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Now it looks like, perhaps I should thank him (2)

But she slowly realized what's the point of asking him?

Su Hao is that kind of man, if not how could he throw Qiao Qing away, then used his sweet-talking way to lure her back, and took her as his mistress.

The sky was already dark outside, Su Ran looked at the man in front of her: "I said regarding what had happened that year I really didn't familiar with the situation, will you believe me?"

"I believe."

Su Ran laughed: "Song Ting Yu, don't you lie to me."

"Do you want me to swear?"

"Don't swear." Su Ran has been hearing Su Hao's swears and promises so many times, but he never really fulfilled it. So she thought the swearing action couldn't be trusted.

She never regards swear as something that important, something is real if someone says it sincerely, why should relied on that impractical swear.

"All along I thought…." Song Ting Yu leaned on his chair, and look at the car roof. He thought for these years, all along he had misunderstood her.

If not because Song Wei Xi's illness, maybe he wouldn't go back. He wouldn't interact with Su Ran for these several months, supposedly all along he would misunderstand her.

If he didn't return this time, maybe they wouldn't have any kind of interaction. In the future, they definitely would get a divorce. After divorce, they would live their own lives.

Song Ting Yu placed his hand on his forehead: "All along I'm quite loathe what did your Pa scheme toward me. But now it looks like, yet I should thank him.


He sat up, and hugged her shoulder. He pulled her to his embrace, his thin lips covered her earlobe: "Because if it wasn't his doing, how could you be my wife? How could you be together with me?"

Su Ran placed her little hand on his heart: "Song Ting Yu, is this your true feeling?"

"Of course." Song Ting Yu raised his brows: "You don't believe me? Do you want me to open it and let you to see."

"Okay, open it." Su Ran loosed her hand, and smiled.

"I feel that you should make something up to me." Song Ting Yu said seriously.

Su Ran frowned: "For what?"

"For not trusting me, you actually thought that I had something with Su Lai. Do I really someone who couldn't control it lust, and not someone who is picky?"

Su Ran restrained her smile, Is Su Lai really that lacking? At the very least, she has a good appearance and body. He unexpectedly could say something like that.

"You also constantly don't believe in me. Who asked you go out together with Su Lai that night, afterwards she used your phone to call mine. How could I know what had happened?" Su Ran said it, that looked at outside. They actually still in the parking area: "Okay, don't say about this matter again. It is not early anymore, let's go home."

Song Ting Yu kissed her lips deeply for a while, then released her. He drove the car back home.

The time Su Ran came out of the bathroom, he noticed Song Ting Yu was sitting down on the bed. She didn't know what was he looking at that he looked so fascinated by it, he even didn't notice her existence.

On his shoulder, there was still towel hanged. Yet his hair still wet, he didn't dry his hair and just sat on the bed.

She came over: "What are you looking at?"

Song Ting Yu just raised his head, and swayed the paper on his hand: "Your pregnancy examination chart."

"Do you understand it?" Su Ran pulled the towel on his shoulder for several times: "Don't look at it anymore, hurry up dry your hair."

Song Ting Yu took the towel, and looked at her: "Su Ran, our daughter is two months, right?"

"Em." Su Ran nodded, and frowned: "How could you know it is a girl? Maybe it is a son."

"I have premonition. The one inside your womb would be a girl. Trust me."

"…." She had just heard that a lot of women have a six-senses, could it be Song Ting Yu also has six-senses?

"Hurry up, dry your hair." Su Ran also didn't want to talk about it anymore with him. Anyway the moment after knowing her pregnancy, he believes firmly that the kid inside her would be a girl. This all things could be known if it reaches four months, it was too early to say it now.

He still didn't move, his eyes was looking at her. "If it is two months, that means it still one month to go…"

At the beginning, Su Ran didn't understand his meaning, but after thinking it over, suddenly she understood. She pulled out his towel, then covered his face with it: "How could you always thing about that…"

Song Ting Yu put down the towel, and frowned: "Then how about me? You also don't dare to help me solve it, do you really want me to restrain it for several years? Don't you scare that mine will break down? That later on you couldn't use it again…."

"Don't you say anymore…" Su Ran's face was getting red.

"What I said is the reality." Song Ting Yu pulled her hand, he massaged her back hand: "Su Ran, if not help me."

"No." Su Ran answered very firmly: "You solve it yourself."

"Help me. Please…" Song Ting Yu asked one more time.

"You dry hour hair then hurry up sleep. Don't think about that thing, okay? Who ask your brain to be full with those thing?" Su Ran drew her hand back, and smiled.

"Isn't it your fault? Even if you stand in front of me and do nothing, do you know that I also could respond?"

Su Ran felt this moment her ear was burning hot: "Then it should be really my fault. So starting tomorrow let's sleep in separate room? You just go sleep at the guest room, so you couldn't see me and you will not have any wild imagination."

"….." Song Ting Yu lied on his back on the bed: "I just sleep here."

Su Ran extended her hand to pull his arm: "Don't sleep, dry your hair first."

"You help me to dry it."

"Sit down first." Su Ran sighed helplessly, she went to take the hairdryer. She plugged it, then stood in front of him to help him.

In between the sound of the hairdryer, she could hear his faint voice: "Su Ran, if you be like this to me, you will regret it…." 

Su Ran naturally knew his meaning, so didn't mind him.

"If you break me down because I need to restrain to long, then you couldn't use it. The one who will regret it, would be you."

Su Ran just kept silent. The man has a short hair, so very quickly it was dry. She bent her waist to unplug it. But the time she was bending her waist, she was hugged by him, and turned to the bed.

He held both her hands up tightly, let her to be unable to move.

"Song Ting Yu, what are you doing."

"Isn't it clear? I miss you."

"You are crazy!" Su Ran glared at him: "Your daughter is just two months."

The moment Su Ran said it, he lowered his head, and immersed himself on her neck: "Why is she grow up so slow? Why does the time move so slow? Why do you need to be pregnant for a long time?"

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