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The next day, inspector Hill went off.

It's recognized as a labyrinth here, and certainly that I'll become a right holder of the labyrinth.

And if this is recognized as a labyrinth, it's as expected that a large number of people will come.

So it is necessary to build another hut for accommodation.

Of course, I don't have such an obligation, but they say “Poverty dulls the wits”.

What would you imagine if we having a warm meal in a hut in front of those who don't have a building for accommodation.

First of all you'll feeling bad. It's fine if only that, but you are in trouble if there malicious behavior – for example robbery.

So, in order to avoid such a situation … Well, even if you have to close your eyes for some trouble, it's necessary to arrange living environment to some extent.

Besides, Irvin is supposed to be stationed as a policeman, so we have to secure a place for stay.

Last time I offered the hut to Irvin-san, it will be necessary to add a hut for adventurers to stay.

This time, I have tools and nails paid to Irvin-san, so it will be possible to build it with a good pace.

And one more thing.

I made a small hut with the same size as the toilet next to my house.

In this area aimed to be part of the industry, and to make hut for preserved food.

If you want to live here forever, you don’t need money, but If not, when the time come you will need it one day.

There may be situations in which you cannot see a doctor when you get sick because you do not have money. Therefore, source for income that becomes can be a instant money is necessary.

Hill also said that you could not make much money from this labyrinth.

First of all, from preserved food that I got Irvin-san, I found that preserved food in this world was very salty.

In this world spice hasn't been developed might be the case. The flavor is very poor.

It also affected dried meat etc ……The dried meat was really dry and salty.

So, for now I decided to set my goal to make delicious dried meat.

First make the lower half of the hut with a stone framework for fire resistance.

The upper half of the hut was made of wood and the gap was filled with leather and straw to strengthen the sealing.

However, if completely sealed, the fire inside will disappear, so we will have a vent in the gap between the stone wall and the wood.

And next make a large barrel, mix water and fruit juice, and put large amount of salt to improve the preservability.

This pickle soup with beef -This boar is a monster called Morax by Rudis – and pickles as seasoning.

Originally it need to be soaked for few days before pickled, but in this world you skip the process.

If you soak it overnight, the taste very good.

The next step is to apply spices to the meat and rubbing on it.

According to Alicia instructions, collect spices that are suitable for food and combined them to make taste good.

This was made by myself by mixing growing plants on the grassland and the spices obtained from the labyrinth.

It's a surprise because it's completed with flavor from certain big fried chicken shop at grassland.

Alicia's knowledge cheat isn't normal.

Carefully coat the soaked meat with spice.

Hang the meat in the cabin where it's coated firmly, and smoke it on fragrant wood in the stone work.

Yes, it isn't just dried meat, but making to smoked food.

Fortunately, a tree resembling an apple, called Ririn, released a sweet and sour aroma and it seemed to fit smoked, so I use it.

To cook roast beef, it only need to be smoked for one hour. If it smoked for two hours, it could be preserved food for a short term with a slightly moist feeling left.

And smoked over four hours for a long-term preservation, it will almost completely drained the moisture.

I made these three kinds and tried it with Alicia, and it was quite delicious.

I originally liked cooking, but it feels a bit strange that there's no failure.

Perhaps the seasoning, are correction from Yumir's ability values from dexterity and knowledge.

Even if you do something off from the main road, there is a possibility that the high ability value is recovering the failure.

Well, It's fine either way …. for Alicia it's delicious.

“If you eat too much, won't your chin hurts? Even if I said that I added a taste, it's still a dried meat.”

“Un, but a little bit more …”

Is it unusual for Alicia to have dried flesh with fruit flavor, but despite spice ingredients it's still child’s jaw, she was chewing forever on dried meat.

It might not be good if you don't stop soon. And it has many salt on it.

“It’s bad for your body if you the same thing. Here, why don't you eat this one?”

“Un, is this a fruit?”

Instead of dried meat I offered lightly smoked Ririn fruit.

Originally smoked fruits are, smell much because the smell mixed each other.

It's because ordinary dried meat don't damage the flavor of the fruits.

However, smoking the Ririn fruit with a Ririn tree it seemed a bad idea.

In fact, the flesh was softened by cooking it lightly, and the sugar was thicker to make the sweetness more excellent.

Up to this point it's the same as dried fruit, but the unique smell is also added, and it brings out a more complex flavor.


“That's great, looks like it worked just fine.”

“Mu … … Yu-nee, did you make me as”Experiment”?”

“Ahaha, that's no way.”

Answer and smile, while averting my gaze.

Alicia got outraged from my obviously a lie and hiting me.(pokapoka)


“Waa! Hey, Wipe your hands! Didn't I became sticky now.”

“It’s revenge!”

This evening, I being pushed down by a beautiful girl, and was able to gain a very exciting experience.

In the future I'll try to lead this direction. If I overdo it, I'll be disliked.

We completed the hut in two weeks, built a smoked cabin in a week, succeeded in practical use of smoked in the next week.

It's a few days remaining until Irvin comes again.

I would like to increase the number of “goods” a little more during this period.

“So I'll try to make cheese today.”


Cheese is an example from cold smoke method. In other words, it something you can't make in a week or so.

So let's try to make cottage cheese from non fermented cheese.

Prepare Morax milk in a small bottle, and a little salt.

