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Chapter 975: Hello, Auntie

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Fang Yuqing raised her eyebrows but did not criticize Jiang Wei in the end.

To be honest, she was happy to see this.

Huang Jiajia had bullied them first, so they were just giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Although Jiang Wei had successfully climbed into Fang Yuqing’s bed, he did not have the courage to really sleep in the same bed as Fang Yuqing. After all, they were all young people at a young and vigorous age. It was inevitable that there would be conflicts between the two of them in the same bed. When the time came, he would be the one suffering.

The two of them chatted for a while. Seeing that Fang Yuqing was really tired, Jiang Wei pressed her down and kissed her for a while. In the end, he reluctantly left her bed and took the initiative to run to the sofa to sleep.

The next day, the duo left home together and parted ways in the parking lot.

Fang Yuqing drove to her studio to work, while Jiang Wei went to his company. They did not meet that day. The next afternoon, Jiang Wei skipped work an hour earlier and went to the private clubhouse to wait for her parents and Fang Yuqing.

That night, a total of five members of the Fang family attended this banquet. Besides Fang Yuqing, her mother, Xu Pingfei, and brother, Fang Yu’an, were also present. Besides them, Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng, who was about to give birth, were also present.

Fang Yusheng was there personally, so he obviously valued what they were discussing tonight.

The Fang family was dressed very formally. Even Qiao Jiusheng, who was pregnant, had light makeup on and was wearing a gentle beige pregnancy dress. She had gained some weight from her pregnancy this time. When she stood beside Fang Yusheng, she had a strong presence. Thankfully, her face could still beat a group of people.

Fang Yusheng was wearing a pure black suit tonight and a pure black silk shirt. His skin was slightly fair, and he looked even fairer in black.

He was obviously a man in his thirties. Standing beside Fang Yu’an, he actually gave off the feeling that they were about the same age.

Fang Yusheng was still extremely handsome tonight.

Jiang Bo and the others had also dressed up specially. Liu Qingya was wearing a blue embroidered waist dress and a black line dress. She was not wearing any jewelry around her neck, and she was wearing a pair of sapphire blue jewelry earrings.

This outfit made Liu Qingya look elegant. As for Jiang Bo, he was wearing a black suit with a white shirt. He had specially chosen a blue tie that was the same color as Liu Qingya’s shirt.


The couple stood together, looking like they were showing off their affection.

In recent years, Xu Pingfei, who had been getting more and more popular in the entertainment circle, was dressed especially western. She was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt dress. The sides of the dress only reached her knees, and her waist down was covered with a transparent purple veil.

Xu Pingfei was getting younger and younger. When she wore this, she looked like a 30-year-old woman and was especially charming. Even Jiang Wei could not help but steal a few more glances at his future mother-in-law. He thought to himself, My mother-in-law is really fashionable.

Fang Yuqing did not have a father, so Xu Pingfei was her only parent.

On the Jiang Family’s side, Jiang Bo was always the one calling the shots.

“Auntie, these are my parents.” Even though Xu Pingfei was old friends with the Jiang family’s parents, Jiang Wei still had to introduce them according to etiquette.

Xu Pingfei shook Jiang Bo’s hand in greeting. Her son was getting married, and this was his first time attending such an event. Jiang Bo was probably a little nervous. He held Xu Pingfei’s hand and shouted nervously, “Hi, Auntie.”

Everyone was speechless.

Xu Pingfei was stunned for a moment before she laughed out loud. “Brother Jiang, we’re old friends. Don’t be nervous.”

Behind Jiang Bo, Liu Qingya kept twisting his back.

Jiang Bo hesitated for a moment before hurriedly changing his words. “Pingfei, look at me. I’m confused!” Jiang Bo’s face turned serious as he hurriedly said, “Let’s go into the private room first. We’re blocking their business.”


After entering the private room, Fang Yusheng and Fang Yu’an, as juniors, toasted the Jiang parents and greeted them. Fang Yusheng did not drink but he also drank two small glasses.

The parents of the Jiang Family scrutinized the two brothers of the Fang Family.

There were rumors that Fang Yusheng was a lone wolf and had a bad relationship with his peers in the Fang family. However, they felt that Fang Yusheng had a good relationship with Fang Yu’an and Fang Yuqing.

Otherwise, he would not have appeared at the banquet tonight.

As they ate, they discussed the marriage of the two young people. Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng did not say much the whole time, but when Xu Pingfei and Fang Yu’an encountered key problems, they followed Fang Yusheng’s lead.

It seemed like the head of the Fang family was really Fang Yusheng.

When they were talking about the wedding gifts, Jiang Bo said, “We also have daughters, so we can understand Madam Xu’s feelings. Your daughter is about to get married, so you naturally can’t bear to part with her. The Fang family naturally won’t treat Qingqing badly, and the betrothal gifts will naturally be given according to etiquette. Pingfei, what do you think we should do about the betrothal gifts?”

Binjiang City indeed had a set of rules like betrothal gifts. In the past, when the conditions were backward, the man only needed to give the woman 20,000 to 50,000 yuan as a betrothal gift. When they got married, the woman would give him a dowry no lower than the betrothal gift.

Later, when life was better, there was no such thing as betrothal gifts and dowries.

A few years ago, simple marriages were popular. When children from ordinary families got married, the elders of both parties would pay for the couple to buy a house and write their names on it. If the conditions were good, they would buy a house in full. If the conditions were bad, the couple would pay the loan together.

This method was still popular in Binjiang City.

However, the Fang and Jiang families were not ordinary families. They were the most famous families in Binjiang City. Whether it was the betrothal gifts, dowry, or the venue of the wedding, these two families had to do something eye-catching.

The Jiang Family had a big business. No matter how much Xu Pingfei asked for a betrothal gift, the Jiang Family could naturally afford it.

It would depend on how demanding the Fang family was.

Xu Pingfei did not answer. Instead, she looked at Fang Yusheng. Even Fang Yu’an was waiting for Fang Yusheng to express his stance.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Bo also turned his attention to Fang Yusheng.

Fang Yusheng chuckled and said to Xu Pingfei, “Why are you all looking at me? Aunt Xu, you gave birth to Qingqing and raised her. Naturally, you have to make the decision on her marriage. My identity today is just Qingqing’s elder brother.”

Fang Yusheng did not intend to interfere in this matter.

Upon hearing this, Xu Pingfei heaved a sigh of relief. She said to Jiang Bo and the others, “It’s like this. We don’t lack money. It’s meaningless to ask for money.”

Upon hearing Xu Pingfei’s words, everyone looked at each other.

If money was meaningless, what did she want?

Xu Pingfei stared at Jiang Wei with a serious expression. She said, “Jiang Wei, I don’t want anything from your Jiang Family. Qingqing doesn’t lack these things as well.”

“What does Auntie want?” Jiang Wei waited solemnly for Xu Pingfei’s answer.

Xu Pingfei said, “I only want a promise from you.”

The private room was so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

Xu Pingfei said, “You must be honest, loyal, and loving.” Xu Pingfei looked straight at Jiang Wei’s young and handsome face. Jiang Wei’s heart skipped a beat, shocked by Xu Pingfei’s motherly love for Fang Yuqing.

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