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Chapter 81

Uncle Bao looked at the people entering Mu Rulan’s precious house anxiously . He decided to notify her about it: if there was something in there that shouldn’t be broadcast to the public, he could at least help her hide it .  

The students were in their first afternoon class, and Mu Rulan was in her seat smiling at the indifferent face at the podium . The man was lecturing on some fascinating subjects, pencil elegantly following the movements of his fingers .  

Mo Qianren had already tried to glare at her with a scary face, but she had no reaction to it at all . Her eyes were full of aggression, which didn’t creep him out, but rather made his entire body hot . What could he do? 

The man wrote a formula on the blackboard, ignoring that blazing gaze despite the tips of his ears turning red .  

Ou Kaicheng was only a few seats away from Mu Rulan . With just a slight turn of his head he could see that gentle smile on Mu Rulan’s face .  

He was so in love with this girl . He didn’t know when, but somehow his love had turned into a strong, possessive love, so strong that it made his heart ache . Just like now, his heart burned in his chest as he saw her look at someone, a man . He felt like she would be stolen away .  

It drove him mad with jealousy .  Translated by The Novelst

Mu Rulan noticed Ou Kaicheng looking at her, but before she could turn her head, she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket .  

She glanced at the blackboard and ducked under her desk to take the call . On the other end of the line, Uncle Bao said urgently, “Miss, a few policemen have entered your home . I’m not sure what they’re looking for, but they have a search warrant . I can’t stop them…”

Mu Rulan went silent . When Mo Qianren turned around, she was already standing and smiling up at him, “Teacher Mo, I’m sorry . I have to leave for a few minutes . May I leave the classroom?”

Mo Qianren looked at her briefly before nodding, “Only five minutes . ”

Mn, the angle of her mouth was 0 . 5 degrees off . Her mood had probably been affected by something .  

Outside the classroom, Mu Rulan took out her phone and dialed a number…


“It seems there’s not any clues here,” said a policeman, standing inside Mu Rulan’s bedroom .  

“There wasn’t anything to see here to begin with anyways,” one of the female police officers responded, looking round the room .  

“Well, you’re right . This is Mu Rulan’s house, anyway . We can just skip it . Why did we waste our time checking it?”

“You fool!” He was slapped on the back of the head . “How can you say that? This is a serious job . Even if it was your house that was here, we’re still obligated to go in and check . Don’t you know this is all according to procedure?”

“Alright, alright . There’s only one room left . Let’s go look,” the female police officer spoke out .

“Ugh . You guys go first . My stomach hurts and I need a toilet,” said one of the male officers, covering his stomach .  

“I have a stomach ache too!” Another officer was covering his stomach . “Damn it, don’t tell me something went wrong with the tofu we ate in the afternoon . Didn’t the boss say that the tofu he cooked was fine?!”

“Hey…” The woman glared at them, but the pair rushed to the bathrooms in the up- and downstairs, leaving her all alone .  

“That’s why I told you guys not to be greedy . Boss cooks delicious food, but nobody escapes the diarrhea afterwards!” 

Though she was complaining, she still had to continue working . She exited the bedroom to make her way to the room at the far end of the hallway .

Jin Biaohu lay there, eyes wide and breathing heavy . As long as he could be found, he would stay alive and manage to find a way to lock Mu Rulan, that creepy person, in jail . He really didn’t ever want to see her again . She was too scary!

He could hear the footsteps drawing nearer, and he could nearly taste it: the policewoman opening the door to see him, screaming to get attention and assistance for him .  

She grabbed the handle and turned it to push — 

It wouldn’t open!

She let out a wondering sound, lowering her head to inspect the handle . The doorknob had turned, but she couldn’t push it open . Was it stuck? 

She applied pressure again but it didn’t open . But she noticed something strange: a lock at the top and bottom of the door .  

What was inside this room that it needed three locks? 

She felt it was odd .  

Bringing her walkie talkie to her lips, she said, “There’s a lock on the last room . The keys…”

“No need, just come down . We’re going to check on the other houses,” was the response from downstairs .  

