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Chapter 316: I Want to Marry You

Wei Shuyi seriously thought about her words and realized that she was right.

He fell silent.

Jiaren Wu continued to eat her fruit. She peeled an orange and called out to Wei Shuyi. Wei Shuyi raised his head, but before he could see what was happening, an orange slice was passed to his mouth.

“Open your mouth,” Jiaren Wu ordered him.

Wei Shuyi subconsciously opened his mouth and ate the orange.

It was quite sweet.

After having their fill, the two of them walked down the stairs and heard someone complaining about how expensive the restaurant was.

“Three hundred yuan for one person? The homemade fruits are not even fresh. The oranges today were sour and not delicious at all.”

“I won’t be coming next time.”

Wei Shuyi frowned.

Was the orange sour?

He thought it was sweet.

At this moment, Jiaren Wu also started to complain, “I don’t think it tasted good either. That orange was probably bought at a cheap fruit shop. It was dry and sour.”

Wei Shuyi thought that he might have eaten a fake orange.

Maybe my taste buds are damaged.

“I don’t want to go home so early.” Jiaren Wu still wanted to spend some time with Wei Shuyi.

Wei Shuyi understood what she was trying to say. After a moment of silence, he brought up the topic of shopping. Jiaren Wu replied, “Sure! I haven’t properly thanked you for bringing so many things back from Sanya last time. How about this, pick a gift that you like, and I’ll give it to you.”

After thinking for a while, Jiaren Wu added, “If it costs more than 5,000 yuan, then forget it.”

Wei Shuyi chuckled and walked side by side with her to Binjiang City’s main street. As they walked, he said to Jiaren Wu, “I bet you don’t have any savings.”

“Nonsense, I do!” Jiaren Wu’s voice was very loud.

Wei Shuyi added, “Then, it’s definitely not much.”

This time, Jiaren Wu fell silent.

Wei Shuyi stretched out his finger. He opened one finger and said, “It definitely doesn’t exceed 10,000 yuan.”

Jiaren Wu glared at him. “Could it be that you have a mind-reading ability?” She had no one to rely on. If she did not repay the mortgage and car loan, she would spend as much as she had. Why would she save so much money? Anyway, Jiaren Wu did not have the same consciousness level.

She was a narcotics police officer. She might die one day, and it was not worth the effort to save money for nothing.

Wei Shuyi didn’t answer her.

When they passed by a milk tea shop, Jiaren Wu went to buy two cups of milk tea. She paid for them. When she passed the milk tea to Wei Shuyi, she said, “Treat me to a meal, and I’ll treat you to milk tea.”

Wei Shuyi raised his eyebrows and took the milk tea.

It was an ordinary milk tea. Wei Shuyi hadn’t drunk this kind of tea in the past. He took a sip and realized that the taste was alright, so he drank it slowly.

The two of them drank as they walked.

Suddenly, Jiaren Wu heard the man beside her call out to her.

“Jiaren Wu.”

The name was perfectly articulated. The words were indeed coming from a teacher. When Wei Shuyi called out her name, it was just like a teacher calling out attendance in class, solemn and simple.

This was the first time he had called her by her full name.

Jiaren Wu turned around and looked up at him. “What do you want?”

Wei Shuyi also stopped in his tracks. He lowered his head and stared at Jiaren Wu with a fierce gaze. Jiaren Wu felt flustered. Finally, he mercifully stopped sizing her up and said, “Are you always prepared for an accident?”

Jiaren Wu was stunned and didn’t say anything.

Wei Shuyi stared at her white and delicate face, which was covered in makeup. When he spoke again, there was anger and displeasure in his voice. He said, “You’re spending money extravagantly and don’t have any savings. You know that it’s dangerous for a narcotics police officer to go to a bar, yet you still want to go there. You know that it’s easy to get injured on a motor. You know that eating instant noodles will drag your body down, but you’re still eating them…”

He looked at Jiaren Wu with disappointment and anger in his eyes. “If that’s the case, why did you come and provoke me?”

The last sentence made Jiaren Wu’s heart ache.


Just as Jiaren Wu opened her mouth to say something, Wei Shuyi interrupted her. “As a police officer, shouldn’t you be more responsible? Officer Wu, you don’t even have the hope to live. Isn’t it irresponsible of you to flirt with me?”

“Wei Shuyi.” Jiaren Wu had no choice but to interrupt him.

