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Will Your Heart Feel Hurt? (1)

Madame Song knew there was something wrong between them, they went out together this morning, yet now he just went back alone. She frowned and said: "Ran Ran?"

"She still has something to do…." He also didn't say too much, he took his car key and left. Then he remembered something then turned his body: "If Su Ran is back, grandma, you give me a call."

"What troubles are you making right now?" Madame Song said with her stern voice.

Song Ting Yu didn't answer, he turned his body and left the house.

Madame Song looked at his back figure, sighed helplessly. She said: "Don't know when this kid would fully understand his own feeling."

"Don't worry, Madame. Mister will understand it sooner or later." The butler said with respect and cautious.

"I wish." Madam Song said, then sighed again: "Although it is the young people's matter so we as an elder couldn't meddle it, yet look at how is Ting Yu, I really worried."

Su Ran took a subway for hide from Song Ting Yu, she just got in any train without knowing clearly where it leads.

Yet after sitting down for a journey, her mood gradually calmed down. Then she looked down to the map, once more chose which subway should she take.

When she about to buy a ticket once more, she remembered that time she went out of the car hurriedly that she didn't bring her wallet. Before when she entered the subway she just took a few yuan that was on her pocket.

Now she really didn't have any money to buy another ticket.

Luckily, her phone was on her pocket. So she took it out, switched it on. When it turned on, she could see a lot of missed call from Song Ting Yu.

Su Ran didn't mind about it, she dialed Tian Mi's number.

Tian Mi lived near the subway station, Su Ran also originally wanted to see her.

Tian Mi seldom got a rest but today she asked for a leave, the moment she answered Su Ran's phone, she still on the bed. When she got her call, she immediately sat up then said: "You just wait for a moment, I will go over now."

Tian Mi is a kind of woman that should dressed up or have make up on when she goes out, yet now as Su Ran was waiting for her now, she naturally couldn't spend time to do make up or dress up, so she just took a coat then tidied her hair. She didn't even brush her teeth and wash her face, she just used a mask, changed her shoes then took her car key.

She used her fastest speed to run there. Then she noticed Su Ran, who buried her little face on her shawl, lowered her head and looked at the ground.

"Ran Ran." Tian Mi gasped for breath

"Let's go."

Tian Mi then held Su Ran's arm: "How could you have free time today, is it because you know that I'm free today, so today you come to see me? But why don't you take our little handsome brother to come together?"

She said it and immediately felt something wrong with her, she turned eyes to see her: "What happened to you? Is something happen?"

Su Ran's eyes were red. Indeed something was wrong.

"Didn't you go to have the prenatal examination today?" She lowered her head and looked at her belly, then hurriedly asked: "Is the kid okay?"

Su Ran released a deep breath, shook her head: "It's okay, she is good."

"Then why do you…." Tian Mi frowned: "You got a fight with Song Ting Yu?"

"We got into the fight before in the hospital for a while." Su Ran hooked her arm with Tian Mi's, then they walked slowly.

Tian Mi didn't believe her, so she took off her mask, then looked at her: "Are you sure it is only a fight for a while?"

Because she was crying for a long time before, her voice was somewhat hoarse: "Then do you think how could we be? We use our fist to fight?"

"…." Tian Mi was silent then said: "Don't mind about him, let's go back to my place to have some tea. When you have a better mood then you could go home. If not you could just stay for a night at my place, Madame Song wouldn't mind about it. If you feel worry about Wei Xi, we could also pick him up."

Song family is a wealthy and powerful family, naturally they would have a lot of family rules. Su Ran couldn't do as she pleased, she just comes from an ordinary family. She thought when it was all done, then it will be better for her.

Going back to Tian Mi's family, Su Ran noticed at how messy her room was. She laughed helplessly. Tian Mi is always like this she always dresses up fashionably and beautiful, but toward her own family, she is always careless.

Tian Mi took off her mask then thew it to the sofa, she smiled and said: "Recently my laziness is flaring up, so this room just…" She said then took the coat on the sofa and threw it to the ground, to make some space for sit: "Come, sit down."

Su Ran didn't go over to sit, by looking at her condition, she just knew: "You haven't eat right?"

"Ran Ran, you really understand me well. The time you call, I was just sleep lazily on my bed"

"Then you go to wash your face and brush your teeth. Then come out to eat breakfast." Su Ran shook her head. Originally she came here to talk to her, but now it looked like there was no time for this.

"Ran Ran, you are the best!" Tian Mi ran over and kissed Su Ran's face once, then hurriedly entered the room.

"Inside the refrigerator should be eggs and a few veggies, you just make simple noodle for me."

Su Ran went over the kitchen and open the fridge. The food inside it was not fresh anymore.

She knew there was a little supermarket nearby, so she took the opportunity that Tian Mi still inside the bathroom, to go there for buy things to make some noodle. When she finished making the meal, Tian Mi also hadn't come out.

After a while, her phone rang, it was Madame Song. "Ran Ran, where are you now?"

"Grandma, I'm at Tian Mi's house." Su Ran sat down on the chair on dining room.

"Are you in fight again with Ting Yu?"

Everyone would ask her the same question, she felt a bit helpless, she also didn't answer directly: "Grandma, I will back soon."

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