“Huh?” She was surprised . “Aren’t we going to finish searching? I still have one room left to check . ”

“Mn . Come down, and call that one in the toilet to come out too . ”

“Oh, alright . ” Translated by The Novelst

She walked away .  

Jin Biaohu could hear what was going on outside and tried to use his nose to let out a while, but he was too weak . He wanted to make some noise but he was already crippled in all his limbs . Without strength, what could he do? Had hoped once again slipped away from him? 

As the policewoman walked down the stairs, she came to a stop . She turned around and looked strangely back at the room . Had she heard a noise just now?

“Let’s go,” said her colleague, having finished with the bathroom .  

“…Okay . ” She gave one last glance back to the room before continuing to walk down the stairs . It must have been her imagination .

Jin Biaohu stared at the ceiling in despair . He could confirm that truly he had done too many bad things . That was why he couldn’t grab the hope that had dangled right before him .

Proofread by: Hannah


In the hospital .

The white blade sliced softly around the red apple, peeling the thin layer of apple skin in circles .  

Zhou Yaya lay on the hospital bed, swathed in bandages like a mummy . She was laying stiff in terror, eyes locked in a wide stare at the person beside her, lips trembling in an effort to shout for a doctor . She couldn’t yell no matter how she tried .  

Though she didn’t know it consciously, she was afraid of this person .  

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When the last of the apple skin was peeled off, it was thrown into the rubbish bin . Mu Rulan smiled and looked right at her, taking a bite of the apple . The taste was sweet and a little sour, just right, “Delicious . ”

She looked at Zhou Yaya like she didn’t see the resentment in her eyes . “Do you want to eat too?”

Zhou Yaya glared at her viciously . She wanted to strangle Mu Rulan to death! No one knew how shocked she had been when she had woken up to find her lower body paralyzed . She had nearly gone insane! 

Paraplegic? That meant she was a disabled person! What was worse was that the court was actually sending her to a juvenile detention center!

This was all because of Mu Rulan . If not for her, she wouldn’t be disabled! She had fallen to this state, and even had to go to that kind of place to suffer? Damn this Mu Rulan! 

But she had no other choice . Hua Fang’s company had fallen, and she was keeping watch over an empty shell while trying to sell it at a high price, so it had been quite some time since she had come to visit her daughter . But even if she did manage to come, she couldn’t do anything but watch her daughter throw a tantrum . She couldn’t take Zhou Yaya and escape to become a criminal, right?

Munch, munch… Translated by The Novelst

Zhou Yaya looked at Mu Rulan, jealousy and resentment burning in her heart . “You… what… did you come here for…” Her voice was hoarse and ugly, like an old woman’s .  

Mu Rulan was shocked . She stretched out a hand to lift Zhou Yaya’s chin, glancing at the layers of bandages wrapped around her throat . She spoke in amazement, “This is the first time I have ever seen someone accidentally cut her own neck with a fruit knife as she fell from a building . ”

Zhou Yaya used a plaster-wrapped hand to smack the hand away from her neck . She glared at Mu Rulan with vigilance, “What do you want from me?!”

“Well… I just came to visit,” she said, taking another bite of her apple with a smile .  

“By the way, the final exams are tomorrow . After that, the sophomores have two days to rest before departing on our school trip to Italy . It’s too bad that you can’t go, since you’ve been expelled .

“But even if you’re released later, it might be difficult for you to travel outside the country . Unless your mother manages to come back and your father is released from jail, of course,” she said softly, her gentle tone concealing her words sharp as the first frost, an arrow piercing straight into Zhou Yaya’s heart .  

“What are you trying to tell me?” She grit her teeth in anger, her hoarse voice straining against her vocal chords .  

Mu Rulan smiled deeply . “It seems like you had no idea what your future looked like . I just wanted to remind you . ”

“Well, that’s so nice of you!” was Zhou Yaya’s vicious response .  