Wei Shuyi immediately shut up.

There was a rush in Jiaren Wu’s heart. She could not help but ask him, “Are you also a little bit attracted to me?”

Wei Shuyi pursed his lips.

He did not answer the question directly and only said, “Someone who doesn’t have the courage to live is not worthy of my love.”

He turned around and left.

He did not ask for her gift or continue shopping with her.

Jiaren Wu looked at his back and felt desolate.

Wei Shuyi went back the way he came and found his silver Volvo. He sat in the car for a while, but in the end, he was still worried about Jiaren Wu. He drove back to the place where he had left her, but he didn’t see her.

She left?

He drove home and got out of the car. The cold air instantly enveloped him.

Wei Shuyi quickly entered the elevator and went home. He turned on the heater and was about to take a shower when he realized that it was raining outside.

He walked to the window and looked out. After a while, he found his phone and called Jiaren Wu.

The call went through, but she did not pick up.

Wei Shuyi was a little surprised.

Is she angry?

He threw his phone aside to take a shower.

After coming out of the shower, Wei Shuyi picked up his phone and glanced at it again. There was still no reply.

He cursed and turned off his phone.

Wei Shuyi fell asleep under the blanket.

After an unknown period, he vaguely heard the doorbell ring.

Wei Shuyi turned over, thinking that it was an illusion.

Ding Dong!

Ding Dong!

The doorbell rang again.

In the end, it seemed that the person knew that the owner of the room had fallen asleep and stopped ringing the doorbell.

Wei Shuyi woke up.

He stared out the window for a long moment.

Did someone really ring the doorbell?

Pulling the blanket away, Wei Shuyi found his cotton slippers, put them on, and walked toward the door in deep thought. He opened the screen and saw a trail of wet footprints outside the door, but he didn’t see anyone.

Did someone really come here?

As a man, he wasn’t worried that bad people would come. Wei Shuyi opened the door and didn’t see anyone by the door, but he saw a water stain on the doorbell. He narrowed his eyes and thought for two seconds before suddenly running to the elevator and going downstairs.

He chased after the person from the first floor and stepped out of the building’s gate. Finally, he saw someone walking toward the gate with their back facing him.

It was Jiaren Wu. She was still wearing the clothes she had worn in the day, walking alone in the hazy drizzle. It was unknown how long she had stayed in the rain, but her body was wet, and her long hair, which was draped over her shoulders, was drenched. Strands of it were clinging onto her body.

What happened?

Wei Shuyi couldn’t care less and ran into the rain.

Jiaren Wu felt someone grab her finger, and she felt a wave of heat. She coldly turned her head and stared at Wei Shuyi’s hand for a second before slowly raising her head to look at him.

Wei Shuyi saw a tearful face.

“You…” Wei Shuyi was shocked and worried. “What happened?”

Jiaren Wu’s body seemed to be trembling.

The rain and tears hung on her face. Her lips quivered for a while before she said, “He’s dead.”

Wei Shuyi’s heart skipped a beat. He had a bad feeling.

“Who died?”

“M-Master is dead. He was shot to death by those people…” Jiaren Wu’s eyes were filled with grief.

Wei Shuyi had gone away after leaving her behind. Jiaren Wu wanted to chase after him to explain herself, but at that moment, her senior had called her.

Her master was dead.

“Chief Song is dead?” Wei Shuyi felt that something was amiss. He had seen Chief Song before. Chief Song was always smiling. When he spoke to Jiaren Wu, there was a hint of adult concern in his voice. He was also a little unprofessional.

Jiaren Wu remained silent.

She was still in a daze.

When she had seen Chief Song’s body in the hospital, she was stunned. After regaining her senses, she had realized that she was standing in front of Wei Shuyi’s house. Thinking that Wei Shuyi was already asleep, Jiaren Wu had left.

Her body slowly came to a stop.

Jiaren Wu covered her face with her hands. Tears and rain fell onto her fingertips.

Wei Shuyi heard her say, “Uncle Song was a very good person. Back then, he was the one who sent me to the police academy. On the day I graduated, he was also the one who represented my parents. He was only in his forties. How could he die?

“Master’s wife…”

Jiaren Wu wailed, unable to speak.

Wei Shuyi felt bad seeing her crying so sadly.

