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Chapter 3463 - Chapter 537 - Goddess Law

Chapter 537 – Goddess Law

“One of the Three Absolutes?” Gentle Snow ran Shi Feng’s words through her mind when she saw the look of surprise on his face. However, she couldn’t recall ever hearing about the title Shi Feng mentioned. “Is this person famous?”

“She will be in the future,” Shi Feng explained when he saw Gentle Snow’s curious gaze. “But I doubt many people know of her right now.”

The Eternal Realm’s Three Absolutes were known by all in the Greater God’s Domain during his previous life, and they were publicly known to be able to stand against an entire Realm by themselves.

This was by no means a form of praise. Instead, the Three Absolutes truly did accomplish the feat of going up against an entire Realm. As for when the Three Absolutes had risen to fame, it was during the war between human players and Holy Race players.


Meanwhile, Blood Elf Aurebeth, the Bloodsoaked Rakshasa, was one of the three Absolutes, and she was someone who had perfectly inherited a Goddess Law.

However, as far as Shi Feng could remember, he had never heard of the Bloodsoaked Rakshasa joining any powers. In fact, most people didn’t even know how she came to possess the strength that allowed her to become an Absolute.

When Aurebeth first debuted on the public stage, she had already accomplished a feat that shook the entire Eternal Realm. At the time, she had single-handedly fought 37 Tier 6 experts from the Holy Race and defeated them. It should be known that these 37 Tier 6 experts possessed combat power rivaling Tier 6 Gods. Yet, the Bloodsoaked Rakshasa had not only killed all of them, but she even survived the fight with only her soul severely injured.

Meanwhile, the next time Aurebeth made a move was several months later, when the Holy Race had declared a Holy War on the Greater God’s Domain and mobilized an army composed of the members of thousands of major powers.

During that war, Aurebeth had slain thousands of Tier 6 experts from the Holy Race. And unlike her debut battle, she only sustained light injuries from the war. It was also after that war that she became known as the Bloodsoaked Rakshasa.

As for her becoming one of the Three Absolutes, it was during another war with the Holy Race that took place at the Twelve Sanctuaries. At the time, Aurebeth had single-handedly defended an entire fortress from one of the Holy Race’s apex powers. Even after continuously trying for two months, the enemy apex power failed to bring down the fortress.

Yet, now, the Bloodsoaked Rakshasa had suddenly become a member of the pseudo-apex power Azure Fang. Moreover, she wasn’t even in the Eternal Realm. This situation was wildly different from the information Shi Feng knew.

“Do you want to meet her?” Gentle Snow asked.

“Yes, of course,” Shi Feng nodded.

The Three Absolutes were legendary individuals in the Greater God’s Domain. Even the various apex powers would do everything they could to recruit them, let alone him.

Aurebeth was someone who had fully mastered a Goddess Law. Once she progressed to Tier 6, the Law Projection she could form would be vastly superior to the average Advanced Law Projection.

Even though Shi Feng had multiple Advanced Laws during his previous life, his Law Projection would still be suppressed if it went up against Aurebeth’s Law Projection.

Now that there was an opportunity to meet with one of the Three Absolutes, Shi Feng naturally wouldn’t let go of it.

Zero Wing’s Guild Leader’s Office:

Gentle Snow walked into the office with Aurebeth. The instant Aurebeth stepped through the door, Shi Feng could feel an indescribable pressure weighing down on him.

Her Mana Affinity is at an even higher level than mine? Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished as he looked at Orebes.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that his Tier 5 Advanced Legendary Mana Body was unprecedented in the Greater God’s Domain. Yet, his mana had lost to Aurebeth’s despite this.

Meanwhile, Aurebeth also noticed something when she stepped into the room, but she didn’t seem to mind it much as she sat down on the sofa Gentle Snow had led her to.

“Hello, Guild Leader Black Flame. Thank you for taking the time to meet me,” Aurebeth greeted. Despite looking rather young, she had a mature and intellectual voice.