What did she mean, her future? Certainly she wouldn’t become just an ordinary civilian, right? That had to be a joke . Her mother was the most successful entrepreneur in the country, so what if they lost a company? If she could start one company, she could start another .  

Mu Rulan, this pathetic woman, was just trying to scare her . Did she want her to put aside her dignity to beg for forgiveness? In her dreams! The only things she didn’t regret in this lifetime were the things she had done to this woman!

“Tch, being related to you must be really exhausting, huh,” Mu Rulan said with a smile .  

“Get lost!” Translated by The Novelst

“So rude . How can you say that to your senior, who has come just to visit you? Are your manners gone alongside your ability to use your legs?” Mu Rulan softly mocked .  

Zhou Yaya was so angry she wished to kill Mu Rulan .  

“Hehe… Then I’ll listen to you and leave first . I hope you have a fun journey . Just wait until you’re released and come to look for me ya . I’ll be waiting for you…” Mu Rulan purposefully let the sentence linger in the air, provoking and dangerous .  

Zhou Yaya glared at her departing back, fists clenched . Damn it! Even if she didn’t say that, she would definitely go look for her when she was out of this damn place!


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At the same time .

G City, TMT Universal Entertainment headquarters .

There were people outfitted in gorgeous clothes, couples holding onto their partner’s arms as they stepped on to the red carpet as they entered the venue . Many reporters waited at the scene, camera lights ready to pop .  

All sorts of popular stars were gathered here, each with a confident smile to display their unique charm on screen .

Bai Suqing arrived with a pink dress and a matching diamond necklace . The clips on her hair were also made of diamond, most of them sponsored .  

The moment her car stopped at the entrance, it riled up the fans surrounding the venue immediately . Several were screaming her name .  

She was part of the main cast of a movie that was released just half a month ago during Christmas . The theme was campus romance, and Bai Suqing with her superb acting skills had succeeded in becoming popular . In just that short half month, she was already scheduled to shoot three commercial advertisements and her net worth was rising like a rocket .  

Yet no one was surprised, because Bai Suqing was one of TMT’s artists . Although TMT had only been established for three years, under Dong Qi’s lead, it had managed to become one of the top ranking entertainment companies in the country .  

There weren’t many artists signed to TMT, but as long as they worked under TMT’s name, they would definitely be able to become very popular .  

Bai Suqing walked into the hall and smiled as she walked towards Yan Jin .

Proofread by: Hannah

“Yan Jin,” Bai Suqing shouted her name . She was scanning the hall for Dong Sixuan . She disregarded everyone else, since she was the second coming of Dong Sixuan that TMT was searching for, she didn’t believe anyone else had the right to stand beside her .  

Of course, Yan Jin knew who Bai Suqing was really looking for . She put down her champagne to say expressionlessly, “Dong Sixuan is preparing for the Oscars in America and won’t be back before March this year . ”

Bai Suqing’s eyes shone brightly like she was yearning for something before she went complacent . There was no rush . One day, she would stand on the same stage as Dong Sixuan .   Translated by The Novelst

She suddenly thought of something . Looking at Yan Jin, her tone was one of subtle superiority, “Have you temporarily cancelled all my jobs? I’m taking the morning flight to K City tomorrow for the final exams at Liu Silan High School . ”

She couldn’t wait to return and see all those faces . She was pretty sure some of them were her fans by now, and Mu Rulan’s expression would be quite a sight . Hah!

Yan Jin pushed her glasses up expressionlessly, responding coldly, “Ah . ”

In reality, she hadn’t accepted any jobs for Bai Suqing, because her reputation boost was only temporary . In order to not keep those impatient people waiting for too long, it was nearly time to start the plan .  

Bai Suqing was so arrogant that she forgot that not only were her fans waiting at K City, but her father, Mu Zhenyang, who also doubled as her one-night stand partner, was also there .  

