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1020 The Sight of This Man is Simply Annoying

Everyone followed Owen into the hall.

The garden-style banquet hall looked grand and beautiful. The moment the attendees saw Zi Yi and Lu Jingye, the men surrounded Lu Jingye and the women went towards Zi Yi.

People casually chatted as they drank wine and the atmosphere seemed pleasant.

Meanwhile, at Country A’s National Space Agency.

The Fourth Prince and Fifth Prince walked quickly in the corridor inside one of the buildings.

As he walked, the Fourth Prince said to the Fifth Prince, “After these satellites get launched today, on the surface, they’re intended for climate research, but a small number of them will be sent close to Saturn. Hopefully, Lucius can see them.”

“I’m sure he can since they have access to such high technology. We’re so sincere, so I’m sure he’ll work with us.”

As they spoke, they got to the satellite launch center. Lots of technicians had already gathered there.

Everyone was busy making the final preparations before the launch commenced.

The person in charge promptly walked over and greeted them reverently. “Greetings, Fourth Prince and Fifth Prince.”

“How’s the preparation going?” asked the Fourth Prince.

“All set. Three more minutes to go before the satellite can be launched.”

“Well done. Make sure everything goes smoothly.”

“Got it.”

The three of them stood by the side of the command podium. On the large screen in front of them, footage and details of the satellite launch could be seen.

Time passed second by second and expectant expressions could be seen on everyone’s faces.

“30 seconds to go. Get ready everyone.”

“Five, four, three, two, one, fire!”

The satellites were launched the moment the order was given.

The satellites went increasingly faster as the satellites went higher. The Fourth Prince and Fifth Prince smiled smugly and felt excited.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant hall in the capital.

The atmosphere became increasingly lively. Around 30 minutes later, Owen turned to look at Dou Yurui standing in the corner.

Dou Yurui did not drink tonight. She held a glass of juice in her hand as she stood in front of Zi Yi for some time. She genuinely did not like listening to a swarm of women chattering away, so she retreated near a flower pot and admired the flowers inside.

As she looked at the flowers, an unexpected voice could be heard. “Miss Dou, what are you doing standing here?”

Dou Yurui turned to see Owen smiling as he walked over. Her face promptly looked cold and distant.

When Owen noticed Dou Yurui’s reaction, his expression remained unchanged. He gave a charming smile and said, “Miss Dou, I wanted to apologize to you, but you refused to see me. I’ve been sleepless ever since.”

Dou Yurui was a little annoyed. She said in a harsh tone, “Don’t bother apologizing. I’m not magnanimous enough to forgive someone with evil intentions against me.”

Owen did not know what to say. He then hurriedly said, “Miss Dou, it was a misunderstanding. I was just trying to find a place for you to rest.”

“Do you think I’m some kind of stupid girl?” Dou Yurui tutted and said, “My cousin prepared guest rooms. If you were genuinely helping me, why didn’t you help me inside? Instead, you brought me to a hotel. Prince Owen, let me ask you this. If you already like someone, but a woman you don’t like slept with you, what would you do to the culprit?”

Owen parted his lips and felt a little annoyed. He was very sincere about apologizing, but the women refused to accept his kind gesture.

“Miss Dou…”

“Mr. Owen, why are you cornering my girlfriend here?”

When a voice suddenly sounded, Owen and Dou Yurui turned in unison to look.

Shao Hua was standing there dressed in a dark gray suit with a pair of glasses on his face.

Shao Hua was Lu Jingye’s secretary. Even if he was not the best-looking man out there, he had an imposing presence. At this moment, a murderous aura was radiating from him.

Dou Yurui smiled when she saw Shao Hua. She walked up beside him and said, “My dear, he wanted to apologize, but I didn’t accept it.”

“Then whatever.” Shao Hua promptly looked at Owen and said, “Mr. Owen, we already know you want to apologize to Yurui, but you can’t force her to accept it. Since she doesn’t want to, please don’t make things difficult for her. Otherwise, it’s just going to make things unpleasant for everyone.”

Owen’s expression promptly changed just thinking about the way he got pummeled by this guy.

In a split second, he composed himself. He then smiled as he said, “If Miss Dou refuses to accept my apology, it’s too bad then.”

He raised the wine glass in his hand at them and turned to leave.

Dou Yurui sneered coolly watching him leave. “The sight of this man really annoys me.”

Shao Hua turned his head and said, “In that case, you don’t ever have to see him again.”

“I don’t even know why I agreed to come. This event is so boring.”

“If you want to leave, we can do it now.”

Dou Yurui looked at the two swarms of people circling Lu Jingye and Zi Yi. She thought for a little while and then said, “Let me tell my cousin first.”

“Sure thing.”

Zi Yi was sitting down chatting with a bunch of women over drinks.

Everyone did their best to chat about subjects of Zi Yi’s interest, so it was not too boring.

Dou Yurui walked over and said softly to her, “I’m leaving with Shao Hua first.”

Zi Yi nodded. She had seen Owen walking over to her earlier and so she asked, “What did Owen say?”

“He wanted to apologize to me, but I didn’t accept it.”

Zi Yi nodded. “Okay then. If you don’t feel like hanging around, just go.”

“I will,” acknowledged Dou Yurui. She told Dou Zerui about it before leaving.

Owen organized the banquet as a get-together. All through the night, the atmosphere was good.

The banquet ended at around half past nine in the evening.

After getting into the car, Zi Yi said to Lu Jingye, “I still don’t know why Owen invited us to the banquet. If it was just to apologize to Cousin Yurui, then he has already tried. Even though he failed, he didn’t kick up a fuss.”

She took out her phone and turned it on. After looking at it for some time, she said, “Shortly after the banquet started, Country A launched their environmental exploration satellites.”

Not before long, she pulled up the virtual screen and quickly swiped through it. She quickly accessed the main program on the satellite.

After taking a look, she sighed quizzically and said, “This isn’t just for environmental exploration.”

Lu Jingye looked intently at the screen and asked, “What is it for then?”

“An auxiliary satellite was launched straight into space.”

As Zi Yi spoke, she swiped across the screen again. After some time, she finally said, “The auxiliary one was sent straight to Saturn.”

Both of them promptly guessed Country A’s intentions and glanced at each other.

Lu Jingye asked solemnly, “Is there any way you can stop it?”

“Nope. All the satellites were taken out by the Worm Race, so I don’t have anything to do it with.”

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