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Suddenly, she noticed a familiar figure close by.

It was Gu Dong Cheng and his several friends, he should be here first than them.

Very quickly, Gu Dong Cheng also noticed her, he was startled for a while. He immediately took the wine glass in front of him, then raised it up toward her.

Su Ran also took her glass of warm water to return a compliment to him for a while.

Tian Mi noticed her peculiar, she raised her head, and looked at her gaze, she was puzzled. She asked: "Ran Ran, who is that?"

This moment Gu Dong Cheng also stared blankly at them, there was something wrong with his gaze, his smile was stiff.

"O." This moment Tian Mi felt someone gaze was on her, she raised her head cautiously, and faced the cold eyes of Gu Dong Cheng.

She was blushing, and lowered down her head.

She also didn't know why did this Gu Dong Cheng looked at her that way.

Su Ran didn't noticed it, she just asked: "Are you ready to order."

Tian Mi's mind was wandered around before, she didn't really look at the menu carefully. She just regained her awareness when Su Ran asked her. So she coughed: "Okay, okay…"

They ordered the food, once again Tian Mi looked over. Gu Dong Cheng already shifted his gaze, he didn't look at them again, he was focus chatting with his friends.

Tian Mi couldn't explain her mood now.

Yet she also felt it was quite funny. She just met him for the first time, how could she have that kind of feeling.

The dishes were out, but Tian Mi just lowered her head and thought something. Su Ran suspected it, she put down her fork and knife. She extended her hand to sway it in front of her for a few times: "Tian Mi, what happened? Didn't you say that you are hungry? Why didn't you eat? Are you sick?"

"No!" Tian Mi responded directly, she yelled it out loud. 

Su Ran shook her head: "Then hurry up eat it."

They changed the topics of their conversation, but clearly Tian Mi's heart was not on it. Didn't know what was she thinking about. Usually she has a lot to talk about. However, today she was really calm let Su Ran felt a bit unusual.

Suddenly, Tian Mi's gaze stayed on the one behind her. Su Ran turned her head.  Gu Dong Cheng and friends' table were empty. They had settled the bill and went home, yet Gu Dong Cheng came over toward them.

"Ran Ran, it's so coincidentally."

"Right, Brother Dong Cheng. I didn't expect to meet you. Your friends?"

"I let them to go first." His gaze fell on Tian Mi, he was still so humble and polite: "Ran Ran, this is?"

Su Ran just remembered to introduce them both. She busily said: "Brother Dong Cheng, this is my best friend, Tian Mi. Tian Mi, this is my older male cousin Gu Dong Cheng.

Tian Mi put down her fork and knife, she stood up. She immediately realized her response was too much. She was embarrassed that her face blushed again. She didn't dare to look at him in the eyes, she just nodded quickly: "Hello."

Su Ran noticed something wrong with her, Gu Dong Cheng also noticed it. He just smiled, but didn't say anything. He just said: "Ran Ran, I still have something to do. I will go first…:" He said, then looked at Tian Mi: "Ms Tian, I hope next time we can meet again."

Gu Dong Cheng said then left.

Su Ran finally understood what was it about.

She turned her head to look at Tian Mi. Her face was red, and she purposely used her hands to cover her red face. "What happened to you? Why are your face so hot? Your nose is also red."

"The temperature is hot here." Tian Mi glared at her, then busily lowered her head to drink the soup.

Regarding this question, Song Ting Yu had also ever asked her about it, then Su Ran also gave the same answer as Tian Mi.

Su Ran used her hands to support her cheeks, and watched at Tian Mi: "Brother Dong Cheng is a good one. If you able to marry soon, then you will not force to join the blind date with auntie and uncle right?"

Tian Mi's parent are office-bearer, they retired early. Before they retired, they didn't care about her status as a single woman. However, after they retired, they started to nag their daughter.

During the spring festival, when she went home, she was forced to join the blind date. In those days, Tian Mi called Su Ran to complain.

The time Su Ran said it, Tian Mi almost sprayed out the soup inside her mouth. She glared at Su Ran: "Ran Ran, don't you say some nonsense thing, later on I will sort you out."

Su Ran smiled: "I say the truth. Don't you reluctant to admit it to me. My eyesight is really good."

These two people, clearly they were attracted to each other.

Tian Mi's response was very different, moreover she didn't say anything, yet she was blushing.

As for Gu Dong Cheng, Su Ran was somewhat understand. Although most people felt him to be soft and polite, but actually he is a distant one so many times people felt a kind of estranged feeling.

His last words to Tian Mi, clearly it wasn't his usual type of word. If he was not attracted to Tian Mi, he wouldn't say something like that."

"You are nonsense." Tian Mi groaned, and shifted her gaze awkwardly.

Su Ran knew it was because she felt embarrassed so she didn't mind her anymore. She just called the waiter to settle the bill.

The time Song Ting Yu returned, he looked Su Ran was sitting down on the sofa and doing something so serious. He couldn't see her action clearly, he just noticed a light blue thing.

She even didn't notice his return, she kept on lowering her head.

He unable to control himself to come over, he stood behind the sofa, and her back: "What are you doing?"

He surprised her, she immediately put the thing inside her pajamas' pocket, and looked at him: "It's nothing."

Song Ting Yu saw her all actions, he sat down on the sofa, and extended his hand toward her: "What did you hide before? Take it out let me see."

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