Ever since that day, Mu Zhenyang had gone on believing that Bai Suqing was his one true love, and that they were happy together . But in truth, Bai Suqing was so disgusted by him she wanted him to die, but she had been in a hurry to go to G City for filming . She had been worried he would follow her like glue and cause trouble .  

Ultimately, she had somehow coaxed him to remain in K City . Thinking she was very sincere, Mu Zhenyang was quite happy to know that she wanted to keep him from exhausting himself too much . Therefore he began immediately relaxing and did not search for a job at all .  

Despite not looking for work, he squandered the rest of his money . After running out, he reached out to Bai Suqing . Not long after that, Bai Suqing couldn’t handle this constant cycle and changed her phone number, so he couldn’t reach her . As time passed, she had already forgotten about Mu Zhenyang’s existence .  

Little did she know that right at this moment, Mu Zhenyang was sitting under an overpass, body battered and worn . His hair was messy and it appeared that he hadn’t had shower or a shave in a very long time .  

He was scanning an entertainment rag, eyes bloody and red, staring at Bai Suqing holding the male lead’s hand .  

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The Mu Family .

Ke Wanqing watched the news in the living room, only glancing away when Mu Rulan returned from school to let out a snort .  

Ever since the incident at Loulan Kourt, Ke Wanqing stopped maintaining her image of a kind mother, still angry over the fact that Mu Rulan had not handed Loulan Court over to her . She was also still angry about being disobeyed and watching her daughter leave with Mo Qianren .  

Ke Wanqing was so arrogant that there was no way she would be willing to return to the way things were with Mu Rulan, especially after having been so humiliated .  

Yet, Mu Rulan…?

She entered the house with a smile, looking at her mother to say, “Good evening, mother . ”

She stood still for a few seconds after the greeting . Seeing her mother ignore her, her expression didn’t change, “I’ll be going upstairs, mom . Good night, sleep early . ” She pattered up the stairs .  

Ke Wanqing ignored her . Mo Qianren had left K City . As long as she could bring Mu Rulan to the capital during her free time and show her real nobility and a true young master, she would forget all about that guy after that . Mu Rulan wouldn’t be able to deny her, and Ke Wanqing wouldn’t allow her to regardless! 

Mu Rulan entered her room, humming a pleasant and leisurely tune .  

She took a bath before changing into cotton pajamas . Seated at her desk, she saw the white pigeon perched lazily at the corner . It cooed at her, black bean eyes staring cutely and innocently at her .  

She stroked its head with her index finger gently before flipping through the papers of the last five years . She lifted her pencil as she began to study .  

After finishing two pages, she remembered something and took out her phone to dial a number .  

At the very same moment, San Francisco was wrapped in a heavy and thick mist as dawn began to arrive, very different than the dark, starry night in K City .  

An airplane landed .  

A man in a black, high-necked velvet coat dragged a black suitcase behind him as he walked to the terminal .  

A black car was parked outside the door, and an American man with an FBI certificate waited there . He looked at the watch on his wrist from time to time .  

He was cold, and it looked like he had been waiting for some time already .  

When he finally saw the person he was waiting for, he sighed in relief and greeted, “Oh god . Amon, you’ve finally arrived . Thank god, truly, this time you have to help us . I’m begging you . ”

“Tell me what idiotic things you guys have done again that Ivey was able to go against you so harshly,” Mo Qianren said inddiferently, pushing his luggage towards him .  Translated by The Novelst

“Oh, no! Don’t say it like that my dear partner . This time we really need your help . Congressman Saville promised that as long as Ivey is willing to save his precious daughter, he’d reconsider our application and provide backing,” the man spilled as he put away Mo Qianren’s luggage in the car, as though he was afraid Mo Qianren wouldn’t allow him to finish speaking .  

Mo Qianren clicked his seatbelt into place and responded a bit mockingly, “That’s not my problem . I guess you let Ivey try this out before? How was it? Did Ivey remove the uterus of the little lamb you guys sent to him?”

They had actually made a deal with this imprisoned man, thinking naively that he would keep his promise . What incredible stupidity .

Proofread by: Hannah

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