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Xiao Naihe had seen a lot of shameless people in his previous life, but no one was crafty as Xue Lie who assured that Lv Shiyue would not take it out on a junior disciple and had thrusted all the responsibilities to Hu Jiqian.

Hu Jiqian understood his master very much, biting his teeth, and apologized, "Peak Leader Lv, it is all my fault! I just wanted to save more disciples of the sect. I'm just a disciple of the sect, and don't have any fifth-level immortal weapons, even a fourth-level one, so I can just compensate you with my life!" He was brazen enough like his master.

Lv Shiyue owned few treasures like the Dragon and Phoenix Delivery Plate, so she was distressed of its loss, whereas Xue Lie owned many, but he refused to take out one to compensate Lv Shiyue.

As a senior, Lv Shiyue couldn't compel Hu Jiqian indeed, which made her vexed. A glimmer of anxiety flashed over Gong Wanqing's face, as she looked at Lv Shiyue.

Xue Lie revealed a sly smile, and pretended to be sad and sympathetic.

Xiao Naihe didn't say a word, but he might have seen through Lv Shiyue's mind.

Therefore, he uttered abruptly on behalf of Lv Shiyue, "Since this senior brother wants to die for compensation, then let me help you with it!"

"Ah?" Xue Lie and Hu Jiqian both looked a little different, and even Lv Shiyue and Gong Wanqing were shocked.

Xue Lies colded: "Such a junior disciple! How dare you have the nerve to speak before us?!"

His words didn't scare Xiao Naihe, instead the latter replied, "Peak Leader Xue, I was in the Fanggu Forest that day, and has witnessed all the thing!"

Then he told the whole story, focusing on how Hu Jiqian tried to abandon Zhou Yin, Zhu Qiong and Xiao Naihe himself, the three disciples of the Danyue Peak.

How came Xue Lie didn't understand the implication of Xiao Naihe's words. Xiao Naihe had changed the topic to Hu Jiqian's betrayal, other than the loss of the Dragon and Phoenix Delivery Plate.

The betrayal to sect-mates was such a big taboo in the cultivation world.

"Gosh! I didn't expect Lv Shiyue would declare as this!" Xue Lie thought that Xiao Naihe was instructed by Lv Shiyue to say those words, and he intended to refute.

But at this moment, Lv Shiyue spoke up indifferently, "Senior Brother, this disciple of yours doesn't know the first principle of our sect? If you don't have the heart to punish them, let me do it for you!" 

She turned to Xiao Naihe, "Naihe, kill him!" 

"Yes, master!

Gong Wanqing had had no favor about Xiao Naihe, even kind of hated him. 

Now, however, she felt this younger brother was a little bit cute, after he had done what she wanted to do.

"Peak Leader Xue, I'm sorry for what will happen!" He made a deadly attack to Hu Jiqian suddenly as he finished speaking.

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