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Chapter 477 Splitting the Moon Stone

At the very least, Ancestor Qingtian’s array formation was better than his.

The Great Abyss Master shook his head seriously and said, “In this world, no one can undo the array formation set up in the Xiang Sea, but you can!”


Black Crow was very certain. Even Lin Xuan did not dare to guarantee it. Could it be that the Great Abyss Master actually knew him better than him? What other talents did he have that had not been discovered?

The Great Abyss Master said, “Since you could use your sword to cut off the thing that imprisoned me back then, you can also rely on that sword to break the array formation under the Xiang Sea.”

“Lin Xuan, you’re even more powerful than you think!”

Suddenly, the Great Abyss Master said such a solemn sentence to him. Lin Xuan seemed to be stunned and only reacted after a moment.

“Since you say so, if I don’t open this, does it seem that I’m not very good?”

Although Lin Xuan said this, in the next second, a sword appeared in his hand. The body of the sword was very simple and had not been polished. It was like a sword embryo and did not have much power.

However, the sword was suffused with red sword qi. It was obvious that this was not an ordinary item.

“Last time, when I took a look at this sword, it was an immortal sword. I’m afraid it took countless resources to create this sword. Even if it’s against the immortal in the sky, this sword is invincible.”

“Even if I’ve lived for ten thousand years, I’ve never seen a sword with such power. Last time, I wanted to ask you, where did you obtain this sword?”

Lin Xuan gently waved his sword, and the red sword qi was like a light that carried countless killing intent.

“I have my own opportunities. Do I have to tell you?”

The Great Abyss Master looked at Lin Xuan, who was holding the sword with one hand. At this moment, his slightly young face was contrasted with red sword qi, and the killing intent on his face was fully displayed.

The Great Abyss Master thought that he was a big shot and did not have the same knowledge as the Lin family’s little brat. He flung his black sleeve behind him and pointed at the sea, “The spiritual array is under here.”

Lin Xuan turned around to look at the Great Abyss Master and asked, “I can just swing my sword down?”

The Great Abyss Master glared, “Of course not. What are you thinking! You have to destroy the array core. Do you think you’re invincible now? Can you destroy the array core by waving it at this huge sea?”.

“Aren’t I asking you? I don’t know!” Lin Xuan said very impatiently, “Lead the way. The sooner we resolve this matter, the sooner we can leave this Xiang Sea.”

“I don’t want to stay on the Xiang Sea at all.”

The Great Abyss Master waved his hands and said, “Even I don’t know where this array core is. Only Black Crow knows.”

“Then quickly bring him out and let him lead the way!”

“Saint Child, go to the dark room and see if he can come out now.”

Lin Xuan rolled his eyes and asked, “What do you mean?”

The Suanni hurriedly took a step forward and replied, “Because the backlash was too serious, Black Crow can’t move an inch now. If we don’t treat him in time, I’m afraid we’ll be helpless next.”

Only then did Lin Xuan remember that Black Crow had suffered a very serious backlash and fought with the Great Abyss Master. He was already in poor condition, and now, he was probably even worse.

Lin Xuan felt that it was a little troublesome, “Then I’ll treat him first?”

The Great Abyss Master had this intention. He was still afraid that Lin Xuan had the habit of holding a grudge and did not want to treat Black Crow. Since Lin Xuan mentioned it himself, it could not be better.

Lin Xuan had no choice but to enter the dark room and inject a wisp of True Dragon Qi into Black Crow. After Black Crow’s expression improved a little, he fed him a few fruits under the pained gaze of the baby dragon.

“Just based on the few fruits I gave you today, your life belongs to me. You have to remember my kindness in the future and think of ways to repay me.”

“Otherwise, what I did today will be a loss.”

Lin Xuan stroked Black Crow’s messy demonic power again and again as he muttered to himself.

However, Black Crow was still heavily injured. He could hear Lin Xuan’s words but could not answer him. He could not even respond to the expression on his face.

When Black Crow recovered slightly, Lin Xuan brought him to the bottom of the Xiang Sea.

The black fog that Black Crow carried with him wrapped around the few of them. Everyone could not sense the passage of time in the black fog. It was as if they had arrived with a whoosh.

When the black fog wrapped around them dispersed, Lin Xuan felt that it was still pitch-black in front of him, but he could sense the changes in the surrounding water and knew that they were now in the depths of the sea.

“Dual-pupils!” As soon as Lin Xuan finished speaking, a golden light flashed in his eyes. Then, everything around him slowly entered his eyes.

They were now in an extremely narrow trench. Since they were standing in a straight line, they were squeezed in this narrow trench.

Looking up, he could see a long gap with a little light.

Lin Xuan looked around and did not discover the array formation mentioned by the Great Abyss Master.

He could not help but ask, “Where’s the array formation you mentioned?”

A hoarse, haggard voice said, “In here.”

Black Crow pointed at the gap in front of him.

“The array formation is under this moon stone and is suppressed by it. If you want to break the array formation, you have to break this moon stone first.”

Lin Xuan nodded, “Isn’t this a very simple matter? It’s just a stone.”

He took two steps towards Black Crow and pushed him away from the gap. Indeed, he saw a palm-sized stone pressing something.

It was small, but it contained dense spiritual qi.

“I didn’t expect the spiritual qi here to be so dense?”

Earlier, Lin Xuan had not discovered that the spiritual qi here was richer and purer than the spiritual qi of their Lin family’s main branch.

“Can I dig it away?” Lin Xuan suddenly asked.

Black Crow suddenly smiled. “As long as you can take it away, I’ll be more than happy!”

Such dense spiritual qi was enough for the Lin family disciples to cultivate for a few years, right? Lin Xuan had already deeply experienced how difficult cultivation was without spiritual qi.

Now that such good spiritual qi had crashed into his door, he would be a fool not to pick it up.

Lin Xuan held the immortal sword tightly in one hand. The red sword qi on the ancient immortal sword drew a long blade and headed towards the small moon stone.

This red sword qi was like a shadow. Almost in an instant, a cracking sound was heard. The small moon stone was cut in half by the red sword qi.

Black Crow originally did not have any hope on his face. He looked at Lin Xuan with no fluctuation in his eyes, but at this moment, when he looked at the moon stone that was split into two, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

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