they be photographed?"

The time she said it, everyone seemed to be understand.

"This matter should be not that simple, we should demand for fairness for Rui Rui. We should let everyone know that our Rui Rui is not easy to be bullied. Even everyone doesn't like her, yet she still has us!"

"Right!" Everyone immediately answered.

Su Ran didn't expect that her moment of Valentine's Day with Song Ting Yu would be exposed this huge. Actually she didn't like her private life to be exposed to public eyes.

Yet because it was because of the public figure of Bai Zhi Rui, and Song Ting Yu also quite popular, so she was getting involved by them.

Recently, her every actions was unlimitedly focused by everyone, it let the public knew her actions.

Although she really didn't care about those rumours and slanders, yet she also didn't like that her private life being watched and exposed publicly.

But this matter seemed to be unavoidable.

Today, it was Gu Dong Cheng's mother's anniversary of death. So in the early morning, he, Song Ming Xuan, and Madame Song left the Song house, and went to the city to offer the sacrifice.

They would be returned tomorrow.

After the moment they left, Chen Jing also left. Su Ran heard from the maid that she also wouldn't be back for the night.

Song Ting Yu remembered that Song Ting Yu always says that she never cooked a meal for him. So today she decided to personally cook a meal for him.

After she woke up from her afternoon nap, she took Song Wei Xi to the large supermarket to buy the ingredient.

Su Ran's body wasn't like before, and she was quite afraid go alone with Song Wei Xi. So she took Auntie Fan too.

Su Ran took the shopping cart that the child seat. Song Wei Xi sat inside.

Su Ran wanted to push it, but upon seeing this Auntie Fang, said busily: "Mrs, let me do it."

Su Ran smiled, and nodded. She let go of it, and went to the side. The time she chose the tomatoes, she remembered a thing. She forgot to call Song Ting Yu to ask him to go home and eat dinner at home.

She took her phone, and placed the tomato on the shopping cart. She dialed her phone.

Song Ting Yu answered her call.

Su Ran said: "Will you be free tonight?"

Song Ting Yu said with his low voice: "What do you want to do?"

Su Ran was somewhat helpless: "I just want to say to you. If you are free tonight, then go home and have dinner. Don't you always complain that I never cook for you? Now I am at the supermarket and buying some ingredient, will you have business dinner tonight?"

"Even if I have one, I will push it away." Song Ting Yu smiled: "Tonight, I will go home. Wait for me."

"Okay." Su Ran smiled, and when she was about to hang up, she thought about something: "What do you want to eat?"

"As long as it is your cooking, I will like it."

Su Ran thought about it carefully, seems Song Ting Yu also is not that picky eater. He just doesn't like to eat snacks, and sweets. He really didn't have request.

She hung u the phone, and chose the ingredient carefully.

At first, Auntie Fang wanted to help her to choose, but at last she noticed that Su Ran had her own plan. She even really a clear list what to buy, so Auntie Fang didn't intervene. She just took care of Wei Xi.

Perhaps it is because of the age, so every time Song Wei Xi came to the supermarket, he was so excited and curious. Sitting on the shopping cart child seat, he looked around and tried to touch everything.

Finally it was done, Su Ran and Auntie Fang went to cashier together and went back home to Song house.

When it was about dinner time, Su Ran put on her apron and started to prepare the dinner. The maids in the house were off today, so Su Ran just prepared dishes for four people.

The time Song Ting Yu returned home, he noticed Song Wei Xi was on the carpet in the living room and played with his toys.

He changed his shoes and went over. Song Wei Xi raised his head: "Papa."

Song Ting Yu used his hand to stroke his hair. Then immediately he looked over to the kitchen. This time Su Ran was serving out a dish on the table. Seeing him, she smiled: "You are home."

Song Ting Yu went to the dining room, and looked at the dishes: "Are you done?"

"Em, done. Let's eat." She said it, then untied her apron. She took Song Wei Xi to wash his hands. Auntie Fang served out the soup.

Song Ting Yu drank the shop and looked at the dishes on the table, this time in his mind was appeared a sentence: "to smell, look, and taste great."

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