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Open Your Mouth (1)

"This name sounds so beautiful, he must looks handsome. Does Nuo Nuo talk about him the whole day?"

"Right, she is really annoying." Song Wei Xi used his hands to cover his little face.

Su Ran casted a glance to the little guy who sat in the backseat, she was feeling so happy.

Xi He was off today, with her there to look after Song Wei Xi, Su Ran was so relaxed about it. The time she sent Song Wei Xi to Xi Nuo Nuo's house, she met Lu Jing Chen, indeed he is a handsome little boy. He is a year older than Xi Nuo Nuo and Song Wei Xi.

Originally among the kids in the same age, Song Wei Xi is an outstanding boy, but now standing together beside Lu Jing Chen, in a flash he felt defeated.

Xi Nuo Nuo called Lu Jing Chen sweetly, "Brother Jing Chen, Brother Jing Chen."

Su Ran looked at the three kids inside, she said to Xi He: "Sorry to trouble you, later night I will come again to pick Wei Xi home."

"No need to mention it." Xi He smiled: "I will take care of him. Later on, Jing Chen's Mama would come back, I want to bring them to go stroll around, it's alright right?"

"It's alright."

Recently Song Wei Xi was in a good mood, so Su Ran also didn't be too worry.

Leaving He's house, Su Ran went to the dancing studio. The time Tian Mi noticed her, she asked: "How is it? How is it? How is it? Does your Mr Song like my gift? I customized it according to your body proportion, I chose it for a whole night? Do you come here to thank me?"

"Right, I really should thank you…" Su Ran put on a fake smile, she opened her car's trunk: "Return it back to you…."

"What is this…" Tian Mi opened the box, and looked at the thing inside. She screamed, and picked that piece of broken doll: "What is this? Your Mr Song is this brutal? He played this and dismembered the body?"

Because Tian Mi's voice was too loud, people around them turned around to look at them. Su Ran  closed the door hurriedly: "Lower your voice, later on other will think that we do somewhat brutal matter."

"Isn't it true? He even cut it brutally like this!" Tian Mi clicked her tongue, shook her head, and sighed: "It's also not his first time. He just needs to wash it cleanly and reuse it again! Couldn't he use it twice? Why should he cut it?"

Su Ran supported her forehead with one hand: "He didn't use …."

Hearing this, Tian Mi felt more emotional. She stood up from her seat: "Why didn't he use it? I chose it with some efforts, spent a lot of money, I bought the best quality, this breast…." She tore open that pair of that fragment. She looked for a piece inside it, and swayed it in front of Su Ran: "It also 36D! It is as tall as you. It is customized according to your body, what does he want? He dislike it? If not I buy him another one with 36F?"

She said it, and went to the front of the computer, as if she wanted to directly order it. 

Su Ran stopped her and pulled her back: "Don't use any money. He wouldn't use anything you buy."


"Because he said this thing is a kind of cold thing, couldn't communicate…" Of course Su Ran wouldn't say his exact words of "for me, any woman is no difference than a man."

"O… like that." Tian Mi frowned: "Your Mr Song is too picky."

Tian Mi threw the thing inside the box again: "If he doesn't want to use it, then why should he cut it? He could just return it to me so I will get my money back. Really, he is wasting my money, my good intentions."

Su Ran smiled: "Next time I will treat you a dinner. This doll certainly couldn't be returned."

"Okay." Tian Mi shrugged her shoulder. She then pulled Su Ran's arm: "Don't say next time, how about today?"

Su Ran was a bit find things difficult: "Next time okay? Later on I want to go to Song company for a while?" She felt that this morning Song Ting Yu's face was not too good. He didn't even eat his breakfast, so she wanted to come to visit him.

"You want to see Song Ting Yu?"

Su Ran nodded.

Tian Mi pointed at her nose: "Su Ran, oh no Su Ran. Oh no oh no. You get into the trap…"

"Don't talk nonsense." Su Ran didn't want to play boisterously with her: "I will go now, next time I will treat you dinner."

Tian Mi yelled loudly: "Bring my little handsome brother too, okay."


Su Ran waved her hand, and went to her car. She drove her car to Song company.

Since in the past she already visited Song company, and she had appeared during Song's annual party so now every employees basically could recognize her. There was no one stopped her like before.

"Mrs Song, Mr Song is upstair, do you need me to bring you up?"

"No need." Su Ran waved her hands, smiled: "You just do your thing, I can go up by myself."

"Okay." The receptionist said.

The time Su Ran went to elevator, at the back there's a woman immediately went over the reception, and pulled on her sleeve: "How could you let her go up?"

The receptionist was puzzled: "How couldn't she go up? She is the mistress of Song company. She wants to go up, don't tell me as a lowly employee I could stop her?"

The woman beside her frowned: "It's not my meaning, but…"

She lowered her head and said something to the receptionist's ear. The receptionist remembered something, her face was paled: "I forgot about that thing, then what to do now?"

Su Ran just could hear faintly to their conversation, she frowned, and didn't care much about it. She noticed both of them went over to her side, as if they wanted to stop her.

But SU Ran already pressed the button, and in a flash the door was closed. 

Su Ran brought the breakfast that she bought before. She stood inside the elevator.

Actually she really wanted to know, why those women wanted to stop her.

Could it be because there was something Song Ting Yu wants to hide from her?

The time she was still in her wild thinking, the elevator door opened. She went out from the elevator.

Actually she was quite nervous, because she didn't know what would she discovered.

She stood in front of his office's door, she pushed the unlocked door lightly. 

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