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The Reality is so Absurd (1)

This moment Song Ting Yu's face was really cold, Su Ran also didn't fear about it, she raised her head faced his eyes.

She thought he would do something else, yet finally he turned his body and left the room.

The room's door was opened by him forcefully, and immediately closed it with his utmost power.

Su Ran's shoulder was relaxed after hearing the closing door, she was quite in tears, she took the pillow and covered her eyes.

Being together with Song Ting Yu would always make her feel tired.

She also didn't know why this always happen.

This night, Song Ting Yu didn't return back to the room, Su Ran also didn't know his whereabout, whether he was at home or went out to that Bai Zhi Rui for staying for the night.

This morning she woke up early, because it was the funeral of Lin Cheng Huan's grandmother, the funeral ceremony would be held on nine o'clock, so she wanted to be there earlier.

Because of her illness, and moreover her last night insufficient rest, her face looked not really good. She wore a white shirt, black skirt, black shoes and black shoes to go out.

When she went to the garage to take her car, she noticed the existence of Song Ting Yu's car, then she just knew that he didn't leave, maybe he slept in his study room.

After the funeral ceremony was done, Tian Mi took Su Ran back to the dancing studio because she knew that Su Ran's mood was not really good, she thought it was better to stroll around outside for a while.

It's been already a long time for Su Ran not going there, she also a bit missing that place, but because this recent her healthy was not really in good condition, so she didn't have time to visit.

Now she was pregnant, so she couldn't like in the past that every time she is feeling down, he would dance to her heart's content, so luckily when she looked at others' people dancing, she also felt happy.

There are new employees joined their dancing studio, they have heard how well Su Ran dance. From the earlier start they wanted to look for opportunity to see it with their own eyes, yet she never appeared at the studio. Now finally she came, they naturally wanted to have a chance too see her dance, so they gathered around her, and asked her to dance for awhile.

Su Ran didn't dare to make a careless decision that will affect her children, so she waved her hands: "No, I'm pregnant so this temporary time, I couldn't dance."

The girls were congratulating her, yet their faces showed a disappointment expression, Su Ran couldn't help to not notice it, so she said: "If not you guys all can dance, I could see on the side, then give you guys some advices."

"Okay okay."

Now there was no other way, just able to do this, but this act could make this group of girls happy.

When Su Ran was watching fascinatingly, her phone rang. She took her phone out, and looked at the screen. It was a call from Qiao Qing.

"Ma, what happened?"

"It's nothing. Ran Ran, it's been a long time for you not to be back home to have some dinner. How about tonight you come and have one. Bring Song Wei Xi home too." Qiao Qing said.

Su Ran clutched the phone, and was silent for a moment: "It is him who ask you to call me right?What does he want this time?"

"Don't say "he"…." Qiao Qing criticized: "No matter how he is your father…."

"My Papa? Except give me a life, when has he ever bare his responsibility as a father?" Su Ran said coldly.

"Ran Ran, don't you be like this. This time Papa is just purely asking you to go home and have dinner. Mama also has been long time not see you and together with you. Go home okay? Just regard is go home to see me. Qiao Qing's voice brought some appeal and caution.

"Later on I will be back…." Qiao Qing was Su Ran's weak spot. Su Hao also knew about this well, so he always firmly holds her hands so he would not afraid that Su Ran would not obey him.

Su Ran knew about Su Hao's despicable mind, he never really thought sincerely for Qiao Qing, if she was a pion, then what would Qiao Qing be?

"Then you remember to bring Wei Xi home…."

"No, I will back alone." Every time going to Su house there would always some problems occur, Su Ran didn't want Song Wei Xi increased his knowledge about this matter. Last time he saw Qiao Qing hit her, and until know he wasn't relief rom it.


"Ma, if you say anything more, perhaps I would not go back too."

"Okay okay okay, I will not say it anymore. The temper of yours really don't know who do you inherited from. I wouldn't say more, but you need to go home, I cook your most favorite food."

Su Ran hung up the phone, and called to Song house, soon afterwards she stayed in the studio concentratedly.

Leaving from dancing studio, she drove her car to Su house.

The time she arrived there, Qiao Qing still in the kitchen, and said busily: "Ran Ran, you go up first and accompany your Papa to chat for a while, the dinner would be ready soon."

Su Ran naturally would not go up and chat with Su Hao, she just went upstairs to her own room. She hadn't sit, suddenly she heard a knock. She stood up and opened the door, she saw it was Su Hao outside.

She laughed in her heart for a while, indeed he had some intention. She didn't look for him, he would also not release her.

"Pa, what's wrong?"

"Let me go in and we will talk." Su Hao passed by Su Ran and entered her bedroom. He sat down on the sofa: "Ran Ran, you also sit."

He pointed at the sofa on the opposite of him.

Su Ran didn't say anything, she just sat down, and looked at him: "Just said it."

Su Hao coughed, and his gaze fell on her belly: "Ran Ran, I heard you are pregnant, is that right?"

"Yes, so did you ask me to come to congratulate me?"

"Of course, Papa of course is happy because you are pregnant. No matter how your kid inside your womb would also be my grandkid, right? Moreover, this kid could save the life of Song Wei Xi. I'm really happy." Su Hao laughed in insincerity.

SU Ran of course knew that he didn't care about the kid inside his womb, also not really care about Song Wei Xi.

"Then okay, I have received your good intention. If there is nothing else, can you go out? I want to sleep for a while."

"Why do you want to sleep, it almost time to have dinner. Moreover, Ran Ran, Papa just wants to chat with you. You are impatient, that you want to kick me out?"

"You really want to have a chat with me?" Su Ran looked at him, and smiled mockingly: "If you have something to say, just say it directly. Don't speak in a roundabout way, this thing I don't really used to it.

Every time he was being talked like that by Su Ran, he could just bear it, who asked him to have some requests to her.

"How is your relation recently with Song Ting Yu?" Su Hao finally turned the topic of that matter.

"Quite good…"

"But I heard that you and him from earlier had agreement that if Wei Xi's healthy then you will get a divorce, is that right?"

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