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Chapter 484 – Going to the Azure Sky Pavilion

False Spiritual Body!

Spiritual Body!

False Earth Immortal!

Earth Immortal!

Human Immortal!

The continuous raising of Ye Zichen’s power level completely left Xue Qi and co. dumbfounded.

“Old Xue, pinch me. I haven’t woken up yet, right?” Stone reached over with his arm. It was truly too hard to believe, during this entire time, they had treated Ye Zichen as someone of the False Spiritual Body level…

“Ascender, should I say as expected of an ascender?” The pressure that only stopped rising when it finally reached the Human Immortal level completely stunned Xue Qi. I never thought that such a master had been hiding amongst us the entire time…

If I knew he was a Human Immortal earlier, then what was to fear from the Zhou family…

Wait, could the master that the woman who appeared and helped them chase away the Zhou family’s son-in-law actually be him!?

Both Stone and Xue Qi were stunned, but the women standing on the side smiled.

“Human Immortal? I actually didn’t notice before. This guy is truly getting more and more interesting,” Zuo Mo squinted her eyes and smiled, while her flower-like smile attracted the gazes of many.

“Heh, you’re still saying that it’s not you?” Xue Lan pouted. Her nose had already uncovered everything.

On the other hand, guest chamberlains beside Luo Zhi were completely shocked.

A Human Immortal expert.

This is someone that can be amongst the first three elders in the Azure Sky Pavilion. Why did an expert of this level appear here?

Luo Zhi was also stunned, while terror surfaced on his sinister face.

He retracted his hands with a tremble, then took a few steps back.

“Didn’t you want to make a move on me? Where’s your courage?” Every time Luo Zhi took a step back, Ye Zichen would take a step forward.

When Luo Zhi had nowhere else to go, he gulped and forced a smile, “Senior, this brat had eyes but could not recognize Mount Tai. A great person like you is benevolent. Just let me go like passing wind!”

Xue Lao silently shook her head when she saw the forced smile. Why did I believe the words of this sort of person back then? Why did I actually fall for him…

“Interesting. Senior, are you calling me?” Ye Zichen smiled at Luo Zhi’s stark white face, then put his hands into his pockets. “You might not know, but I’m extremely petty!”


Ye Zichen kicked Luo Zhi on his chest, and sent him sprawling to the ground.

Then, Ye Zichen stepped on Luo Zhi, and squatted down.

“Cancel the engagement? Tell me who gave you the courage to do so. Let me tell you clearly right now. If it’s cancelling… It’ll be us cancelling, and Xue Lan will be the one to divorce you!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Divorced me, divorced me… Xue Lan divorced me!” Luo Zhi nodded frantically.

Ye Zichen clapped Luo Zhi cheek in satisfaction, but at the instant, his kind smile drastically changed…


Ye Zichen slapped Luo Zhi hard on his face, causing his entire face to swell.

“I don’t need you to repeat what you owe. I’m telling you, I’m not just saying that she divorced you here. I’m going to make the entire Eastern Continent know that your engagement was cancelled by the female’s side.”

“Don’t be too outrageous. I am an inner disciple of the Azure Sky Pavilion. My father-in-law is a Human Immortal expert as well, he’s not afraid of you!” Luo Zhi’s expression drastically changed as he roared. It was one thing that he was getting divorced, but if the entire Eastern Continent knows, then he really would be pointed at wherever he goes.

“You’re acting strong, but I don’t like this,” Ye Zichen slapped Luo Zhi, then lifted him by his collar. “You might not know me all that well. You’re calling me outrageous now, but the outrageous part is later. Not only you, your cheap wife, and your sect as well. I’m going to make them lose all their faces!”


“I don’t want to hear you blabber beside my ear anymore. That’s it.”


Ye Zichen punched Luo Zhi on the stomach, causing saliva and stomach acid to flow out of his mouth. At the same time, Luo Zhi also fainted.

Ye Zichen casually threw him onto the ground, then walked in front of the two guest chamberlains.

“My-My Lord! We were only following orders, but we have no said any bad things towards anyone here. My lord, please…” the two guest chamberlains were fickle people as well, so they immediately trembled and did not dare to speak too arrogantly when Ye Zichen walked over.

“If you don’t want to suffer any physical pain, then take me to the Azure Sky Pavilion!”

“No problem, leading your way is our honor!” the guest chamberlains repeatedly nodded.

“Ye…” Xue Qi and co. were unsure of how to address Ye Zichen after finding out that he’s a Human Immortal expert.

Ye Zichen, who knew that would happen, shook his head with a smile, “Call me like you always have. Otherwise, I’m going to find it rather awkward as well.”

“Then… Alright,” Xue Qi answered with a coy smile. “Why are you telling them to lead us to the Azure Sky Pavilion? Teaching Luo Zhi a lesson this once is enough. No matter what, the Azure Sky Pavilion is one of the Six Pavilions, they are not people we should offend.”

“Yeah, Ye Zichen, you are amazing for being a Human Immortal level expert, but the Pavilion Master is a complete stage Human Immortal. The old Pavilion Master might have already broken through to the Sky Immortal level. Going like that might not end well,” Stone also advised on the side.

“Zichen-gege, let’s leave it!” Xue Lan walked over and grabbed the corner of his shirt with a pout. She was already very thankful for Ye Zichen teaching the scum a lesson, she didn’t feel like there was a need to go to a place like the Azure Sky Pavilion and challenge those terrifying people.

“It’s impossible for me to leave it like this,” Ye Zichen snorted with half-squinted eyes. “Since we’re cancelling the engagement, then we should do it in a more extravagant manner. What’s the point of messing around here.”

“Ye Zichen, the Azure Sky Pavilion is not a place for you to act out of line,” Lil’ Yu frowned.

“I do actually agree with Ye Zichen’s perspective,” Zuo Mo walked out and stood beside Ye Zichen, before glancing over at Luo Zhi with a mocking smile. “We should make this sort of man never be able to raise his head ever again. Since you’re cancelling the engagement, then it should be livelier. The Azure Sky Pavilion is merely benefitted by the glory of the Six Pavilions. It is merely in the last place amongst the Six Pavilions.”

“Treasure… Tower!” The two guest chamberlains by Luo Zhi’s side were completely stunned by Zuo Mo’s appearance. That was because they had not yet noticed the Treasure Tower’s princess standing in the corner!

Seeing that the all-powerful Treasure Tower’s young lady there, they could no longer see any hope for the Azure Sky Pavilion.

“Do you want to go over now? I can arrange people to go over immediately,” Zuo Mo turned her head with a smile.

Ye Zichen merely raised his eyebrows and smiled in response, “Of course.”

“I like a resolute man. You… aren’t bad,” Zuo Mo smiled, then took out a long item similar to a BB-gun, then pressed it a few times after pressing it onto the ground.

Seeing Zuo Mo’s gaze of assurance, Ye Zichen picked Luo Zhi up with one hand, then used his other hand to rub Xue Lan’s head, “C’mon, big brother’s going to take revenge for you.”

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