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Enough Kisses (1)

The phone was ringing after a period of time, finally it was connected, yet there was no sound from the other side. Finally unexpectedly, the phone was hung up.

The moment he tried to call again, it was turned off.

"Su Ran, indeed in your heart, there is no me."

Song Ting Yu's eyes turned dark, he threw his phone down to the sofa. He suddenly raised up then scattered the bottles bottle on the table to the ground.

Luckily the sound-proof the room is good, if not the people outside could hear it.

Su Ran not only hung up his call, moreover, for not answering his call, she unexpectedly turned off.

This several days his mind was full of that woman's figure, smile expression, expression, her voice, but turned out she didn't regard him as anything important, to the extend she didn't willing to listen to his voice.

Song Ting Yu really felt himself to be ridiculous.

The time he called the waitress to settle the bill, the waiter noticed the condition of the room and surprised. What was happening before in this room? How could it turn out to be like this?

Song Ting Yu took out the card: "No matter how much the compensation, all counted and charged it this card."

Then he left the entertainment club, naturally, he also didn't return home to Song house. He went to Song company. Song company has a whole tall building, the most top one, except his office room, there is also his common resting room. These days he always slept there.

The next day Su Ran woke up quite early, because today is the first time to do prenatal examination.

Last night she really didn't want to hear again to Su Lai's voice so she hung up the phone, and also turned it off.

She thought without hearing Su Lai's voice, she should have a quite good sleep. Yet she thought it wrong, she still didn't have any sleepiness, all through night she was tossing and turning. It was until early in the morning that she just slept.

Most recently she didn't have a good sleep, she knew that this couldn't continue for long, because she must take care of her body well so she could give birth to a healthy kid.

But the time she remembered, Song Ting Yu's matter, it gave her a great influence.

She felt herself to be useless.

She turned on her phone, there was a missed called, it was Song Ting Yu's number. She looked at it then put it down. Then, she went to the bathroom

The time she went out, she noticed the man didn't return home last night, Song Ting Yu.

She startled for a while.

His face was not really look good, like he didn't have a good sleep last night. He was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday

Looking at her return, he stood up from the bed, didn't say anything then he entered the bathroom to take a shower.

Su Ran just stood there for a while, she endured the peculiar feeling inside her heart. She turned her body then went downstairs.

She ate her breakfast then planned to go to hospital. Grandma stopped her: "Why don't you wait for Song Ting Yu? He will accompany you to go to hospital.

During her words, Song Ting Yu already went downstairs. He already changed his clothes, he took his car key. Without having any breakfast, he passed by her and said: "Let's g."

So, he especially went home to send her to the hospital?

He remembered?

Looking at how Su Ran still stood there motionless, grandma patted her shoulder: "Ran Ran, what happened? Why are you not going?"

Su Ran nodded, then changed her shoes. Song Ting Yu already took his car and stopped in the doorway.

She got on the car, then he started to move the car.

For avoiding any awkwardness, Su Ran sat on the backseat.

On the way, none of them were talking until they were in hospital. Because Su Ran had made appointment so they don't need to wait for a long time. She directly entered the examination room, while Song Ting Yu waited outside.

The doctor did some checks, she used the instrument and placed it on her belly. She raised to she the window: "Why Mr Song didn't come inside with you."

"He has a little matter." Su Ran explained simply.

"I see he look a bit worry." The doctor shook her head and smiled.

Yet Su Ran looked outside, indeed Song Ting Yu stood in the corridor, he was walking around. The doctor followed her gaze and said: "Do you want to call him inside?"

"No need." Su Ran didn't want to face him, so she shook her head.

The examination took for a quite some time, the time the result was out, they both entered the doctor's office. The kid inside her womb is growing healthily.

The doctor also used some time to instruct them the important matter to pay attention.

Then they left.

As before during the whole way they didn't communicate. Song Ting Yu walked in front of her, while Su Ran followed him from the back. She looked the examination result, because she had given birth before to Wei Xi, so she quite understood well the result. Although the doctor said that the baby is healthy, yet she still wanted to look.

Suddenly, her body was pulled. Immediately bumped into a warm embrace, Song Ting Yu used his hand to protect her from a group of passing doctors.

Song Ting Yu was somewhat mad: "Su Ran, can't you see the road? Why don't you look while you are walking?"

Su Ran was startled, yet she knew that indeed she is wrong. She just care about the result, and didn't care about the path she walked. If she was bumped into someone then there maybe an accident happen so she could understand his mad words.

She raised her head: "Sorry."

This could be regarded as their first interaction after their fight.

Song Ting Yu's face apparently didn't calm down, instead with moe coldness: "Su Ran, you always be like this."

Su Rann frowned: "Song Ting Yu, are you crazy?"

She said it then turned her body to leave. She walked fast, didn't want to stay together with that man, at least for now.

Yet Song Ting Yu walked faster than her. Without saying anything he grasped her hand.

She was mad, and wanted to shake off his hand: "Let go!"

Song Ting Yu didn't want to hear her, he dragged her to move forward. Inside the hospital was really crowded. Su Ran didn't want to be the focus point of people there. For avoiding their eyes to see her strangely, she didn't do anything again, she just let him to drag her. They went toward the elevator door. When the door was opened, Song Ting Yu took her inside

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