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Regarding the evolution of the trash skill 「prediction」 into 「everything I say becomes true」Living a slow life with ☆Bricks・Bricks・Bricks! Chapter 1: It’s better not to have dreams in life



「Fuu. This is the 500th, today’s quota should be fulfilled」

Today I also find myself savoring the moment I finish stacking bricks to a height of 2 meters.

「Not good, not good. I have to make a final confirmation」

I still can’t say that my work here is over. I check whether or not there is no problem with today’s pile of bricks. Besides, I need to save up the tools.

「Yeah. A perfect job, no one could possibly complain about it. Confirmation is over. What remains to be done is to save up the tools」

He is called Jute. He is currently 18 years old. He has a height of 180 centimeters, a dark skin and a well built body due to having always worked under the sun. He has worked for two years, 6 days a week, stacking 500 bricks daily.

Most of the buildings here have been built by piling bricks. When one is finished, another starts. There is never a shortage of work in stacking up bricks.

However, being a job recognized as a job that anyone can do, the salary is not high. No matter how hard you try, the salary is no more than 5 big copper coins a day.

「Then, I’m going」

Recently I’ve been working with a 18 year old boy called Sonin, a boy of the same age as me. For him who until recently worked as an adventurer, this type of work is hard.

「Oh. The bricks are not well aligned. It’s not good if they don’t fit well」

I didn’t tell such a thing to Sonin. Although it was something that had caught my attention, I stopped from saying it.

Previously such thing had happened and since I couldn’t get it out of my head I went and asked the inspector.

「Ah, it should be fine. After all, it’s not more than a small one-story house which will be built here. It should fine even if it’s a bit misaligned」

It’s like that. It seems that the good feeling that causes to see all the bricks aligned perfectly it’s an obsession of mine.

After cleaning the cement of my precious tools and ordering them, I decided to go home.


Today is the day when I eat outside. The place I chose is one that I go to twice a week and look forward to, the bar『Black Cat Bower』.

The one who welcomed me was Milly-chan. She is this establishment’s helper, a girl of about 14 years old about to turn 15 and becoming an adult.

It’s not like I don’t like drinking but I come to this place for the mood of the bar rather than the alcohol.

Given that the majority who frequent this place are regular people, once alcohol enters the game, only cheerful talk comes out.

「Hey Brick Lover. Were you able to pile up 500 bricks today too?」

「Yes, I’ve finished stacking 500 bricks」

In this tarvern I’m called by the regular people as 「Brick Lover」. The reason is that I'm recognized as a man who does the boring job of stacking up bricks everyday.

「I’m really serious when I say that I don’t know how you can handle doing the same tedious work every day」

He’s called Buffalo, one of the regulars. He is a person who is always ahead of me, and whenever he has me in his sights, he always starts with the “500th brick” talk. It’s kind like a greeting.

「 Of course, I don’t dislike doing that kind of work. It takes time but it’s fun seeing how everything fits perfectly」

「If you are having fun then I suppose it’s okay. But for me it’s impossible. I can’t do such a boring work」

His job is delivery clerk. Specialized in moving heavy goods. He accepts job from stores and the like and move their luggage. His pride is being able to carry twice the weight of a normal person.

Among the regulars, I’m sure he’s the one with the most muscles.

「Oh yeah Brick Lover. What about tomorrow weather?」

《Ping Pong》

「Tomorrow’s weather will be cloudy followed by rain. Especially in the evening, there will be a heavy rain」

「Oh come on, are you serious? I’m supposed to carry a lot of luggage tomorrow」

Although I’m called Brick Lover, I also have another nickname,「Weather Forecast」

Everyone receives a special ability when they turn 15, and mine is,


It’s the ability to predict the most likely possibility that could happen when me or somebody else ask a question.

It’s that kind of skill.

「Sigh. Rain? Whenever the weather it’s bad it makes me want to quit my job」

「It’s impossible, your only strong point is your strength. So give up」

「Even I have a dream, you know? My dream is to use this strength to become an adventurer who wields a great sword. Don’t you think I could excel as an adventurer?」

《Ping Pong》

「Should you become an adventurer, you will start to hunt monsters recklessly and eventually fail as an adventurer」

「What in the world have you said!」

Sigh, I did it again.

Sometimes my 「Prediction」 comes out accidentally of my mouth.

And being a prediction that nobody likes to hear, my human relationships end up getting worse every time.

This is one of the reasons why I am working as a brick stacker.

If it’s a job related with people then my predictions will be an obstacle and I will be hated for it.

That’s why I chose a job where I only need to pile up bricks and could work in silence.

Every day I stack bricks in the same way. A fitting job for someone clumsy as me.

I’m still using the prediction skill properly. Every day I use my skill before I start working so as to know if a problem is going to arise or not.

And although I can not say the same when dealing with a job related with people, my prediction skill helps a lot with my job.

It could be that my vocation is piling up bricks.


You can hear bar owner greeting the new customer with a loud voice from the back.

Milly-chan is currently carrying a dish.

「Oh, it’s you guys. It’s been a long time」

「Indeed. It’s been over two years. I came to visit since I was back in town」

They should be adventurer swordsman..

They are equipped with leather armors and long swords made of metal.

Judging by their equipment they should be C-class adventurers.

「I missed this place so much that the first thing I did when coming back is to come here」

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