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975 Yunxiao Is Coming Home Soon, He’ll Also Be Bringing a Woman Back With Him

Situ Qin looked at her with an apologetic expression. “Doctor Zi, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that because I had greeted you previously it would lead to them having thoughts of making use of your reputation.”

“This isn’t your fault.” Zi Yi then asked her, “Since now you know what type of people they are, will you still partner up with them?”

“I won’t.”

Situ Qin lowered her eyes to conceal the frustration she felt. “Anyways, Grandfather needs someone by his side to take care of him. It’s best that I stay at home to care for him instead. In this case, my brother can also be at ease outside.”

After she finished saying that, her shoulders drooped down. Evidently, she had suffered a great blow.

Zi Yi looked at her, thought for some time, and said, “If you wish to find a job where you can work from home, I can…”

“No thanks.” Situ Qin hastily rejected her. “Our family has already troubled you with many things. If we still need to bother you for such trivial matters, I will feel even more apologetic. Doctor Zi, thank you for allowing me to see their true colors. If not for you, I would have really been taken advantage of by them without even knowing.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and did not forcefully give her work. She only gave her a suggestion. “There is plenty of information available in regards to recruitment in M.Uni. There are also many fresh graduates who are trying to set up their own companies. You can have a look around. Perhaps there might be work that is suitable too.”

Situ Qin could be considered as a graduate of a famous university. It was not difficult for her to secure a job. The tricky part was that she needed some spare time to take care of her grandfather.

Situ Qin nodded her head gratefully. “Ok, I’ll pay more attention to my surroundings then.”


Zi Yi did not ask how she was planning to deal with those colleagues of hers. After all, Situ Qin was an adult and if she could not even handle these problems well, there was no need for her to go out to search for jobs.

In the end, both of them started chatting about Situ Feng.

Zi Yi said, “They will be returning tonight. I think your brother will be coming back to visit you and your grandfather in a couple of days.”

“Really?” Situ Qin’s depressed emotions were swept away in a second. Her eyes revealed emotions of pleasant surprise. “That’s great. My brother has been outside for several months. Grandfather and I miss him very much.”

Zi Yi nodded her head. “He should be receiving a long period of vacation and he’ll be able to spend more time with you as a family.”


After they chatted for some time, Lu Jingye and Situ Hong came over.

Lu Jingye said to Zi Yi, “Yiyi, we should go now.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and said to them, “In that case, we’ll be taking our leave. You can give me a call if anything arises.”

“Ok. Doctor Zi, thank you.”

Both of them sent Zi Yi and Lu Jingye to the car and waited for the car to drive away before they made their way back inside.

Situ Qin supported Situ Hong and informed him. “Grandfather, Doctor Zi said that my brother is coming home soon.”

“Haha… that’s great news to hear.”

“Yep! I’ll go buy some delicious food in the following days. When my brother comes back home, I’ll cook for him.”

“Don’t you have work to do? Don’t tire yourself out too much. The food in M.Uni is pretty good too. It’s the same if we eat in the canteen.”

“My work…”

Situ Qin thought of her colleagues who wanted to take advantage of her and a surge of anger bubbled forth.

Situ Hong immediately sensed something was wrong and so, he asked, “Little Qin, did you encounter trouble at work?”

Situ Qin thought about it for a moment and ended up telling him. “Mhmm, they…”

After Situ Hong finished listening to her story, his face turned dark and he raised his voice. “These people are really good at calculating. Little Qin, don’t cooperate with them anymore. Since these people already started to have plans to use Doctor Zi’s reputation, they will certainly do worse things in the future. Doctor Zi is our family’s benefactor and we cannot bite the hands that feed us.”

“Grandfather, calm down.” Situ Qin hastily appeased him, “I’ll go make a call when we are inside right away and tell them I won’t cooperate with them. Now that I know their true colors, I surely wouldn’t work together with them anymore.”

“That’s right. We can make less money. Even if we can’t make any money, we shouldn’t try to make use of Doctor Zi. Otherwise, this really is biting the hand that feeds us.”

“I understand.”

After Situ Qin went home, she immediately called her partners and told them directly that she would not be cooperating with them in the future.

Her partners who received her call were extremely surprised. They asked if she had encountered any problems and tried to stop her from leaving.

Situ Qin wanted to at least maintain some face between both parties and so, she did not reveal the reason behind her decision.

Her partners were unaware that Situ Qin had already learned of their plans and they gathered together to come up with a countermeasure.

One of the men said, “If she insists on refusing to work with us, there’s nothing we can do. It would be better to just agree.”

Zhang Ya furrowed her brow. “If she refuses to work with us, won’t our hopes of wanting to make use of her to get close to Miss Zi be gone?”

The man revealed a calculative smile. “Therefore, we’ll let her be under the impression that both parties can part ways peacefully. When the time comes, we’ll be able to make use of her one last time.”

“How are we going to go about doing it?”

“We can invite her under the guise of having a farewell party. When the time comes, we’ll all think of ways to get her drunk while Zhang Ya can get access to her phone. We’ll then get Miss Zi’s phone number. Wouldn’t that do?”

“This idea sounds good. When we have Miss Zi’s phone number then we can directly get in touch with her. I believe that since Miss Zi is so busy, she won’t possibly pay attention to Situ Qin’s situation.”

“I feel that we shouldn’t agree to Situ Qin leaving the company. We’ll get her to take up a nominal position. In that case, even if Miss Zi were to investigate we can push all responsibility onto Situ Qin. When the time comes, we’ll have used Miss Zi’s reputation to gain many huge clients, earn money, and just get Situ Qin to bear the brunt, isn’t this even better?”

“You’re right. In any case, Situ Qin doesn’t look like the smart type. If we give her some benefits, she’ll definitely be grateful to us.”

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye returned to the Lu Family’s villa, Mrs. Lu and Second Master Lu were currently on the sofa chatting with each other.

The moment they walked in, Mrs. Lu waved for them to come over with a smile.

“Jingye, Yiyi, come over and have a seat.”

Zi Yi walked over and sat next to her as she asked with a smile, “Mom, what’s got you in such a great mood?”

Mrs. Lu’s mouth was about to crack from the huge grin on her face. She said excitedly, “Yunxiao is about to come home soon, and he’ll also be bringing a woman back.”

While talking, she tightly grasped Zi Yi’s hands. “I’m so happy that brat finally came to his senses. I won’t have to arrange blind dates for him in the future anymore.”

Zi Yi’s eyes also curved into crescent moons. “When Yunxiao and his partner come home, Mom, you’ll be able to make arrangements for their wedding right away. Perhaps in the near future, your third grandchild will be on its way.”

“Hahaha…” Mrs. Lu thought of the scene and she felt elated. “It’s even better this way. The house would be even more noisy and joyful.”

“Mom, you had better not feel that it’s a huge headache due to the noise your three grandchildren cause.”

“How could that be possible? What does it matter if children are slightly more active? What’s more, I feel that my grandchildren won’t be the type that would torture the adults with their noise.”

Mrs. Lu had watched Zi Yi’s babies grow up little by little each day. Even though the babies liked to kick and stretch their arms while they soaked in the nutrient solution, she did not think of that as causing a din.

Mrs. Lu said with a grin, “Yunxiao is bringing home his marriage partner and my two grandchildren will also be coming out soon. It’s a double blessing to our family!”

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