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With his eyelids flickering, Yu Feiqi was so scared that my blood ran cold when he recalled what Xiao Naihe said. These two maids were so ferocious and ruthless that they showed no mercy when they fought.


Yu Feiyan stared at Xiao Naihe in some surprise for he seemed to have seen through the real strength of the two maids, but she didn't reveal surprise in her face.


"Whoever gets closer to the door of our lady's boudoir, you will be those four people on the ground." The two maids threatened with a grave look.


Some of these young men were in the late stage of the Sky Spirit Realm, but they did not dare to fight the maids rashly for they would lose face if the news that they bullied two maids spread out.


What these descendants of aristocratic families valued most was face.


Realizing that two maids were not that girls to be trifled with, the crowd scattered, and they wistfully cast a glance to Hao Li's boudoir.


"Is that girl Hao Li?" Xu Qian witnessed the whole thing from beginning to end. He had already reached the highest level of the Sky Spirit Realm, and was very close to the Pre-celestial Greater Heaven.


Although these two girls had good kung fu, he was not afraid of them. His rolled his eyes and looked to Xiao Naihe, Yu Feiyan and Yu Feiqi with a sneering smile.


"You two, come here!" Xu Qian beckoned several lackeys and ordered them something.



After Xiao Naihe had eaten dinner, he went to his room to change his clothes for his clothes had got dirty after a long journey in the coach.




A string of hasty knocks at the door startled Xiao Naihe. With knitted brows, he guessed it must be Yu Feiyan or her brother that came to him, but he wandered why they were in such a hurry.


"Big Brother Xiao, Big Brother Xiao, come out quickly, and you are in big trouble." Yu Feiqi called out in a worried and a weird tone. A strange feeling emerged in Xiao Naihe's heart, but he asked with a calm look, "What's going on?"


"I don't know why, but those young men from aristocratic families say that you harassed Miss Hao Li when you were in the Kingdom of Dubhe, and was almost scared to death. " answered Yu Feiqi


"What? " Xiao Naihe opened the door and craned to find a lot of young men casting a disdainful, resentment or mockery look.


Xiao Naihe was not famous before, but his fake pink news created a sensation in the capital city. A clear-minded could easily realize that someone must have viciously given enormous publicity to it.


Xiao Naihe was not in their circle, so he had nothing against them. Except for Xu Qian hated him because of Yun Feiyan and her brother.


"Brother Xiao, Is... is it true?" Yu Feiqi hesitated for a moment, but still could not help asking.


"It is, to some extent." Xiao Naihe admitted expressionless.


As Yu Feiqi's face darkened, and he stepped back with shock in his eyes.


"But it's not exactly what you think. I was framed by others because of the Immortal Bamboo Jade Tablet." Xiao Naihe glanced at Xu Qian from a distance and added, "Hao Li should be the one who knows best the whole thing. I know it's hard for you to believe what I say, so you can ask her if you want to figure it out! "


Xiao Naihe sighed softly. He had finished the former Xiao Naihe's wishes and settled all the scores, so he did not want to be involved in any other troubles about the former "Xiao Naihe" any more.


On the contrary, however, those rich young men sitting behind the attic wanted to find fault with him for they were annoyed by Hao Li shutting the door in their face, so they were happy to alternately to taunt and jeer at Xiao Naihe when they heard that Xiao Naihe harassed Hao Li, whether they knew him or not.



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