“You jest, Vice Guild Leader Aurebeth. It is Zero Wing’s honor to have a Vice Guild Leader of Azure Fang visit,” Shi Feng responded politely. “May I know why you have asked to meet me, Vice Guild Leader Aurebeth?”

“It brings me shame to say this, but…” Looking a little embarrassed, Aurebeth said, “I am very keen to enter the Eternal Realm, but I lack the means. Even Azure Fang doesn’t have any way to help me. However, while resting in a fortress in the Void Sea, I was fortunate enough to learn that you have previously appeared in the Eternal Realm, Guild Leader Black Flame. But now, here you are in the Miniature Ancient World.”

“Are you asking me to take you to the Eternal Realm, Vice Guild Leader Aurebeth?” Shi Feng asked, not feeling particularly surprised by Aurebeth’s revelation. The moment he returned to the Miniature Ancient World, anyone with a keen mind would have guessed that he had a means of traveling between Realms.

“I know traveling between Realms is not an easy feat and must come at a great cost, Guild Leader Black Flame.” Confidently, Aurebeth said, “I am willing to foot the cost, and I guarantee you’ll be satisfied by my payment.”

“You’ll guarantee my satisfaction?” Shi Feng chuckled. With his previous life’s experiences, few things could catch his eye in the Greater God’s Domain. “May I know what is the payment you speak of?”

As if waiting for this question, Aurebeth promptly said, “An entry slot to the upper level of the Eternal Realm’s Golden Spire! As to what the Golden Spire is, I’m sure you should be more familiar with it than I am.”

A slot to the Golden Spire’s upper level? Shi Feng was quite surprised by Aurebeth’s offer.

The Eternal Realm had the Seven Cities, Four Towers, and Three Absolutes. Among them, the Golden Spire was one of the Four Towers.

The Golden Spire contained countless treasures belonging to Gods. There were even Fragmented Divine Artifacts available inside. However, if players wished to obtain these treasures, they would first have to pass the Golden Spire’s trials.

The Golden Spire’s trials were split into two levels: the lower level and the upper level. Players required a key to enter and challenge the Golden Spire’s trials, and each key only allowed two players to enter the spire.

The Golden Spire’s keys were incredibly hard to come by. They were scattered across the Eternal Realm, and even upper-ranking hegemonic powers might not come across a key for the lower level after a month of searching. The chances of finding a key for the upper level were even lower, with only one upper-level key being found for every hundred or so lower-level keys. They were so rare that even apex powers might not find one after a year of searching.

Because of this, whenever an upper-level key was found, the various powers would do everything they could to secure it. Apex powers even offered three Legendary Weapons to purchase an upper-level key.

During his previous life, Shi Feng had never obtained an upper-level key. Through Zero Wing’s strength, he only managed to obtain a few lower-level keys.

Meanwhile, the reward for passing the upper-level trial was a Gold Ancient Tome. This Gold Ancient Tome could provide detailed information on all worldly items, but players only had one opportunity to look up the item they wanted. The Ancient Tome would become useless after one use.

In the past, many experts who had passed the upper-level trial had relied on the Gold Ancient Tome they acquired to obtain a Fragmented Divine Artifact.

Currently, Shi Feng had a headache finding the Seven Luminaries Codex’s fragments. If he could obtain a Gold Ancient Tome, it would undoubtedly alleviate some of his problems.

“Not even apex powers can necessarily get their hands on one of the Golden Spire’s upper-level keys right now,” Aurebeth explained. “If you enter the Golden Spire’s upper level, even obtaining a Fragmented Divine Artifact might not be out of the question, Guild Leader Black Flame. It will definitely be worthwhile to trade one entry slot to the Eternal Realm for this opportunity, don’t you think?”

“It is indeed a worthwhile deal,” Shi Feng said after pondering for a moment. “But if you wish to enter the Eternal Realm, I need you to agree to a condition, Vice Guild Leader Aurebeth.”