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Can't you just wash me clean (1)

She knew he always thought that her relation with Lin Cheng Huan was complicated that they had been together since the beginning.

Did he feel all along that night which was four years ago, was not her first time? Did he thought she was a unscrupulously woman?

For marrying into Song family, she wouldn't hesitate to use her virginity to cheat?

If he wanted to talk that okay, but he needed to wait until both of them were calmed down. Because if they didn't calm down, it would be so easy that the chat will create some disputes, she really didn't want to fight anymore with him.

"If you don't go out, then I will wait for you here. Wait until you come out."

"Whatever, up to you." Su Ran let go the intercom's button, but didn't really hang it up, so that way Song Ting Yu wouldn't able to call again.

She went back again to the dining room, she took the bowl and chopsticks to eat.

Tian Mi looked at her, then looked at the dark sky outside. It was already dark.

She was really curious of whether Song Ting Yu would do what he said that he would keep on waiting of Su Ran outside.

They ate silently.

After washing the dishes, Tian Mi went to window inside the dining room to peek outside for a while, indeed that tall figure was still there.

Precisely, he had been standing there for almost two hours.

She took out his phone, then dialed Song Ting Yu's number: "Mr Song, you just go back first."

"I will wait until Su Ran comes out."

Tian Mi was panting with rage and said: "What do you want to do? If you really care about her, then why you always do something that is hurtful to her? Why couldn't you treat her well? Now what do you want by standing outside? You want Ran Ran to feel her heart hurt for you?"

DIdn't wait until she finished her words, he hung up the phone.

Tian Mi pointed her finger: "Okay, Song Ting Yu. You actually dare to hang up my phone. Now don't you should win favor by fawning over me? If you win a favor with me, I will let you come in. You actually dare to hang up my phone. Okay, I will not mind about you!"

She said it, then placed the phone inside her pocket, then went upstairs.

She opened the bedroom's door, she noticed Su Ran was standing in front of the window. She was looking out for the scene outside.

So, she was looking at Song Ting Yu?

Tian Mi didn't come over, she entered the bathroom. The time she was out, she looked that Su Ran was sitting on the sofa and watching a move. Really didn't know what was she thinking now, it was clear that she was absent-minded because now she was watching a finance and economic channel, she never has interest to watch that kind of video. So Tian Mi could know clearly even though Su Ran's both eyes were fixed on the television, but in reality she didn't watch the TV, really didn't know where her heart was.

Tian Mi wiped her hair, and looked the window: "Ran Ran, he is still here."

Su Ran's back stiffen, but didn't move, also didn't say anything.

Tian Mi finished blowing her hair, then it was almost sleeping time. She turned off the light, and the room was darken immediately.

On the dark, Tian Mi used her hand to touch Su Ran's arm: "Ran Ran, it looks like it is snowing outside…"

At first, Su Ran didn't do anything, but when Tian Mi was about to turn her body over, she felt beside her there was sudden intense movement for a while.

Su Ran already pulled open the blanket and directly stood up.

She didn't even wear her shoes, just hurriedly went down stairs. She opened the door, but there was no one outside.

Song Ting Yu is gone…..

When she was about to get inside, there was someone hugged her from the back.

Possibly because he was standing outside for a long time, when he hugged her, it brought a chillness, she couldn't help but to shiver for a while.

Song Ting Yu didn't know how could he pull her to the house. Immediately after closing the door, with his cold lips, he kissed her ruthlessly.

Su Ran didn't respond, but she just felt a numbness in her lips. She used her hand to stop him: "You let me go, I almost couldn't breath…."

Song Ting Yu didn't believe her, he just pressed her to the door and kissed her for a long time. She felt that her lips was not hers anymore. He just gradually loosen his grip of her, but he didn't leave her lips. He said: "Su Ran, you are the woman who loves to torture man…."

His breath was also not steady, somewhat gasping, it was clear that he was really in intense mood before.

Su Ran finally had the power to push him away, she went to the kitchen and poured a hot water. Then she subconsciously looked at Tian Mi, who was standing on the head of a flight of stairs.

She also knew how long had she been standing there. When her gaze met Su Ran's gaze, she just waved her hand, and smiled. Then she immediately went inside her room.

Su Ran was blushing for a while, then went over to give a glass of hot water to him: "Drink this one first."

He had been standing outside for several hours, his body should be cold. If he was not in healthy condition, it was possibly now he could be fainted. Really didn't know where this man could get this stubborn temper. Unexpectedly would standing outside for that long. She thought that he would leave quickly after some time.

Usually Song Ting Yu's both hands, no matter the air was cold, yet it always be a warm one. But before even if he touched her through her pajamas, she could feel his coldness.

Song Ting Yu placed the cup on both of his hand, and followed her to the living room. She turned her head to see him: "You wait for me for a while."

Song Ting Yu drank a bit hot water, he felt gradually better. When he was outside, there was a moment that he felt he was about to freeze.

Even thought he wore a overcoat, but standing outside at below zero temperature for along time, no matter how healthy he was, he also unable to endure it.

That time he was thinking whether Su Ran would come out and see him if he fainted?

Fortunately, he could bear it, and Su Ran also couldn't bear to look at how pitiful he was that she opened the door and come out.

So, she cares about him right?

He drank the water, then he raised his head to look ahead. He noticed Su Ran was busy in the kitchen. She locked the kitchen door so he couldn't get in, so he just could look from outside.

After a moment, she brought out a bowl and a chopsticks. From a far, he could smell a fragrant meal. He didn't feel hungry before, but after smelling it, immediately he felt really hungry.

Su Ran put the dishes in front of him: "Cooking a fresh meal will take too much time. I just took the remaining rice, added the egg, and stir-fry it for a while. You just eat it."

Song Ting Yu took the bowl, and ate it.

Su Ran took a empty glass then stood up, he hurriedly grasped her hand: "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to pour you another glass of water." Su Ran was swaying the glasses, pushed away his him and went inside the kitchen to pour some water.

After then she put the glasses down in front of him. She then went to sit down on the sofa, took the TV remote to open the TV, and lowered the down the volume.

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