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Su Ran, Wake Up Wake Up

"He is busy."

"I know that he is busy, but today is my birthday, are you forget? I have already picked We Xi up to go my house, later on you and Ting Yu come here."

Su Hao finished his sentence, didn't wait for Su Ran's reply, he directly hanged up.

She didn't expected for let her to bring home Song Ting Yu, he will suddenly pick up Song Wei Xi to his house. Su Ran pursed her lips, prepared things to leave.

Tian Mi heard about their father and daughter's conversation, pulled her to stop: "Where are you going now?"

Su Ran arranged her shawl, with light voice said: "I will look for Song Ting Yu, let him to accompany to go home for a while."

Tian Mi frowned: "Will Song Ting Yu agree to go home with you?"

They all know, Song Ting Yu simply didn't like of Su Ran. In his eyes, she was just like Su Hao, so how can he willing to go with her to Su Family's house.

"I can't control that much, let me just ask him then."

Leaving the coffee shop, on her way to Song Ting Yu's place, she thought throughly how to convince that man to go home with her.

Before she had tried to call her, but no one answered it. Therefore, her only way was to go to Song's company, went there to try one's luck.

Although Su Ran has married into Song family for four years, however, she never went to the public. When it was their wedding, thanks to Song Family's intervene, there was no any photo of her in the media.

And before then, she also was only Su Family's mistress daughter, her mother basically was kept by Su Hao, and she married to Su family after the Su Hao's legal wife passed away.

The year she carried Song Ting Yu, married into Song Family, it made a sensation in the whole An City. Everyone said that her trick was excellent, and for achieving purpose she was willing to do anything, so she can be a phoenix.

But these four years, Su Ran was very low-keyed, even she never stepped on Song's company, therefore no one in the company knew her.

When she arrived at the Song company, the receptionist doubted her. For being able to meet with Song Ting Yu, she could only tell her identity.

That moment, she could see clearly the surprise expression of the receptionist.

Cannot blame them, because she wore a simple plain clothes, light tan coat, a black pencil skirt and boots, her hair was also styled in ponytail, probably her way of dressing was really different from what a high class and rich lady should dress.

Because of her identity, Su Ran was hurriedly being taken to the Song Ting Yu's office. From his secretary, she knew that Song Ting Yu was in a meeting, no wonder he didn't accept the call.

Su Ran sat down on the sofa, looked at her watch, had no choice but to wait him until the meeting was finished.

After Song Wei Xi was sick, Su Ran's whole thought was focused on him. She frequently took care of him, that at nigh she was unable to sleep. Now, she sat on the sofa, she originally had a bit of sleepiness, so while waited, she was fallen asleep.

When Song Ting Yu finished his meeting, from his secretary, he knew about Su Ran's coming to the company to look for him.

He disgustedly frowned, turned his body and went toward his office room.

When he pushed the door, he looked at Su Ran who was leaning on the sofa and asleep. He went to the front of her, intentionally threw the material on his hand to the coffee table.

This action, sent out a loud voice.

Song Ting Yu thought that loud voice will wake Su Ran up, but it didn't, she still closed her eyes, and stayed there silently.

"Su Ran, wake up." He called her but still she didn't respond.

Song Ting Yu used his long finger and touched his eyebrows. He wanted to use his hand to pat her cheek, but Su Ran's hand unconsciously moved to undo her shawl. That made Song Ting Yu could see the purple kiss mark.

Song Ting Yu stayed rigid on the ground, in his mind, it appeared a scene.

It was a scene where last night Su Ran laid down under his body.

At first, Song Ting Yu punitive interest when he touched her, but at last, he lost control.

He never thought, that toward Su Ran, he could lose control.

It's very ridiculous.

Aware that he was having a wild imagination, hurriedly he cut off the image in his mind. He stretched his hand and pat Su Ran's cheek, the smoothness and delicate cheek made him startled.

Once again, he observed Su ran, Su Ran was placed one of her hand on the edge of the sofa to prop up her head. She has a delicate long eyelashes, her nose was small and nimble but pointy, her small was bright red.

That moment, Song Ting Yu thought of some fresh cherries.

He couldn't help but admit, Su Ran was a beautiful woman/

But he also thought that she beautifully sneaky woman, because for achieving her purpose, she can do anything.

Thinking of the matter 4 years ago, Song Ting Yu's face turned cold, and he clutched Su Ran's chin with quite strength.

Su Ran was woken by it, finally she opened her eyes.

Her just woke expression looked panic-stricken, her long lashes blinked for a few time, her mouth slightly open, thee was a somewhat enticement shown.

Song Ting Yu silently cursed, his thumb and forefinger pinched a bit her lower jaw: "Even in your dream, you don't forget to seduce people, Su Ran, you are indeed hard to change your own nature."

Su Ran was completely conscious, in regards to Song Ting Yu cold tone, she still couldn't completely disregarded it, so her face turned pale.

But she conveniently took care of her self, stretched out her hand and waved away his hand. She hurriedly tied her shawl tightly.

Song Ting Yu sneered coldly, and sat down again: "What's the problem that make you come here?"

"My father knew that you have returned, he wanted to treat you a dinner at Su Family's house."

Song Ting Yu who was in the process of turning a page of his file and heard about it, he laughed coldly: "I don't have time to deal with insignificant people."

His tone was full of hatred, of course, Su Ran could hear it clearly, she pursed her lip, she knew already he will not easily compel to her request.

But she was really understood Su Hao, if tonight she didn't bring Song Ting Yu home, he will surely will not let the matter drop.

"My father doesn't any wish, he just really want to treat you a dinner, Song Ting Yu, can you please look at my face and accept it?"

"Your face?" Song Ting Yu sounded like he was hearing somewhat big joke: "What face do you have in front of me?"

Su Ran's face completely changed, it was true. In front of him, what kind of dignity she had? In his eyes, she was just a shameless woman.

"He already picked up Wei Xi to go…"

Song Ting Yu finally put down the file, looked at her: "You really want me to go?"

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