Warm it up and squeeze out the fruit juice similar to lemon called Limona here.

Then milk fat is separated and solidified.

Filter this with cloth (which I also received from Irvin-san), squeeze it, and then expose it to water and drop the lemon ingredients.

This is the only way to complete the cottage cheese.

“I could make cheesecake if I had eggs or sugar,”

“Wish, I want it”

“Sorry, I don't have any sugar.”


You might be able to make a rare cheesecake.And if you want to make sweets, you also want to make butter…….

if I’m not mistaken, put salt to the cream, heat it, sterilized,and centrifuged it will bring out more taste, right?

“Well a lot of milk has left, should I try it next time?”


“But there's no sugar, so don't expect it to much.”

“Muu ……”

After all, it seems that there's a limit even if you say that some supplies can be replenish.

Types of local materials are limited.

Since fruit can be taken abundantly, it may be good to substitute jam from there.

Today diner are, vegetable salad in roast beef, cheese on this was served on the table.

The next day, I was unable to forget the disappointed Alicia’s face, so I challenge myself to make a cheese cake.

Because there is no flour, I lay it on a cloth.

Add cream made by shaking milk from cottage cheese, mix thoroughly and put it on a plate.

It's completed by chilling it, but it has been two months since I came to this world. The outside temperature is already midsummer.

Therefore I equipped with a one-handed sword called BlueIce sword(蒼霜剣) that can use magic to freeze enemies, and used ice magic called “freeze blast” in wooden box.

If you securely seal the place where the inside has been frozen, it will be a simple refrigerator.

Put the cheesecake in this wooden box to cool it and it will be completed.

Next, boil the Ririn fruit to make a jam.

The cheese cake itself uses cheese separated by using lemon, so there is a refreshing flavor but it probably not enough for a child like Alicia.

Therefore I need to make a jam for the topping.

There is no sugar, but the fruits that can be taken from this labyrinth are very high in sugar. Wouldn’t it be classified as a luxury item even if it was a single item?

Anyway, because it's made by crushing nuts, there is enough sweetness to become substitute for sugar.

Make a lot of jam and keep it away to make it into goods.

Even just spreading on a bread roll and eating it, you'll be able to enjoy a different taste.

Then dissolve the jam with water, stir it and leave it as it is.

If you put this on a chilled cheese cake, Alicia will be delighted as well.

So, when it comes to Alicia…….

“No, You can't dab it”

“I, I didn't.”

“Did you try to open that box?”

“Well, I just wanted to see it …”

It seemed I wasn't bothered any more.

As expected girls seems weak to sweetness. Even such a small child, it seems that she inherited it.

I also feel somewhat restless.

I like cooking and I also like sweet things, but this time I feel excited.

I have been eating fruit regularly since I settled here, even though I shouldn't be starving without sweet, but it can't be helped and keep wanting it.

Because both of us feels restless like an idiot, we decided to whip the remaining creams and putting multiple Suri fruits.

Suri fruit is like a strawberry that is harvested from grassland.

“It would be hardened after diner, so for now let's leave it as it is. Okay?”


Cream is applied with sweet fruits that resemble strawberries but sweeter than strawberries, and the cake is complete both of them will kill time.

I wonder if I could say such a thing as a planning?

By the time we finished eating dinner, their stomachs were swollen.

Eventually the cheesecake was eaten next morning instead of eating breakfast.

The next day I decided to stay in the labyrinth after a long time.

Of course, it isn't like I didn't enter the labyrinth.

I went to the labyrinth every time there wasn't enough materials, and every morning I went to the small room to take a bath and wash my face at the fountain.

But that’s not the purpose of today.

“Listen, Alicia. It feels like this……. I’m looking for a tree that looks sturdy and has L shape.And absolutely don't separate from me.”

“I understand, because Yu-nee is”Worrisome””

“I'm worried because Alicia won't aware to surrounding if too excited.And might get kidnapped from being cute.”

“Eee, I don't want to!”

Threatening her lightly threatening, she hugged me with her body.

Of course Alicia understands what I'm saying is half joke. Because this girl is a really clever child.

But this feeling is going to be a habit …… I embraced her unintentionally and rubbing my cheek.

If you are a man, this action without mistake will be reported, but the current me it's okay. Perhaps.

This smooth cheeks are very comfortable.

Anyway … Anyway, today’s purpose is to make backpack.

With Alicia’s physical strength, her limit is until the fifth floor even using shortest distance.

If you try to dive deeper than that, you will need to overcome her endurance problems.

Of course it's best for herself to maintain her physical endurance, but maybe I can't wait that far.

―- Maybe we’ll have to cross the grasslands.

People who come to the labyrinth aren't always good people.

In some cases, there may be a situation where we can't escape.

So to be able to travel at any time …. and for that, it's necessary to make a way to maintain her physical strength.

If I carry her with a backpacker, I can go to a deeper place in the labyrinth and it's a last resort to cross the meadow.

Of course, if a battle occurs in the labyrinth, I can't afford to carry her.

You can't cope with unexpected circumstances if you don't make herself walk in order to go through the unexplored zone.

However, if it's already discovered, it won't be a problem. You only have to jump off into battle.

Nails and metal parts were also available, and if you make a sturdy backpack, the explore range will expand.

For that reason, I wanted a tree with suitable shape.

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