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She took the ring from the box, and clutched his left hand. She always thinks that his finger is very  pretty and slender.

She put on the ring on his left ring finger. Then she heard he said: "Later on this ring, you couldn't take it off."

"I know." Su Ran let go of his hand, clutched her necklace, and swayed it for a while: "You also say that I couldn't take this off. You want that every moment and time to be full of these expensive things?"

"It's nothing, the important thing you wear it beautifully."

Su Ran knew his temper, so she also didn't argue with him for this. She looked at him: "Song Ting Yu, play me one more song."

She remembers the night of her birthday, that man played a song for her , the melody is really beautiful, sweet but painful.

She really didn't expect to be able to play violin that well. That day she actually thought if he didn't enter Song company, maybe he would be great violinist.

"What do you want to hear?"

Su Ran thought for a while, then smiled: "I don't really understand violin, you make the decision."

"Okay." Song Ting Yu called the waiter, and said something on his ear. After a while, the waiter came back with a violin. He said: "Mr Song, this is the violin."

"Thank you."

After the waiter left, Song Ting Yu took the violin and stood up from her chair. He placed it on his shoulder and tried the tune first. After he tuned it, then he played.

This song was sounded really different from the previous one. It was so soft and sweet.

After he finished, he placed down the violin. Su Ran looked at him: "What is the song called?"


Song Ting Yu noticed that she enjoyed the music: "Next time I will teach you how to play."

"I couldn't. In the past, my mom taught me, but all along I couldn't…"

"You will definitely able if I teach you."

Su Ran laughed, and Song Ting Yu took his phone out: "What movie do you want to see?"

Because it was the last moment decision, so they didn't have any reserved ticket.

Today was a special day, of course the romantic movie would be in full demand. Su Ran looked at his phone, and pointed at a movie: "Just this one."

Song Ting Yu saw it, and was startled for a while: "<>?"

He coughed slightly: "Isn't it a horror movie?"

"I know."

"Don't you think in this special day, we should see some art movie or romantic one?"

"Before I saw it, and felt the other movies aren't really good. This movie is not being showed in the local area. It is a rare chance for us to come here, we should watch this one."

The horror movie is Thai movie. As everyone knows, Thai movies are always frightening. It is not less frightening than the Japan ghost movie, so Song Ting Yu couldn't understand how could Su Ran, this thin and weak woman, interested in these movies?"

At first he wanted to reject her idea, but after a while, he smiled: "Let's go to the cinema."

"Let's go to the one in Mong Kok, so after the movie, we could stroll around."

In the past, Su Ran came to Hong Kong, the most impressive area for her is Mong Kok. So this time she wanted to stroll around there again.


Leaving the restaurant, the driver already waited for them outside. The time they almost arrived at Mong Kong, Su Ran let the driver to stop, and immediately looked at Song Ting Yu: "Let's go take the big bus."

There was a lot of people there, it was inconvenient to drive a car. Moreover, she also wanted to experience the feeling of taking the big bus in Hong Kong.

The bus was quite crowded at the first floor. They went to the second floor.

It was great at the second floor as they could enjoy the night scenery.

Su Ran was quite happy and satisfied.

Originally the cinema was quite near from the place where they got off the car, so soon they arrived there. There was a lot of people there.

Mong Kong is the old town in Hong Kong, so also very crowded.

Tonight, it was also very crowded. It was full with couples who were spending Valentine's Day.

Song Ting Yu hugged Su Ran's shoulder and took her forward. He held her closely as he afraid that she would be bumped by these crowd.

Finally they arrived at the cinema. Tonight <>'s theater indeed was not popular so there were still a lot of tickets avaiable.

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran, and said: "Are you sure? You really want to watch this one?"

Su Ran nodded: "Just this one."

"Later on don't you scare yourself and scare my daughter inside!"

Su Ran rolled her eyes: "She is sleeping here peacefully, how could she be scared off? Moreover, this kind of movie wouldn't scare me."

She actually since childhood has a strange hobby. She likes to watch horror and ghost movie. After years, she thinks that ghost movies always have quite the similar plot, so now she really find it hard to be scared because of the movie.

She hadn't watched movie for a long time, so in this rare chance, she wanted to watch it.

The time they sat down inside the theater and the film didn't play yet, Song Ting Yu said something on her ear: "Later on if you feel afraid, then you just hug me tightly. If not you could sit down with me, don't you be too embarrassed that you are scared. This theater is dark, no one would see you. It looks like except both of us, no one would watch this is."

Su Ran just understood how could he agree to her idea, turned out he had an ulterior motive.

After he said it, the film started to play. Su Ran ignored him, and watched the movie concentratedly.

This movie was quite good because after a while, she could hear some girls screamed loudly.

Su Ran watched a lot of horror movies, so she had faced a lot of horror in the movies. However, she thought this movie is just quite scary.

There was quite a lot of couple in the theater, because the women were scared, some of them went close to the man. Song Ting Yu casted a glance to Su Ran, she just looked so serious. She didn't look scare even for a bit, and didn't get close to him.

He waited and waited, finally couldn't hold on any longer. He turned his head: "Su Ran, is not scary?"

"It's okay." Su Ran didn't turn her head, her gaze was fixed on the screen. 

He pinched her hands: "If you feel really scare, then  no need to hold it…."

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