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Mrs Song, Happy Valentine's Day (1)

She is actually quite afraid of those kind of thing. In the past when she was in the first year of university life, she came across this kind of thing. That time there was a business major senior said that he liked her. He pursued her for a long time, yet she didn't accept him. Suddenly one day, he just confessed in the public in front of her dorm to her.

That time he lighted up a lot of candle, and also bought a flower. He also asked some of his friends to help him. He stood in front of her dorm and said that he likes her loudly.

That time everyone said it was very romantic. They were envious of her. But Su Ran doesn't have any feeling toward that senior so she felt very awkward. Those people kept on yelling at her to let her be together with him.

But lastly she said "Sorry."

The face of the senior changed in a second. After that because of that thing, that senior was being gossiped by people around the school. Every time he met Su Ran, his face would turn sour.

Song Ting Yu shrugged his shoulder, and be mysterious.

Su Ran remembered that college life, she felt somewhat anxious. She extended her hand to pull on his sleeve: "Don't you be too grand with me…"

"What are you afraid, in anyway how matter grand it is, it just to show love. You also wouldn't reject me. No matter what I say and do. You definitely would cry and moved. Then you would hug me and say, "I agree."."


Su Ran glared at him, then leaned back on her seat, and closed her eyes: "I will sleep."

It was two hours flight, they arrived there around six o'clock. 

Like when they travelled to Huai Hai, here in Hong Kong, there was also someone who was waiting for them and picked them up.

Now it was already spring. An Cheng City started to be warm, and Hong Kong is warmer than An Cheng, it just several ten degrees. 

The time they went out, they didn't bring any luggage, as they would go back tomorrow. Because she thought it was still long way so in the car, she also took a light sleep.

During the muddled-headed, she heard that Song Ting Yu answered a call. She didn't hear it clearly, just heard he said: "We will go later, now prepare the midnight snack."

Suddenly, Su Ran felt one hand patted her face. She opened her eyes slowly, and faced his handsome face.

He draped his coat on her shoulder: "We arrived, let's get off and have dinner."

Su Ran wore the coat, and followed him.

They arrived at the western restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui district.

Su Ran didn't really enjoy eating western dishes, perhaps it because she rarely travelled, so she felt that the western dishes always taste the same, she couldn't distinguish which one is nice and not.

Now Song Ting Yu especially took her to go to Hong Kong to eat the western food, she sincerely felt this is quite romantic, yet it also an unnecessary thing to do.

"Looking at your appearance, you seem to be dissatisfied of my arrangement?" Song Ting Yu took her inside, his hand hugged her waist, and this moment purposely pinched her a bit.

"It is not that I'm dissatisfied. Yet I just felt that you could eat western dishes anywhere…" Su Ran looked at him.

"Originally I didn't think to take you here, it just the last moment decison.

"So where did you plan to take me first?"

Song Ting Yu smiled: "You will know later." He said: "It was you that said you want to just have dinner and watch movie. So at the last moment, I just choose a random place to take you to have dinner."

So turns out he changed his plan, supposedly it was when she was sleeping in the car.

Su Ran just recognized, Song Ting Yu's so what randomly looked for place mean it was easy for him.

Because the time they entered the restaurant, she just realized, this whole place was reserved by him.

Today was Valentine's Day, originally every various restaurant would be full. Moreover, he didn't make an earlier booking, it just his last moment decision, he unexpectedly booked the whole restaurant.

"It just a dinner, Song Ting Yu, actually you didn't need to…." Su Ran looked around and said.

Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows: "This moment I don't like to share it with anyone."

So in his thinking, being together with everyone else in the restaurant in Valentine's Day means they share the day together.

"What do you want to eat?"

Su Ran passed the menu to him: "It's better for you to order."

After the dinner, Su Ran gave the handkerchief that she bought with Tian Mi to him. As he already knew it, so it was not mysterious anymore.

Yet it was Su Ran's embroidery work. For embroider it beautiful and neat, she did it very slowly.

Song Ting Yu took the handkerchief and placed it on his pocket, he smiled: "Su Ran, this Valentine's Day's present. I like it so much."

"It's good that you like it." It wasn't a vain for her to injure her ten fingers.

"Give me your hand." Song Ting Yu put his hand on the table.

Su Ran was puzzled, but she passed her hand over: "What are you doing?"

"Right hand." Song Ting Yu said.

She changed her left hand to right. She couldn't guess what would he do. Because his left hand clutched her hand, so he took a velvet box from the pocket and put it on the table.

With one glance, Su Ran guessed it should be some jewels.

He opened the box, and inside it was a pair of rings. Although the style was simple, yet it was completely unique.

She was startled for a while. He took the small size ring and placed it on her ring finger.

"This….?" Su Ran looked at the ring, and moved her finger.

"Wedding ring." Song Ting Yu said.

"Wedding ring?" Su Ran laughed: "We already have the wedding ring before from our marriage, do you forget?"

"It couldn't be counted as one." Song Ting Yu raised her hand, looked at the ring on her finger.

"That time during the ring selection, I didn't participate. It was grandma who let someone to pick it out."

After the wedding, not only Song Ting Yu, even Su Ran didn't wear it. She put it in the bottom part of her drawer. She basically never wore it.

"This ring is my choice."

He said it, then put her hands down.

He pushed the box in front of her. Then he coughed.

Su Ran understood his meaning, he wanted her to help him wear the ring.

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