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Are you certain that it's not a desire to possess (2)

"So… Ran Ran….." Madame Song patted the back of Su Ran's hand, "You want to think about ti carefully…."

Su Ran just regained her spirit: "Grandma, I will…."

Su Ran's mood was not really good, during the dinner she just ate a little bit, then went to sleep early. It apparently Song Ting Yu didn't go back to eat, and until she asleep, he hadn't back yet.

The time she slept in daze, she heard a sound inside the room, she opened her eyes with difficulty, then saw the coldness in Song Ting Yu's eyes.

He was standing on the bedside, and bent his waist to see her.

They were in close distance, his breath fell on his face, possibly didn't expect her to awake suddenly, so this moment his face look a bit unnatural.

"You came back." Su Ran turned her body, because didn't use to how he is looking at her, so with her back faced him: "Oh right, last night, thank you that you went and searched for me…."

"Thank you…" Song Ting Yu's voice a bit teasing: "This word is so courteous…"

"If I didn't look for you, don't you also will be okay? How could Lin Cheng Huan let you in the trouble?"

Su Ran heard how he involved Lin Cheng Huan again, she frowned, and didn't plan to mind him. She remembered her call this afternoon with Tian Mi that he was in collision wih Lin Cheng Huan on the mountain.

Her ignorance attitude let Song Ting Yu's anger inside his heart to be deeper, he grasped her shoulder and turned her body over facing him. Su Ran struggled with his hand, yet she noticed the bruise in the corner of his eyes, she startled for a while: "Yesterday night you got into physical fight with Lin Cheng Huan?"

She knew about the tension between them, yet in the past, they both just have a fight verbally or had some disagreement about something, but how could they got into the physical fight?

"Did you start the fight because I looked for him?" Su Ran asked: "Lin Cheng Huan's grandmother passed away, I just went over to help to search for him. His grandmother is gone, I also feel very sad. She also always very good to me, I just want to go to comfort him, accompany him. Song Ting Yu why you always be misunderstand? And need to make trouble without reason?"

Su Ran didn't know why she explain that long for him. She actually didn't necessary to care about his thought, because according to their agreement, each one of them couldn't meddle with each other private business.

"Why, are you having a heartache because Lin Cheng Huan? You scared that I will hurt him?" Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes and smiled coldly: "Right, in your heart. Ling Cheng Huan is really important. When he has problem, how could you not worry? So you didn't say anything and just search for him. But when you ran outside, did you think of your kid inside your womb? Last night you had a high fever, if it was not getting lower, then what would happen to the kid? How about Wei Xi?"

Su Ran massaged her temple: "I don't want to fight with you. I didn't take care of myself that I am sick, it was my mistake. I'm also thankful because you were worried and looked for me. But Song Ting Yu, you don't need to meddle around my matters. Whatever I want to do, I don't need you to mind…."

She didn't finish her sentence, Song Ting Yu had cut her off. He said: "What a no need you to mind, what a no need you to meddle. Su Ran, you really have an enough capability. You always say to me you and Lin Cheng Huan is in pure relationship, why couldn't I see it?"

"Then because you are to narrow-minded! You are thinking everyone is like you."

"In your heart, Lin Cheng Huan is just so ideal man, a man with gentleness and manner? And me, just narrow-minded?" Song Ting Yu's hand clutched her chin: "If Lin Cheng Huan is like what your thought is, then you tell me, why did he kiss you?"

Su Ran was startled, her mind was full of his words……

Lin Cheng Huan kissed her?

When was it? Why didn't she have any impression?

This time she recalled her phone again with Tian Mi, her unwillingness to speak freely, could it be because of this….

"I don't know…."

"Of course you don't know." Song Ting Yu said: "Because he took the opportunity when you were sleeping, secretly kissed you. How could that ideal man inside your heart, able to do something like this?"

Su Ran used her both palms to support her forehead, covered her eyes, and after a long time moved away her hands. She said: "Song Ting Yu, how about we go back to ourselves in the past? Interact as what we used to? You could completely ignore me and do everything you want, I will not mind you. But about my problems, please you also give me a space of freedom. What is the benefit you get from minding my business? Could you care about me forever?"

"Why I couldn't care about you forever?"

Su Ran looked at him: "But Song Ting Yu, I don't want to go on like this with you so you couldn't care about me forever. I also don't know why you suddenly don't want to get a divorce, but I still persist on my belief, we don't need to be connected together like this, so it's better to let go…."

Song Ting Yu's voice was getting colder, his eyes were cold: "Su Ran, you always you are not possibly be together with me, don't tell me you don't notice my feeling toward you? Why I couldn't let you go? Why I don't like you be close to Lin Cheng Huan? Why? Tell me."

"Are you certain that this is feeling?" Su Ran asked back, "And not a a period of desire to possess?"

Song Ting Yu was startled, and pursed his lips, didn't say anything."

"So it turns out you don't certain about it? Is it unclear feeling or desire to possess?"

Su Ran smiled for a while, and said calmly: "You go take a bath…."

She didn't want to continue like this with him. She didn't expect to have a good relationship with him, but at least a calm one.

Don't always be awkward in front of Song Wei Xi, a kid is more sensitive, he is easily noticed.

She said it then laid on the bed, Song Ting Yu didn't like this attitude of her. No matter what he did, it looked like she didn't put it inside her heart.

Song Ting Yu suddenly lowered his head, and his both hands clutched her cheeks, he powerfully kissed her lips, his tip of tongue opened her tightly closed teeth.

Su Ran kept on struggle, extremely loathed how he treated her. When he released one of her hand, she slapped him so hard.

Su Ran looked at him: "Song Ting Yu, you always asked me what I'm regard you as? Then what about you? What you regard me as? The one that sate your lust? Or your pet? Or your possession

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