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Open Your Mouth (2)

She took a deep breath for a while, she opened the door.

Inside the office, there was a familiar figure, except Song Ting Yu.

It was Bai Zhi Rui.

This moment Su Ran suddenly realized, no wonder when they looked that she was going up, they so anxious. It turned out because Bai Zhi Rui came here first.

Inside, Song Ting Yu seemed to be leaning on the chair, he was sleeping. Bai Zhi Rui stood in front of him. Su Ran looked over, Bai Zhi Rui was about to extend her hand, she seemed to want to touch his handsome face.

"Ms Bai." Su Ran called her when Bai Zhi Rui about to touch him.

Bai Zhi Rui's hand stiffened by force, she was extremely embarrassed.

Because of her just right voice, Song Ting Yu also woke up. He opened his big eyes, and stood in front of Bai Zhi Rui. He frowned: "Why are you here?"

Of course, he also noticed Su Ran who was standing on the doorway. His face was darken, and looked at Bai Zhi Rui: " Since when do you able to come in? How can nobody tell me? Since when Song company turns to be this careless, how could my office be entered by any stranger?"

Bai Zhi Rui's face paled up: "What are you nervous about? In the past, I also did like this? Since when do I need to report then I can come? I also wouldn't do anything!"

Song Ting Yu also noticed the coat which covered his body. It was his, without a doubt, it was Bai Zhi Rui who covered his body with his coat.

He pulled apart the coat, and put it back to the chair, he pointed at the door: "You can go out first."

"Ting Yu, I come to tell you. I'm better now. Don't you forget your promise before. You said you will pave a load to ensure my success…." Bai Zhi Rui said softly.

"I always remember this matter. You can just say it, contact Tang Zi Chu. This matter I already handed over to him." Song Ting Yu was somewhat nervous, he looked at Su Ran who still on the doorway: "Today I have no time, let's talk next time. You go home first."

"Ting Yu, my timing is too urgent. I bring several business contracts. Couldn't you help me to see it first? It will be very fast…"

Song Ting Yu took over the contract from her hands: "I will look at it. When I'm done, I will contact you. Okay…."

His voice ended suddenly, because he noticed Su Ran was already not there. He left his chair hurriedly, and went outside. There was no Su Ran outside.

"Su Ran!" 

This time Bai Zhi Rui came out of his office, also came over his side. She laughed bitterly for a while: "Now inside your heart, I'm afraid no one could compare to Su Ran, right?"

She said: "But don't you forget the thing you promised me. I throw my feeling away, I couldn't lose my business."

Song Ting Yu nodded.

Bai Zhi Rui turned to the elevator.

Song Ting Yu also didn't want to care about anymore. He took out his phone and dialed Su Ran. He thought she would hang up her phone, but it was connected.

"Where are you? Hear me out, I'm…."

Su Ran's voice was quite calm: "I'm inside your office, come back."

Song Ting Yu came back to the office hurriedly, indeed he noticed Su Ran  was sitting on the sofa. She was lowering her head and opened the thing she bought before. She placed it on the table, and sensed his existence. She took the chopsticks and turned it: "Come here and eat breakfast."

Song Ting Yu came over and sat, his eyes were cold: "Before…"

"I know, you slept…" Su Ran placed the chopsticks on his hand: "Hurry eat."

Song Ting Yu felt he needs to explain it clearly: "I already cut my relationship with Bai Zhi Rui. We break up. Last time after we came back from Huai Hai already told her. She plans to come back out of retirement, she wants me to help her…."

"Em." Su Ran nodded.

Song Ting Yu looked at her eyes: "Su Ran, do you believe me?"

"I believe you." Su Ran nodded without doubt: "If I don't then I would go before."

"But before you really almost go away."

Su Ran shook her head: "I don't want to go. I just received a call. Didn't I come back?"

Listened to her word, Song Ting Yu felt his heart was calming down, he took the chopsticks, but then he just poked the breakfast, then put it down: "I don't have any appetite."

Su Ran examined him for a while: "Wait a second."

She stood up and took her bag. She opened it then took out something, she said: "Open your mouth."

Song Ting Yu stared at it, she passed the thermometer beside his lips.

"What are you doing?"

Su Ran used the temperature to poke his lips: "Hurry, open your mouth. I want to measure your temperature."

Although Song Ting Yu felt unwilling, yet he also opened his mouth. Su Ran placed the temperature inside his mouth: "Close your lips, wait for a while. Don't talk for a while."

Song Ting Yu felt unable to bear it. He spitted it out: "I said this thing couldn't be placed at other place? Do you need to put it inside the mouth?"

"Can." Su Ran shoot a glance at him enthusiastically: "You also could put in the butt, do you want to try?

Song TIng Yu's face immediately turned dark, he kept the thermometer inside his mouth, didn't dare to say anything more.

After some time, Su Ran took it out and looked at it: "You really have a fever."

She extended her hand and placed it on his forehead to feel it out: "Last night did you take a cold shower again?"

"Serve you right. The weather is this cold, why do you always take a cold shower?"

"….." Song Ting Yu sat down, Su Ran stood. This position really too suitable to hug each other.

So he extended his hands to hug her, he sticked his face close to her waist: "Su Ran, because of who did I take a cold shower? You always evoked my fire, then let me to solve it by myself. Do you really want me to hold it to die? If I don't take a cold shower, then what can I do?"

This made Su Ran speechless: "Don't we have a doll before?"

"I rather take a cold shower then touch that thing, to save that next time you would say that I am dirty."

Turns out her words really attacked him that much. Now he always says those words.

In the morning, Su Ran felt something wrong in him. Moreover this morning the time he said something, his voice was very muddled and hoarse.

He usually someone with a good health, never easily caught cold. But the time he got a cold, it would be troublesome.

It supposedly it was because his body was unwell so he slept on the chair, he even realized Bai Zhi Rui.

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