He bent down, picked her up in his arms, and brought her back to his home. When they entered Wei Shuyi’s home, Jiaren Wu was still crying.

To Jiaren Wu, Song Cheng’s existence was no different from her father’s. Song Cheng’s death had made her sad.

After thinking for a while, Wei Shuyi carried Jiaren Wu onto his bed.

He took off her coat and lace dress. Seeing that she was still wearing a set of warm clothes, Wei Shuyi said, “Go take a hot shower. You can’t catch a cold.”

Jiaren Wu stood up from his bed and went to the bathroom in a daze.

Wei Shuyi stood at the same spot in silence for a while before following her into the bathroom.

He filled the bathtub with hot water and removed Jiaren Wu’s clothes in no time. He even took off her undergarments. Then, he placed her into the bathtub and said, “Soak in here for a while. Wash your hair too.” He then carried her wet clothes and left the bathroom.

Jiaren Wu stopped crying.

As the hot water enveloped her body, her rationality gradually returned.

However, Song Cheng’s remains couldn’t help but appear in her mind. Jiaren Wu wanted to cry a few times, but in the end, she held it in. After taking a bath, she wrapped a towel around herself and walked out of the bathroom. She saw the folded clothes on the bed.

It was actually a female outfit.

Jiaren Wu was a little surprised, but she didn’t ask.

These clothes seemed to have been worn by someone else. Jiaren Wu put them on with mixed feelings.

When she walked out of the bedroom, Wei Shuyi was cooking something in the kitchen with an apron on. Hearing the commotion, he turned around and saw that the clothes he gave Jiaren Wu were quite fitting. He then looked away. Jiaren Wu walked into the kitchen and asked him, “Whose clothes are these? Did another woman come to your house and live here often?”

Wei Shuyi frowned when he heard the typical tone of a wife questioning her husband.

Knowing that Jiaren Wu was in a bad mood, Wei Shuyi did not tease her and explained the origin of the clothes. “Xiao Sheng used to live here. All of these clothes are spring clothes. If it’s cold, take my jacket and wear it.”

Hearing this, Jiaren Wu finally felt relieved.

She went back to her room and put on Wei Shuyi’s sweater.

Jiaren Wu was 1.7 meters tall, but she was very thin. When she wore Wei Shuyi’s sweater, she found it was quite wide for her.

Wei Shuyi passed the ginger soup to her. “Drink it.”

Jiaren Wu thanked him and lowered her head to drink the pungent ginger soup.

Wei Shuyi brought the hairdryer over. He found the plug and plugged the dryer in before sitting down on the sofa. Seeing Jiaren Wu looking at him, Wei Shuyi said, “Come here.”

Normally, if Wei Shuyi wanted to blow dry her hair for her, Jiaren Wu would have been over the moon. No matter what, she would bicker with and tease him. However, today, she obediently got up from her chair and walked to the sofa in the living room.

However, Jiaren Wu sat in Wei Shuyi’s arms.

Wei Shuyi’s body froze for a moment. In the end, he decided to let her touch him once.

He blew her hair and said nothing throughout.

When her hair was half dry, Jiaren Wu suddenly leaned her head on Wei Shuyi’s shoulder. Wei Shuyi lowered his head to take a look, then turned off the hairdryer and placed it beside him. He didn’t hug Jiaren Wu back, but neither did he push her away.

“Senior Brother said that three of our narcotics squad members have already died since he arrived.”

This topic was rather heavy.

Wei Shuyi didn’t dare to speak rashly. He quietly listened without saying anything.

Jiaren Wu added, “There was also the wife of a colleague surnamed Liu who became the target of revenge. In the end, to not implicate Officer Liu, that sister-in-law hung herself and committed suicide. Later on, Officer Liu also resigned and transferred out.”

Wei Shuyi finally placed his hand on Jiaren Wu’s back.

“Senior Brother said that he doesn’t dare to get married.”

Wei Shuyi remained silent.

Jiaren Wu rubbed her head against his collarbone and neck and suddenly said, “But I want to marry you.”

Wei Shuyi was stunned.

The person in his arms raised her head and looked at Wei Shuyi. She said softly, “Before I met you, I never saved money. But after I met you, I’ve already saved six thousand yuan.”

Wei Shuyi’s Adam’s apple bobbed and he felt his throat go dry. “You… Why?”

Jiaren Wu said, “Because of you, I found the motivation to live well.”

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