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Chapter 556 – Third Fatty Jin’s Return

At that moment, Zuo Hongxin had finally noticed that the black-robed man was intentionally making things difficult for him.

But I’ve never offended an expert of this level… I’ve always been careful. Don’t even talk about angering him, I would speak extremely carefully to an expert of this level all the time…

However, the black-robed man did not care about so much. He merely continued to count down.

“Two. One!”


The tentacle appeared from the black-robed man’s shoulder area once again.

Zuo Hongxin also shouted out, “Don’t, I’ll choose!”


The moment Zuo Hongxin shouted out, the tentacle had already crushed one of the people he had brought over.

It was clear from the few times the black-robed man killed that he was killing Zuo Hongxin’s helpers according to their strength.

He was killing them from strong to weak. At that moment, only one Sky Immortal expert remained amongst them, and he was only at the early stage of the Sky Immortal level.

“You spoke too slowly. You only spoke up after I finished the countdown…” The black-robed man shrugged with a smile, then looked towards Zuo Hongxin, who already had a pale expression. “Choose. Hurry up this time. If you’re too slow, then I will continue.”


Zuo Hongxin clenched his teeth, then eventually let out a long sigh, and asked the Sky Immortal level expert to walk over. At the same time, he also chose two other guest chamberlains who were rather capable in the fields of formation and fortune telling.

“Sir, I finished choosing,” Zuo Hongxin lowered his head humbly.

The black-robed man glanced over with a satisfied nod, “Not bad, you know that the four people includes yourself. I thought you would choose one more, making me eliminate one for you again. Alright, it’s just you four. Enter!”

“Master, then we…”

“You guys stay here. When that black-robed person leaves, then…” Zuo Hongxin whispered, and wanted to give more instructions, but the black-robed man, who sat on the ground, snorted unhappily.

“Hurry up. Or do you want this sovereign to send you over!?”

Hearing that, Zuo Hongxin and the guest chamberlains beside him trembled.

Zuo Hongxin gave a silent signal to the brighter guest chamberlains amongst them, then cupped his hands towards the black-robed man, and departed through the teleportation point.

“You guys…” The black-robed man patted away the dust on his robe and stood up after Zuo Hongxin and co. left.

All of the guest chamberlains who had seen how fast he killed the others gulped subconsciously and took a few steps back.

“Don’t be nervous. As long as you guys don’t piss me off, I won’t kill you guys.”

With that, he casually threw a couple of rocks on the ground, marking out a ten meters by ten meters square. “Enter yourselves, don’t make me force you.”

Tap, tap, tap…

All of the guest chamberlains immediately jogged over.

When they all entered, a barrier immediately erected from the stones, and trapped them within.

“Stay in there properly. You guys will be naturally let out, alive, when everything’s over, but that’s if… you haven’t starved to death by then!”

Xue Lian had intelligently passed the Snow Rabbit Clan’s meeting halls to Ye Zichen and co. The past few days for her had been frightening.


And another one.

She already lost count of how many monarchs she had seen in the past few days, but she had definitely seen more monarchs than she had in her entire life before.

“It seems like there are more and more people entering Mount Biluo these few days,” Ruan Qingtian held a cup of floral tea in his hand. It was floral tea that Ye Zichen had kept in his phone while he was in the Modern Realm. “Brother Ye, your floral tea is pretty nice.”

“Haha!” Ye Zichen smiled. He was unable to remain as calm as Ruan Qingtian did under these sorts of circumstances. “Have you heard any news on Zuo Hongxin recently?”

“No,” Ruan Qingtian twitched his mouth and shrugged. “I saw them enter the other day, but I have no idea where they went afterward, nor have I seen them around these few days. But they shouldn’t have any interest in Mount Supreme, they came to…”

With that, Ruan Qingtian raised his eyebrows at Zuo Mo.

“Stop putting on that look. Do you think I have no idea that he’s coming for me?” Zuo Mo rolled her eyes. “They are making a final stand, and want to finish me here, but there’s no way he’ll get that lucky.”

“Don’t underestimate them.”

Ye Zichen did realize that they had plenty of experts around with Yang Jian, Jail King and Zhuge Hong, so it was impossibly difficult for Zuo Hongxin to deal with Zuo Mo.

However, he still couldn’t help but to remind Zuo Mo not to be too careless. After all, nobody could guess just what sort of nasty tricks Zuo Hongxin might pull.

“I know,” Zuo Mo pursed her lips and smiled. Then she raised her eyebrows. “Are you worrying about me?”

“Mhmm, the temperature outside seems pretty nice. Brother Qingtian, let’s go for a walk,” Ye Zichen stood up from his chair and stretched lazily.

Ruan Qingtian raised his eyebrows towards Zuo Mo with a smile, then nodded towards Ye Zichen, “I feel like this is a pretty good choice.”

“Ugh, they’re pissing me off!” Zuo Mo stomped her feet with a pout as she watched the two leave.

“I sensed someone go over there,” Ye Zichen, who was strolling outside the Snow Rabbit Clan’s village, glanced at the manor on the opposite side.

“Some people indeed went over, but none of them have any keys,” Ruan Qingtian replied.

“We have to pay attention to those without keys. They might come and try to snatch it from us,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

“Naturally, that’s something we can’t avoid. It is just a matter of time,” Ruan Qingtian’s mood was unusually good, and he has not been troubled by the issue at all.

“You’re optimistic,” Ye Zichen said.

“I just came here for some treasure. I don’t care about the inheritance at all. I already took the worst-case scenario in mind, even if my key gets snatched, since each key can take three people excluding the key holder, you can take me inside, right?” Ruan Qingtian smiled.

“We’ll see,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but chuckle at Ruan Qingtian’s carefree words. At that moment…

“Ahh, are you guys bandits? I’ve already ran so far, and yet you’re still f*cking chasing me!” A fatty with a sweatshirt ran in the front at a distance not that far away. Meanwhile, two men with eyepatches chased behind him.

Although the fatty was being chased by them, the fatty was extremely agile, and the two weren’t able to catch up as well.

If it wasn’t for the fatty stopping to throw insults, he would have lost the two ages ago.

“Do you still care about your face? Who’s the bandit here!?” the two men with eyepatches wanted to cry. “Hurry up and return the key to us. Otherwise, the Three Swordsmen of Mount Tang will never be done with you!”

“Three Swordsmen? You guys are just two!” the fatty raised his eyebrows and mocked. “What? You lost your swords, so you have to go and buy some?” the fatty ran forward with a giggle, while revealing his disdain towards them.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he saw that.

This familiar fatty, and the cocky tone…

“Third Fatty Jin!”

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