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Little Nan squeaked on Xiao Naihe's shoulder, and looked very aggrieved.


But Xiao Naihe's frowned quietly.


Little Nan showed that it was originally hidden in a multicolored bowlder to avoid the heavenly tribulation.


But when Little Nan was asleep, the multicolored bowlder was transferred to many places after being acquired by human beings, and the last place was this cave.


Not knowing for what reason, the spiritual power of the multicolored bowlder gradually disappeared, so Little Nan had to get out of it. Because Little Nan had slept for a long time, it needed to eat food, so what happened next naturally was the same as what Xiao Naihe guessed.


Xiao Naihe's face showed suspicion, and he murmured, "The multicolored bowlder can hide the evil beast. Will it be the... "


Xiao Naihe excitedly said, "Little Nan, take me to the multicolored bowlder you hided in."


The multicolored bowlder was in one of the caves behind this pond. Even when Xiao Naihe came to this gloomy place, he was somewhat surprised.


Yun family was an old family in the capital. It was highly praised in underground world of martial arts and the imperial court. However, Xiao Naihe was astonished by the scene in front of him.


Inside the cave, the dark environment reflected the red blood light. In the central area, several skeletons were stacked together, and dozens of formation patterns were arranged around them.


In the middle, there was a ghostly and eerie blood pool, and it was boiling and bubbling, giving off a stench.


On the other side, a bowlder glowing with dim and multicolored lights was mounted in the formation eye of the blood pool.


"This is the multicolored bowlder!" Xiao Naihe picked up the multicolored bowlder, and then excitement exuded from his eyes, "Indeed, it is a Nu Wa  stone!"


According to legend, the Nu Wa stone could recast water and fire, and revived the dead people, and it was a rare treasure for thousands of years.


In old days, Xiao Naihe got one in the demon circle. Relying on it, Xiao Naihe had refined his body and achieved the heaven chapter of six real bodies.


Nevertheless, the surprise in his eyes slowly faded away and left a sigh of regret, "Unfortunately, it is too small and loses its matrix. What's worse, its spiritual power has been absorbed too much by Little Nan, and it has been also penetrated by this blood Qi, so it has become a waste stone without any functions!"


The rare Nu Wa stone has lost its function, which made Xiao Naihe feel pitiful.


But the Nu Wa stone, after all, was a divine treasure beyond the chaotic world, and it was an extremely precious spirit stone. It could be forged into immortal tool which was also a valuable object, so it would be a pity to throw it away.


Nowadays, in the mortal world, the silver was much needed for everywhere. If I sold it, I could gain considerable silver.


Having collected the Nu Wa stone, Xiao Naihe observed the blood pool.


The pattern in the middle of the blood pool was obviously left by a formation. This ghastly place and the blood pool made Xiao Naihe remind of a magic formation.


"The blood spell formation? It was created by the blood devil in the devil wonderland. It could nurture the devil and destroy the acupoints. If this is really a blood spell formation, one hundred days later, once it starts, the entire Yun family will become the blood pool."


However, Xiao Naihe shook his head, and said, "No, the blood spell formation is in the magic immortal level, and it needs a lot of essence, blood, blood Qi, and the spiritual power. But this formation is too rough, and the eye of the blood spell formation should be suppressed by the five elements . The Nu Wa stone is obviously a treasure beyond the five elements, so they are totally different. How can this be a blood spell formation!"


Xiao Naihe had a wide range of knowledge in his previous life, although he cultivated to be a demon, he had a good common of the knowledge of the devil circle, the immortal circle and the divine circle, which the ordinary people could not imagine. If without the support of knowledge theory, he could never become a celestial demon.


The blood pool in the formation was obviously perfused with human blood, and it was rich in blood Qi. Perhaps it was filled with a lot of human life. The five bones were obviously belonged to the five elements respectively for consolidating the formation.


Therefore, Xiao Naihe even more suspected that this was not a blood spell formation. All conditions showed that this formation was the same as the blood spell formation, but Nu Wa stone was an object beyond the five elements. Using it to suppress the formation eye was not only useless, but also would deplete the blood Qi of the blood spell formation.


Watching the blood pool bubbling, Xiao Naihe's eyes suddenly brightened, "I was deluded. The person who set up the formation not necessarily used the Nu Wa stone to suppress the formation eye. He only wanted to absorb the spiritual power of it so as to keep the balance of the blood spell formation."


Thinking about this, Xiao Naihe felt more and more regrettable. The Nu Wa stone was very precious. Even if its spiritual power gradually vanished, it was a divine treasure. But it was mistaken for the treasure only containing the spiritual power, causing the Nu Wa stone to completely lose the great function and spiritual power.


"It seems that the designer of the formation was impossible to know Nu Wa stone, otherwise he would not use Nu Wa stone to suppress the eye!"


Nu Wa stone was much more valuable than a blood spell formation. In this small Wan Qing world, perhaps few people in this whole continent knew Nu Wa stone.


"But this is a formation of the devil circle, how come it appears in the secret place behind the Yun family? As soon as the formation starts, the whole Yun family will become a blood pool. If without fierce hatred, how come the people from the devil circle set up this formation to a worldly family."


Xiao Naihe waved his hand. Anyway, he had no affection for Yun family. A month ago, many people in the Yun family wanted to kill him. At this time, it was impossible for him to save them.


Moreover, Xiao Naihe took away the Nu Wa stone, so the formation eye has lost its function. In less than two months, the blood Qi of the whole formation would disappear naturally, all the functions would vanish.


The spiritual power brand of the Nu Wa stone was left on the formation eye, unless the designer could find another piece of Nu Wa stone to fill it. Unfortunately, there were a few Nu Wa stones in the world, extremely difficult to find.

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