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Will Your Heart Feel Hurt ? (2)

"Grandma doesn't mean that way. Ran Ran, tonight you just sleep at Tian Mi's house.

Su Ran was startled for a while: "Grandma…."

"How could I not let him suffer a bit? Today you just sleep there. Don't worry, Wei Xi would be well taken care of, don't you worry." Madame Song smiled and said it.

So actually Madame Song was having some ideas, Su Ran still wanted to say something, but she already hung up the phone.

This time Tian Mi went out from the room, she already sorted herself out. She sat down and immediately started to eat. She noticed Su Ran was lost in her thought, she asked: "What happened? Who's calling before?"


"What did she say? She told you to go home?"

"No…" Su Ran shook her head: "She let me to not go home today, sleep here with you today, she also said that Wei Xi would be taken care of."

"Hey~, I really like this grandma, supposedly she planned to let Song Ting Yu worry."

Su Ran didn't really care whether Song Ting Yu would mind or worry about her, this time she only thought that she didn't want to stay in the same place as him.

Being in Tian Mi's place, let her to be relax.

"Tonight just stay and sleep here, don't mind him…." She just finished her words, then suddenly her phone rang, it was a stranger's number.

Tian Mi looked at it and noticed it was local area number, so she answered it: "Hello."

"Ms Tian, I'm Song Ting Yu…."

Tian Mi almost spouted out the noodle inside her mouth, she exerted all her strength to swallow it all. She coughed slightly and said: "Excuse me, may I ask Mr Song? What's the problem?"

"Is Su Ran at your place?"

"So it turns out Mr Song calls me to look for your wife? But if you don't know where are your wife, then who could I know then?"

"Ms Tian, I just need you to tell me if Su Ran is there or not."

"No!" Tian Mi laughed coldly: "Song Ting Yu, let me tell you. Don't you think to bully Ran Ran, I will not let you go."

She said it then hung up the phone. Yet she didn't turn it off. She thought if Song Ting Yu caled again, she could scold him once more.

She thought it was a good opportunity as this little mister usually was praised by others, when is the time she could scold him if not this time? How could she let go of this opportunity.

She noticed then Su Ran was looking at her. She shook her phone on her hand: "It was Song Ting Yu, he seems to be worry."

Su Ran lowered her head, didn't say anything.

"Oh right, later let us stroll around the market. I don't have any food inside the fridge, I want to buy some. At night you could cook for me." Tian Mi finished the noodle, and smiled. Su Ran's cooking skill is really good, she really likes everything she cooked.


Song Ting Yu put down his phone, he used his hand to massage his temple, of course he didn't believe of Tian Mi's word.

If she really wasn't there, how could Tian Mi say some angry words to him? She definitely will feel worry too.

He threw the phone, then drove the car. He knew if he called Tian Mi again, she would say the same things. So he drove the dance studio where she was working.

The people there unexpectedly also didn't know exactly where she lived.

He also unable to go from one area to one little area.

So the time he left the dancing studio, he called Tang Zi Chu to let him look for Tian Mi's address.

The time Tian Mi cut her third tomato, she was hurt. Su Ran took the tomato from her hand and said: "You just go out and take care of injury. Don't you get in again, I don't want you to cut your hands anymore, let me do it."

"How could I be so idiot."

She wrapped her injury, then heard a bell. She went to open the door, but before then she went to see first through the peephole. She was startled the time she noticed the person who was pressing the bell. She thought she was wrong, she also didn't mind the bell again, immediately ran to the kitchen: "Ran Ran, don't know how Song Ting Yu come to look for you here. He is coming, he is outside."

Su Ran was also startled, yet she knew it was not difficult for Song Ting Yu to look for someone's address.

She just didn't expect him to come.

"What should we do?"

Su Ran paused her movement: "You just tell him that I'm here, then let him go home."

Tian Mi nodded, she ran over the door. She pressed the doorbell's intercom: "Mr Song, why are you here?"

"Ms Tian, is Su Ran inside?"

"What is the difference whether she is here or not? Mr Song, it's better for you to go home, don't you be here anymoe."

"Ms Tian, let me talk with Ran Ran." Song Ting Yu's voice was cold.

"Ran Ran let me to tell you to go home. When it's time, she naturally will go home. Since you know that she is okay, then just let her to be here to calm her heart.

"You tell Su Ran. If she doesn't come out, I will be just right here, waiting until she is out."

Tian Mi was startled, but she still cut down the intercom.

Su Ran was already finished preparing the dishes, and she placed it all on the table.

"Tian Mi, come over and eat." She undid her apron, and sat down.

"Song Ting Yu said that if you don't come out, he said that he would wait outside." Tian Mi took the chopsticks: "He is performing a heartbreaking drama, Ran Ran, will your heart feel hurt?"

Su Ran didn't say anything, yet she left the dining room. She went to door side. When the doorbell rang again, she pressed the intercom: "Song Ting Yu, you go back."

"Su Ran, you come out…." Song Ting Yu's voice was somewhat hoarse: "Let us talk."

"We don't have anything to talk, wait until everyone is calmed down then we will talk. You go back first, now I don't want to see you…."

Su Ran now still remembered his words this morning, the one he didn't finish

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