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Chapter 560 – Defeat

Bian Tianrui opened his eyes wide in shock.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile when he saw Xia Keke’s little glutton like look.

The situation back then…

“Cutting it over and over again is so damn annoying!”

Although the avatars did not possess much defense, and had basically no attack, what was annoying was their regenerative powers. No matter how many times Ye Zichen hacked it to pieces, the avatars would recover to their former glory.

Yet, it just stuck onto him like glue!

“Xuan-Yuan Xiang, do you have a way to get rid of these avatars?” Ye Zichen frowned.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang replied in his consciousness, “I’m trying, don’t be so anxious.”

Don’t be anxious?

Bian Tianrui already went over to where Lil’ White and co. is, how could I not be anxious?

“Zichen-ge,” Just as Ye Zichen was getting extremely frustrated, Xia Keke ran over with a giggle.

Although she was excited to see Ye Zichen, she did not forget to order the experts by her side to go and attack Iron Bull.

“Keke, why did you come over here?”

Ye Zichen wanted to go and welcome her, but the avatars stuck onto him once more.


Ye Zichen could only try to hack them to pieces once again, but they only regenerated over and over again.

Xia Keke walked over with a blink and looked at the two avatars, “What are they for?”

“I don’t know,” Ye Zichen frowned. “Ignore me, go over to where Lil’ White is, they…”

“Don’t worry, Wei Chen already went over.”

“Wei Chen?”

“Yeah, I came here with him,” Xia Keke giggled, then licked her lips, and gulped when she saw the avatars. “I don’t know why, but subconsciously, I want to eat them.”

“Huh?” Ye Zichen was confused.

“One sec,” with that, Xia Keke grabbed one of the avatars and bit down.

After she swallowed, her eyes lit up, as she begun to feast.

In mere moments, she finished the two avatars.

“Burp,” Xia Keke patted her tummy. “Is there more? I want to eat some more!”

“I don’t think so, but… that brat might have some!”

Thus, Ye Zichen and Xia Keke flew over to where Bian Tianrui was.

At the same time, Xia Keke reached out her hands, “Do you have more of those avatars? I didn’t have enough!”

“No!” Bian Tianrui replied with bloodshot eyes. My luck is terrible. Why did I bump into a freak like this who can eat Profound Energy?

“Be more courteous! Can’t you tell what sort of situation you’re in?”

Third Fatty Jin kicked Bian Tianrui. It was all to be expected, after all, Third Fatty Jin can’t get by even a second without acting cockily when he has the chance.

“Do-Do you know who I am!?” Bian Tianrui said angrily with a frown.

Third Fatty Jin rolled his eyes and snorted, “Who cares. You’re our prisoner right now, so stop pretending. Otherwise, grandpa will slap you!”

Third Fatty Jin raised his hand up as if he was going to hit Bian Tianrui. The latter subconsciously closed his eyes, only to hear Third Fatty Jin chuckled, “Look at this grandson, he’s scared!”


Bian Tianrui clenched his teeth.

At that moment, Iron Bull, who was fighting Yang Jian and co. was also hit, and fell down from the sky.

“Young Master!” Iron Bull’s eyes gradually turned red.

Seeing that, Bian Tianrui quickly shook his head and call out, “Don’t.”

With that, he stood up and stared at Ye Zichen, “What do I need to do for you to let me go?”

“The keys!” Ye Zichen reached out his hand.

Xia Keke also added, “And the profound energy you mentioned.”

“Here’s the keys!” Bian Tianrui clenched his teeth, then yanked the two keys off his neck and chucked them to Ye Zichen. After that, he created another avatar…

“I gave you all that you wanted. Can you let me leave now?”

“Please!” Ye Zichen moved aside.

When Bian Tianrui walked over to Iron Bull’s side, Iron Bull frowned, “Young Master, let Iron Bull undo the seal. All of the people here should be killed!”

Bian Tianrui shook his head, then helped Iron Bull off the ground with a smile, “Let’s go.”

As they disappeared quietly from the battlefield, Yang Jian and co. hurried over.

He glanced at where Bian Tianrui and Iron Bull left, then raised his eyebrows, “Letting them leave like that is like allowing a tiger to return to the mountains!”

“In desperation, a dog would jump over a wall, and a rabbit will bite. If we really pushed them against the corner, then we won’t be able to endure the backlash,” Ye Zichen said calmly. “There’s more to them than what meets the eye.”

“Indeed, especially that Iron Bull!” Jail King panted heavily. “I haven’t used so much effort in fighting for a long time. We clearly had the advantage in numbers, yet we were still dominated by that bastard. If it wasn’t because he had his mind on something else, we might not have been able to beat him!”

“Yeah, that grandson is stronger than the monkey,” said Yang Jian.

“He’s that strong?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. He saw that Iron Bull had the strength of a Sky Immortal, and everyone present are powerhouses amongst Sky Immortals. Yet, he actually dominated his opponents…

“Could he be an Immortal King?”

“No, he’s still a Sky Immortal,” a dragon elder shook his head. “But the purity of his spiritual energy is a lot purer than ours, so it has a suppressing effect on our own spiritual energy!”

“I felt the strangeness of his spiritual energy as well,” Yang Jian squinted his eyes. “But I don’t get it. Just where could he be from to have spiritual energy even purer than mine!”

“Where else? Up there,” Wei Chen walked over with a smile and pointed to the sky. “Don’t forget, there’s still people up there.”

“They’re from the Upper Three Realms!?” The dragon elder exclaimed.

“Most likely,” Wei Chen nodded. “Mount Supreme is no simple matter. It’s rather normal for someone from the Upper Three Realms to come down. Let’s not think about so much, and take it as it goes. Oh yeah, what do we do about these people?” Wei Chen pointed at the trembling people on the floor.

Ye Zichen glanced at them, then shook his head, “Tell them to scram!”

“You hear that? Boss Ye told you guys to scram!” Third Fatty Jin immediately took the chance to act cockily. When he passed by one of the people who attacked him, he kicked the person and cursed. “Try bullying me again!”

After cleaning up the battlefield, Ye Zichen subconsciously looked at the enlarged team…

I don’t think the Snow Rabbit Clan’s village can fit us all!

“Young Mater, are you alright?” Iron Bull helped Bian Tianrui walk over to a piece of boulder and sat down.

Bian Tianrui shook his head and smiled, “I didn’t expect us to fall into his trap.”

“Young Master, why didn’t you let Iron Bull…”

“If we undid your seal and slaughtered everyone, then all of the antiques of the Three Realms will come out. When that happens, are you going to fight and die, while I run?” Bian Tianrui frowned and scolded angrily.

Iron Bull scratched his head, “Then what do you think we should do? Our key got taken by them.”

“Mount Supreme haven’t opened up yet, who can be sure of where the keys will end up?” Bian Tianrui snorted.

“Young Master, you want to…” Iron Bull raised his eyebrows.

Bian Tianrui smirked, “Go and contact those people who sought us out. Tell them that I agree to his terms!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

WHAT!? Who is this monstrosity of a girl!? Does she even know how valuable Profound Energy is even in the God Realm? Although my family is rich, and powerful, it was still rather difficult for us to gather Profound Energy. Now… You’re telling me that you… ate it!?

What the heck is wrong with this place!

This is absolutely ridiculous.

Fine, Ye Zichen, you managed to break through… But it doesn’t matter, Iron Bull shall… Wait, what!? How shameless can they get!? There’s like 5 of them over there! What happened to face!? Do they not care about that at all!?

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