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Chapter 3365 - Chapter 439 - Realm of God Expert

Chapter 439 – Realm of God Expert

White Owl did not panic when facing the elven man’s punch. On the contrary, she smiled.

Immediately afterward, White Owl gripped her starlight greatsword and executed an angled sweep, unleashing a sword light that overturned the land as it headed for the elven man’s fist.

Absolute Technique, Heaven’s Collapse!



When sword light and fist collided, a storm that engulfed a radius of over a hundred yards instantly ensued. The players fighting within the affected area were sent flying, and everyone else couldn’t help but be stunned by this situation.

Space within the Eternal Realm was much stabler than the space of other Realms. Normally, even an all-out attack from a Tier 4 player would be utterly incapable of affecting the Eternal Realm’s space, and it would be as if the Tier 4 player had just executed a normal attack. And even for attacks that had reached the Tier 5 standard, they could only have limited influence over their surrounding space.

Yet, the energy storm White Owl and the elven man had created through their clash had affected a radius of over a hundred yards. The raw power of these two players’ attacks was simply terrifying.

“You were hiding your strength before?” the Tier 4 elven man exclaimed as he looked at the majestic warrior before him.

“Naturally. When going up against unknown opponents, the first thing one should do is collect information,” White Owl said as she patted the dust on her equipment. “If our side reacted too strongly, you probably wouldn’t feel assured to use all your strength.”

The expressions of the elven man and his companions darkened when they heard White Owl’s words.

“Do you think you have won already?” the elven man said. Then, he glanced at the two companions fighting alongside him and shouted, “We’ll bring her down together!”

As soon as the elven man finished speaking, a fog-like substance immediately appeared around his two companions’ bodies. Of the two companions, one concentrated his Holy Aura around his feet, enhancing his Movement Speed. At the same time, the other used his Holy Aura to transform himself into a ten-meter-tall beast, causing his every movement to become powerful and explosive.

Sure enough, they’re of the Holy Race.

After observing the combat methods of the elf-like players for a little longer, Shi Feng started to remember his distant memories more clearly.

God’s Domain was a virtual reality game made by an advanced civilization of a higher dimension. Whether it was the Greater God’s Domain or the various God’s Domains that filled it, everyone simply assumed these were virtual creations made for humans and humans only. Nobody had ever thought that civilizations outside of human civilizations existed.

However, that all changed along with the Eternal Realm’s appearance. A considerable period after the Eternal Realm’s appearance, it was discovered that humans weren’t the only sentient species in existence, and neither were humans the only sentient species to have access to God’s Domain.

The other sentient species in question regarded themselves as the Holy Race. They possessed appearances similar to elves, but they had many sacred patterns covering their bodies. Meanwhile, not only did the Holy Race have different combat styles from humans, but even the power they used in God’s Domain was completely different.

Similar to how humans relied on Mana as their foundation for combat, the Holy Race relied on Holy Power.

However, unlike Mana, Holy Power couldn’t induce various phenomena. Instead, it was a power that strengthened the user’s essence.

Simply put, Holy Power enhanced a player’s Physique and Basic Attribute, which allowed the Holy Race to be vastly superior to human players in these regards. If speaking purely in terms of Physique and Basic Attributes, the Holy Race’s players were comparable to Angels of the same tier.

Moreover, the Holy Race’s sacred patterns were similar to the Angels’ wings in that the more sacred patterns a member of the Holy Race could etch onto their bodies, the more they could benefit from Holy Power, and the stronger they would become.

Due to these reasons, the average human player simply wasn’t a match for the average member of the Holy Race. And because of this situation, when the Holy Race eventually invaded the Greater God’s Domain, they took no time to spread the flames of war across half of the Greater God’s Domain. At the time, countless hegemonic powers, corporations, and even conglomerates had perished.

Subsequently, the three Tier 4 Holy Race experts could be seen attacking White Owl together. Even though White Owl was already at Tier 5, nothing she did could let her defeat her three opponents. The best she could do was maintain a stalemate.

Although the Holy Race expert who had turned into a giant beast wasn’t particularly fast, he possessed great Strength and a large attack range. Every one of his attacks was comparable to White Owl’s Heaven’s Collapse. As for the Holy Race expert who had strengthened his legs, his speed was comparable to Tier 5 Assassins. Then, there was the Holy Race expert who had strengthened his fists to a point where his punches felt more like meteor strikes.

When fighting against these three Holy Race experts, White Owl felt she was going up against three Tier 5 players rather than three Tier 4 players. Moreover, all three were highly skilled experts.

Fortunately for White Owl and her team members, out of the several dozen Holy Race players attacking their caravan, only a few could use Holy Aura.

“This woman’s too strong, Northlight,” the middle-aged man, who had transformed into a giant beast, said to the young man, who had strengthened his fists, through the team chat. “We still haven’t damaged her even after working together. If we keep wasting time here, these aliens’ reinforcements might arrive.”

“I know,” the young man named Northlight said. Then, looking at White Owl, whose breathing was a little disordered, he smiled and said, “But these aliens are different from us. They have vastly inferior Physiques, and even their Stamina is terrible. Moreover, by the looks of it, those strange moves she is using seem to consume a lot of Stamina. If we keep pushing her, I’m sure a flaw will appear in her defenses in no time. So long as we get rid of her, we can quickly take care of the rest.”

The middle-aged man pondered over the young man’s words for a moment. Then, he answered, “Okay!”

In reality, White Owl’ wasn’t the only one utilizing their battle to collect information. The members of the Holy Race were similarly using this battle to collect information on White Owl and her teammates. And although the two sides hadn’t fought for long, the shortcomings of the humans quickly became evident to the Holy Race.

While White Owl’s every move indeed exhibited incredible power, this explosive power came at the cost of increased Stamina and Concentration consumption. If White Owl were to continuously rely on these exhausting attacks, it wouldn’t be long before she would start to tire.

However, before the three Holy Race experts could carry on with their battle of attrition, the aura of a Tier 5 Grand Wizard, who looked to be a man in his forties, suddenly skyrocketed in intensity. The man silently cast Frost World, a Tier 5 Curse, summoning over a hundred icicles to attack the two Holy Race experts he fought.

Every one of the icicles the Grand Wizard summoned behaved like seasoned fourth-floor experts and could accurately target the blind spots of the two Holy Race experts. Even though the two Holy Race experts could use Holy Aura, they rapidly lost their HP under the Grand Wizard’s attacks.

90%… 70%… 50%…

The two Holy Race experts died before any of the nearby Holy Race players could come to help them. Upon seeing this development, everyone on the battlefield fell silent. Even Northlight’s group of three was shocked by this situation.

The Realm of God?

The two Holy Race experts who had just gotten killed might not be as strong as the three of them, but their combat standards were on the same level. Yet, the Grand Wizard had killed the two like cannon fodder. Moreover, the Grand Wizard was seemingly able to predict the future as all of his attacks targeted his two opponents’ blind spots.

Seeing this, Northlight and the others could only think of one explanation.

A Realm of God expert!