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Chapter 531 – Art of Soul Guidance

The pill was completely green, while six spiral lines were laid out across its surface, as it glowed faintly.

The fragrance of the pill did not disperse, and one could tell that it was clearly not a normal pill just from looking at its surface.

“This is… a pill you just refined?” Old Lord Taishang was stunned. He carefully put the pill into his hands and sniffed it. “You refined it with the materials I gave you?”

“What do you think? I don’t understand any of this at all. I just refined whatever you put inside,” Ye Zichen smiled while looking at Old Lord Taishang’s surprised demeanor. “How is it? My talent is pretty good, isn’t it?”

“I don’t believe it.” With that, Old Lord Taishang popped the pill into his mouth.

Yue Lao and God of Fortune both set their gazes on Old Lord Taishang. After a while, the latter opened his eyes and grabbed Ye Zichen by his shoulders. “How did you do it? Soul guidance… You actually know how to use your soul to guide it!”

Both God of Fortune and Yue Lao were rather surprised by Old Lord Taishang’s excitement. As one of the Three Pure Ones, and as the imperial pill refiner of the Heavenly Court, Old Lord Taishang hadn’t shown such a demeanor in a very long time.

The previous time he had been that excited was right before the Immortality Peach Feast a thousand years ago when he refined a Level Nine Sky Grade Pill.

“I refined it just like that. How else could I have done it,” in that moment, Ye Zichen finally confirmed that his pill refinement was a success. Actually, the main reason he was able to refine it was because he was dead set on it, then all of a sudden, his soul randomly went into the pill furnace…

He didn’t have a clue about how it happened at all.

“Soul guidance. You are actually capable of soul guidance…”

Old Lord Taishang muttered excitedly to himself as he took a few steps back. Soul Guidance was a technique that any pill refiner would be desperate to learn, and Old Lord Taishang was naturally no exception to that.

However, only geniuses were able of figuring out how to do it. Even though he had refined pills for several hundred thousand years…

He was still clueless about the technique.

“Can you teach me the method of Soul Guidance?” Old Lord Taishang requested like a disciple would.

Both Yue Lao and God of Fortune were dumbfounded. They had never seen a situation like this occur with Old Lord Taishang ever since they came to know each other.

“I’m not so sure,” Ye Zichen scratched his head. He was speaking the truth. Back then, his soul had randomly entered. He didn’t even know what was going on.

All he knew at the time was shape the pill, open the furnace and take the pill out. There was nothing else on his mind.

“Keeping secrets for yourself isn’t the act of a good daoist friend,” Old Lord Taishang raised his eyebrows.

“I really don’t know,” Ye Zichen pleaded his innocence.

“Tsk, never mind. Whatever, this old man doesn’t want to learn it anymore,” Old Lord Taishang replied in annoyance. “Isn’t it just Soul Guidance? Sooner or later, this old man will figure it out for himself!”

Ye Zichen really didn’t know what to say. It was clear that Old Lord Taishang thought that he didn’t want to teach it.

However, in all honesty, he really doesn’t know how to teach it.

Thus, he ignored Old Lord’s sour words, then raised his eyebrows, “Don’t make me feel guilty. I meant it when I said that I don’t know. Also, that pill just now was my hard work, and was actually my first pill ever. You should compensate me since you just ate it, right?”

“Kid, have some conscience. This old man introduced you to the art in good will, and this old man actually tried the pill for you personally, fearlessly. You’re actually telling me to compensate you?” Old Lord Taishang raised his eyebrows and put his hands on his hips.

“Stop bullshitting here, you’re useless if you don’t know the properties of the pills after refining pills for so long. As for what you said about introducing me, can you stop messing around? I didn’t even see you when I finished refining the pill. When I came out, I just saw you playing cards here. You didn’t even say anything from start to finish. Seriously, hurry up and compensate me!” Ye Zichen was completely speechless, so he chose not to argue with Old Lord Taishang, and promptly reached out his hand.

“Then tell me what you want. Isn’t it just a crappy pill?” Old Lord Taishang answered with disdain.

“I want your Pill Refining Manual. You said that you were going to check my talent before I could start. It is definitely clear that my talent is superb. You said that keeping secrets is not a good daoist friend, so don’t hide it!” Ye Zichen answered with a coy smile.

Old Lord Taishang’s expression immediately turned  upon hearing that.

Pill Refining Manual!


“You’re way too daring! You’re actually asking for my Pill Refining Manual, that is seriously way too much. Do you even know what that represents!?” Old Lord Taishang rolled his eyes.

Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile, “Then… give me my pill back. If you can’t do it, then refine one that’s exactly the same as mine was for me!”

“Heh…” Old Lord Taishang suddenly laughed coldly. If I could refine one that’s exactly the same, I wouldn’t have a need to learn the method of Soul Guidance from him.

Ye Zichen glanced at Old Lord Taishang with innocent eyes.

Old Lord Taishang immediately got annoyed when he saw the gaze, “Fine, I’ll give it to you, but don’t get so full of yourself. You can’t refine anything without fire.”

“Didn’t you say I can use Beast Fire?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Old Lord Taishang nodded, “Indeed, but do you think that’s easy to get? I can give you the manual, but contact me after getting Beast Fire. Otherwise, it’s pointless.”

With that, Old Lord Taishang raised his hand, and pushed God of Fortune, Yue Lao as well as Ye Zichen out of the manor with a snort, “Alright, stop bothering this old man. You guys are annoying!”

After pushing the three out, Old Lord Taishang put his hands behind his back, then walked towards the pill refinement room with a loud shout, “All of you, come to the pill refinement room and refine pills!”

“Seriously, that old man…” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his hand after leaving from Old Lord Taishang’s manor.

Since Yue Lao had been his friend for many years, he naturally understood Old Lord Taishang’s personality, “He has an obsessive interest in pill refinement. It would’ve been fine if Sky Sovereign taught him directly!”

“But I really don’t know, Ye Zichen shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “If I actually knew, would I hide it from him?”

Yue Lao and God of Fortune nodded. They understood very well that Ye Zichen wasn’t someone like that.

“Oh yeah, do you guys know where I can get Beast Fire?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but ask. All he lacked to refine pills was fire.

“Uhm… Beast Fire is rather hard to come by. I heard that only the Beast Fire is shed by ten-thousand years old spiritual beasts as they undergo a change, can be used by others. Old Zhao and I are not pill refiners, so we’ve never actually paid much attention to it,” Yue Lao said with a frown. “But if Sky Sovereign wants me to, then I will pay more attention to it from now on.”

“Same here,” God of Fortune agreed.

“Then thanks!” Ye Zichen nodded thankfully, then returned to the True Lord manor after bidding Yue Lao and God of Fortune farewell. It had already been several hours since he left the manor. It’s time for me to see how the fairies are doing!

Original Chapter Teaser:

Old Lord Taishang: …

Ye Zichen: So?

Old Lord Taishang: (murmurs) … This is impossible.

Yue Lao: Old Lord?

Old Lord Taishang: This is impossible!

Ye Zichen: What’s impossible?

Old Lord Taishang: This is completely and utterly impossible! How could you have known this technique?

Ye Zichen: What are you talking about?

Old Lord Taishang: Sky Sovereign, hurry up and teach me the art of Soul Guidance!

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