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A New World

The place he returned to.
A new world and meeting new people.

Book 3-9.1

A large scale warrior training occurred in Pareia for the first time in a long time. It was a training focused on attacking, defending, and requesting reinforcements from the individual oases, as well as quickly gathering at the largest oasis where Yulian was located.

Since Pareia was in the middle of a significant development, it had been a long time since they had a large scale training like this. Even the warriors were slightly nervous about this upcoming training.

It made sense they were nervous; because they were all assigned to different tasks to help develop the tribe’s economic base, there had only been smaller scale trainings for a long time. This was actually one of the concerns that many of the Greatest Warriors were worried about the most.

Yulian and the Greatest Warriors knew that the warriors needed these types of large scale training and decided to periodically have these trainings as they scheduled the future training sessions.


Once Haisha came to visit him, Yulian looked up from the pile of paperwork in front of him.

“What is going on?”

“Are you busy?”

“Speak. It seems like you have something important to say.”

“We are hoping that you can give us some time to train as a group. Individual training is not very helpful to us right now.”

Yulian lamented the fact that he had been so busy lately and had neglected the Red Storm as he responded to Haisha.

“I haven’t been able to spend any time with all of you. Once we settle this training schedule and a couple other larger matters, I will participate as well. I’ve been concerned that I haven’t had time to train properly lately as well.”

“Well… with the Glow’s permission, we are thinking about heading back to the Monster’s Desert. We need hands-on experience to test out the areas we believe we have gotten stronger in.”

“The Monster’s Desert?”

“Yes. Last time we went under the Glow’s protection, but we believe that we are now strong enough to handle it on our own.”

Haisha’s comments made Yulian think about the things that happened underneath the desert sand.

He was curious about what happened to Mai, and since his master was not here, he was also curious about Luff, the person who could accurately tell him his strength level, and what he may have been up to.

“I will go with you as well.”

“Aren’t you busy?”

“Shouldn’t I get a bit stronger since I am called the symbol of the warriors? Furthermore, there is nothing special I need to do other than training with the warriors. I just need to read over Runa’s plan and approve it.”

Once Yulian started to talk about Runa, Haisha’s expression turned a bit darker. It was still difficult for him to get along with Runa.

“You can relax around him. The Red Storm are the best of the best warriors.”

“That is indeed the case.”

“He is a warrior as well. Not one who speaks through his strength and courage, but one who speaks with his wisdom. To hate on a fellow warrior who has pledge his loyalty to me makes my heart ache, Haisha.”

“My heart does not allow me to do so yet, Glow.”

Yulian stood up from his seat and started to pat Haisha’s back as he answered.

“Let’s go. This training, let’s have some fun with it.”

“They are talking about catching a Sand Dragon. You will have to allow us to do so this time.”

Seeing Haisha talk as if his mind has cleared, Yulian nodded his head.

“Of course. Anyways, if you manage to catch a Sand Dragon, am I the final goal?”

“Hahaha, how did you know? Right now, Thrint or I are serving as their opponent, but our goal is definitely the Glow.”

Yulian shrugged his shoulders as he answered.

“Feel free to come at me whenever you want. I enjoy a good spar as well.”

“Not just yet, hahaha.”

The two of them looked at each other as they walked out of the paoe.

When Yulian announced that he was planning on heading off for a month to train with the Red Storm, it was actually Runa who had a look of disapproval.

There was a problem with the Glow, who was the final decision maker, leaving his position for a whole month.

“There should be no problems since Grace, Pere, and many of the Greatest Warriors will still be here. And since Yarumaha-nim is here as well, if there are any unique problems, you can discuss it with him.”

Yulian calmed Runa down that way as he started to head to the Monster’s Desert with Red Storm.

This time, the Red Storm went further in than where they had set their base camp last time.

They were confident, and since they were split into three squads with Triquel’s death, each of their squads had more people as well. As a result, they felt like they should be fine traveling a bit further in.

“It will not be any fun to just train. But it is not like it would seem like a punishment if I did the same thing as last time and said I will put you through harsh training.”

The Red Storm warriors started to laugh at Yulian’s words.

“To the squad that gets first place this time, I will give each of you 10 pinas and 5 pirmas as a reward.”


“Since we are now recognizing private property, you will each get to keep half of the Monster’s Souls that you collect during this hunt.”


Seeing the warriors responding positively, Yulian lifted up his hand as he continued to speak.

“As you are all accomplished warriors, I will not say much. I’m sure you all know what I want to say. All I will say is this. Do not do anything that will make my heart fall.”


“For one month starting from now, let out your skills to the best of your abilities. It will be good if you can find a way to continue to improve yourself from this training. When I am not here, Haisha will be the leader. Alright then, let us start.”


Almost immediately after Yulian finished speaking, each squad quickly left a few members to protect the base camp and started to quickly leave to hunt.

Yulian called Haisha and the other squad leaders to re-emphasize the safety of the warriors.

“Are you thinking about going somewhere?”

Yulian pointed to the ground with his hand at Shubeon’s question.

“I plan to go down there again. There is someone to meet down there.”

“We don’t need to worry about the Glow’s safety, right?”

As Shubeon said something that combined both concern and sarcasm, Yulian started to laugh as he answered.

“I don’t know. It might make a good story for Pareia’s Glow to be captured by the Demon King underground and the Red Storm rescues their Glow.”

“That is terrible even if it is just a joke. Please be safe.”

Yulian laughed once more at Haisha’s comment and reached out his hand toward Haisha.

“Please let me borrow it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The Golden Turtle.”


Haisha scratched the back of his head as he took out a Golden Turtle the size of his palm from his chest.

“I received less injuries in the last war thanks to this punk. I guess he really is a turtle since he blocked all the arrows and shamshirs that almost nicked me.”

“He is useful like that as well?”

“At first, he only tried to run away from me, but as time went by, he has no intentions of leaving me now.”

“What an amazing animal.”

Haisha shook his head as he answered.

“Would he be as good as Shopping? Now that I think about it, we should have brought Shopping with us. He would have liked being here. Plus, isn’t piercing through the quicksand river Shopping’s specialty?”

“That punk never wants to leave Grace’s side. Every so often, I feel like the way he looks at Grace is the way you would look at a girlfriend. I have debated quite a bit about whether I need to beat him up at least once.”

“Hahaha. If it is Grace-nim, it is not surprising that anybody would fall for her. But for even Shopping to be that way, hahahahaha.”

Haisha started to laugh at what Yulian had just said and the other warriors started to laugh as well.

Yulian started to speak.

“Then I will take good care of him and return him to you.”

“I understand, Glow. Then we shall head out now.”

“Do not forget what I said.”

Haisha nodded his head to say ‘do not worry,’ as he responded.

“Glow, you be safe as well. Don’t let the story change from saving a beautiful maiden from the Demon King to the Red Storm warriors saving the Glow from the Demon King.”


Everybody laughed out loud once more. Once the Red Storm left, Yulian started to guide his pirma to meet up with Mai and Luff.

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