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Chapter 53 – Zichen-gege

Ye Zichen hurried over to Xiao Yumei’s place with the quickest speed possible. After he got a simple understanding of the situation, he immediately called Xiao Hai.

The situation of Hao Wen actually coming out of prison was something that Xiao Hai had not expected.

Thus, they decided to meet up at a coffee shop near Xiao Yumei’s jewelry store.

“Zichen, don’t worry. Hao Wen doesn’t dare to do anything to me.”

Xiao Yumei smiled gently, calming Ye Zichen’s anxious heart.

Ye Zichen smiled, but the solemnity in his eyes did not disperse.

A person with nothing to lose isn’t scared of anything. If someone like Hao Wen who had nothing left really does go mad, nobody would know what sort of outrageous thing he might do.

What’s more, Xiao Hai had collected infinite evidence that should have caused him to stay in prison forever. Yet, he actually was released barely any time later.

That clearly meant that a huge power was supporting him.

“Lil’ Ye.”

At that moment, Xiao Hai also hurried over with a tense expression. Ye Zichen quickly stood up from the chair and greeted him.

“Hai-ge, are there any hints?”

Xiao Hai patted his shoulders with a serious expression, “Sit down and we’ll talk.”

There were quite a lot of people in the coffee shop, so Ye Zichen had specifically found a corner to sit down.

“When you called me just now to tell me that Hao Wen had come out of prison, I was also very shocked. After that, I used my contacts to gain an understanding of the situation, and the result I came to was that… Hao Wen has some sort of power backing him.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, it really was as he expected. However, this wasn’t important, the most important thing was whether it was possible to put Hao Wen back in there again.

After explaining his thoughts, Xiao Hai shook his head with an apologetic smile.

“Lil’ Ye, don’t blame Hai-ge. Our Xiao family is just a business family. Furthermore, our family business is not that huge. There are levels were the Xiao family cannot reach into.”

Xiao Hai’s meaning was very clear. The power behind Hao Wen was not one that their Xiao family could compare to.

That caused Ye Zichen’s heart to sink. Xiao Hai was someone of the highest class from the people he knew.

Even Xiao Hai couldn’t do anything.

Ye Zichen sighed, then chuckled lightly after looking at Xiao Hai’s apologetic expression.

“Hai-ge doesn’t have to feel sorry. Even if Hao Wen did come out, he wouldn’t dare to make any move recently. I’ll take the appropriate measures for whatever situation comes up. There’s no way that he dares to try anything.”

“Call me any time if you need any help. As long as Hai-ge can do it, I’ll do it for you.”

“Then, thank you, Hai-ge.”

Then, Xiao Hai left. The boss of such a corporation like him must have a lot of things to handle in one day. The fact that he could find time to meet Ye Zichen personally is giving Ye Zichen more than enough face.

After drinking all the coffee in the cup in one gulp, Xiao Yumei held Ye Zichen’s hand with a smile.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

The warmth from the back of his hand caused Ye Zichen’s tensed eyebrows to gradually loosen. He turned his hand around and held Xiao Yumei’s hand, then smiled.

“Where are we going later?”

“Tiantian’s birthday is the day after tomorrow, I want to go and buy her a birthday present.”

Xiao Yumei would reveal a happy smile unconsciously whenever Tiantian is mentioned. Immediately after that, she looked at Ye Zichen and asked with a slight hesitation, “Do you have time later? How about we go together?”


Ye Zichen really liked the cutie, Tiantian. The “Daddy” she had shouted when they first meet had stunned him.

What he didn’t expect was that the fake father was truly about to get promoted to a real dad.

It seemed like this was fate. Perhaps, this was the doing that that old brat’s, Yue Lao, doing.

Yue Lao cries.

I’m not taking the blame for this!

Xia Keke held a Chanel Flap Bag in the Chanel Store on the fourth floor of Business Plaza.

“Miss, you have good taste, that is the best-selling bag in our store.”

The clerk introduced the purse passionately. If she could sell this bag, then she would get quite a bit of commission as well.

From the look of Xia Keke, she didn’t seem like the type of person that couldn’t afford it either.


Xia Keke’s eyes brightened, but then she noticed the price.


“So expensive.”

Xia Keke stuck out her tongue, then put the bag back. Seeing that this deal was about to be done for, the clerk quickly used her ultimate line.

“Beauty, this is the last Chanel Classic Flap Bag in caviar leather. What’s more, this is a limited edition one, if you miss it, then that really is it.”


Xia Keke pouted. Although she was reluctant to part with it, she truly didn’t have that much money.

“Keke, since you like this bag, I’ll buy it for you?”

Jing Wan walked over from the side. Girls always have friends with them when they go shopping. This time, it was Jing Wan that had invited Xia Keke out.

“No need, never mind.”

Xia Keke shook her head, the reluctantly looked away from the bag and prepared to walk out of the store.

At that very moment, her dimmed eyes brightened once again. She romped out of the store like an excited bunny.

Ye Zichen was walking around Business Plaza by himself. When they were coming over, Xiao Yumei had received a call from the manager in her shop, so she had returned.

However, she did leave Ye Zichen with a difficult mission.

Picking out a present.

This truly troubled Ye Zichen. He hadn’t known Tiantian for a long time, so he didn’t know what exactly she would like.


A coquettish voice sounded out. Immediately after that, Ye Zichen felt someone grab his arm.

“Xia Keke.”

He completely blanked out when he saw Xia Keke hugging his arm.

He looked at her with a completely confused expression and thought back to the coquettish voice just now.

Goosebumps immediately rose up all over him.


When Liu Jing, who was floating in the air, saw Xia Keke, she called out softly.

Ye Zichen sighed in his heart, then frowned towards Xia Keke after giving Liu Jing a comforting look.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!”

“Nooo…” Xia Keke stretched out her reply like a child and held Ye Zichen’s arm tightly.

What made Ye Zichen even more speechless was that Xia Keke actually started rubbing all over his arm.

“Hurry up and let go of me?”

This time, Ye Zichen’s words kind of went against his thoughts. To be honest, he did rather enjoy it when Xia Keke started to rub herself all over his arm.

However, due to Liu Jing, who was above him, he could only pretend to be a gentleman.

“I’m not letting go, just not letting go.”

After that, not only did Xia Keke not let go, she did it even more.

Ye Zichen was beyond thrilled. However, he managed to maintain the annoyed look on his face.

“What exactly do you want?”

“Zichen-gege, come with me.”

Xia Keke yanked Ye Zichen’s arm to the Chanel store and pointed at the bag she looked at just a second ago, then said with a cute look.

“Zichen-gege, how about buying this bag for me?”

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